Thursday, January 20, 2011

British Muslim Minister Says Prejudice Against Islam [an Arabian religious ideology] Accepted In Britain: Objects to Moderate ~ Extremist Description

The first Muslim woman to sit in the British cabinet is warning that discrimination against Muslims in Britain has become socially acceptable.

Sayeeda Warsi, co-chairman of Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative Party and a minister without portfolio, also says Britain is becoming a less tolerant society.

Her comments came in excerpts of a speech scheduled later today and released in advance.

Warsi says the notion that all followers of Islam can be described as either "moderate" or "extremist" can fuel misunderstanding and intolerance.

The moderate Baroness Warsi objects to the distinction made between moderate and extremist Muslims. Amazing. This is probably something she is saying or knows subconsciously ~ Islam has in it an acceptable level of violence ~ which Muslims accept. But when others say ~ Islam IS violent ~ then Muslims would go on the defence, because, of course, they are focusing on the aspect ~ which applies to a good Muslim. A good Muslim would be excluded from Islam's violence. That there is a moderate faction and an extremist faction ~ is objectionable even to the Turkish PM, who said there is no moderate or extremist Islam ~ that there is only one Islam ~ as the extremist and the moderate are all a part of the same tapestry.

What is worrying ~ also is the timing of her comments ~ just after 500 clerics sign a letter in support of the Pakistani governor's death ~ because he opposed the extreme Islamic law for blasphemy ~ against any perceived ~ real or imagined slight against the Prophet or Islam.

She should have perhaps been advised not to make that statement.

Unfortunately for Warsi ~ Islam is no cuddly teddy-bear ~ under Islam people are getting their hands chopped off, women flogged for wearing pants ~ but what people in the west want to know is which Muslims are prepared to live according to western norms ~ thereby classed as a moderate [albeit at times caged ones] or do they want this extreme version of Islam ~ like we are seeing in Pakistan, Malaysia, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Sudan.

The issue of extremism has become a key issue in Britain since the 2005 bombings in London by four British-born Muslims that killed 52 people.

Radio Free Europe

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