Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Father Christmas banned from nursery, after Muslim family complained of being offended by un-Islamic visitor

With Islam tolerance is exclusive. The things that you have come to accept ~ are excluded.

The idea of asking Muslims to show tolerance towards others ~ has been deeded too offensive.

That this family wants to make America ~ like Somali ~ and that there are those who would go along with it ~ is frightening.

The idea that only the Somali family's wishes were considered. Is one of the objections to Islam in the west.

It is not only that we should respect others ~ we should respect ourselves too. Many Muslims come from an Islamic world torn apart by violence and human rights violations ~ and somehow their ways ~ should be placed above ours. In the west they should learn respect and tolerance.

Father Christmas has been banned from visiting a children's nursery after a Muslim family complained.

For the last four years, Dennis Jackson has donned a beard and red-and-white costume to hand out presents at the St Peter's Head Start Programme in Minnesota.

But this year he was told he wasn't welcome after objections from a Somali family.

'It kind of burnt me up,' Mr Jackson said, after being banned by officials at the Head Start Programme.

They had told him 'it was against some people’s wishes' for him to make the half-hour appearances for two classes, for about three dozen children all aged three and four.

According to the regional coordinator for the Minnesota Valley Action Council, Chris Marben, at least one Muslim family complained of his visit.

When asked about banishing Father Christmas, Mrs Marben said: 'We have Somali families in the programme. We're respecting the wishes of families in the program.'

She added: ‘Part of our challenge in Head Start is providing an environment where young children from many different cultures can all feel comfortable.'

Mrs Marden didn’t say how many objections were made, but said that program parents are surveyed annually to gauge their feelings toward holiday observances in classes.

She indicated that more than one objection would be sufficient to waive an observance.

Mr Jackson said he has played Father Christmas with children from other cultures before and they were fully comfortable with him - it’s just, in his opinion, some parents who are being unreasonable.

'They’re not respecting the majority,' he said. 'My feeling is [objecting parents] can take their kids out of class for half an hour and let the other kids enjoy it. They should sacrifice, not rule.'

Daily Mail

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