Monday, January 31, 2011

Decrepit conditions in the Islamic North Africa ~ mean some Algerian parents would rather put children on boat to Europe

What they should do is to stop the family immigration marriages ~ because it could be used to play the system ~ the kid grows up in Europe and then returns home to marry his cousin ~ and then each of their kids do the same. It is time to make the Muslim world stand on their own two feet.

Either way it can only be a distressing decision for any parent to put their child on a boat to uncertainty ~ Europe should make it clear ~ if we have the children then they should be raised free. Where no Islamic intolerances are respected. We should raise them human first.

In Algeria ~ they are now building the second largest mosque in the world ~ with the tallest minaret [that could probably double as a lighthouse ~ in Europe] ~ at a cost of one point something billion $$!! At least with a Hollywood movie you would get a return on your investment. It is obviously just what the Algerian people need!!

(ANSAmed) - ALGIERS, JANUARY 31 - "Some parents send their underage children in the boats of the harraga [illegal migrants]," in order to "make the most of laws" existing in Europe, and particularly in Spain. This is according to the leader of the Algerian community abroad, Halim Bentallah, who has been speaking on national radio.

"Copying a practice used in other nearby countries, parents try to make the most of the friendly laws in countries that take charge of minors," Bentallah said.

"They send their children on the boats," he said, and once the children arrive on the European coasts, "they refuse to take them back, and prefer that their children remain there and cut all telephone communication".

Bentallah, who did not provide any other details, said that this "deplorable" phenomenon "is spreading". (ANSAmed).

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