Friday, January 21, 2011

AC360: Radical Islamic infiltration of conservatives? - Video

CNN's Anderson Cooper reports on claims that the American conservative movement is being infiltrated by radical Islamists.

Anderson Cooper wasn't exactly objective. He should have been playing devils advocate more. Ask the other guy some tough questions.

Does Anderson Cooper even know what the Muslim Brotherhood is ~ or what its aims are or what it represents. He seemed to know nothing about the fact that the FBI did drop relations with CAIR. He should have did more homework.

I think part of the issue is trying to make this case for Shari'a law ~ that it can't be all that bad ~ if Muslims pray five times a day under its instruction ~ then its harmless. But that is the idea of freedom of religion ~ it is that it is meant to be a personal matter ~ but the idea that others have to in some way abide by someone else's religious practise ~ is contradictory to what we believe to be true about freedom of religion.

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