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The First Siege of Vienna ~ How the west was defended - Video

The Siege of Vienna in 1529 was the first attempt of the Muslim Ottoman Empire, led by Sultan Suleiman I, to capture the city of Vienna, Austria. The siege signaled the Ottoman Empire's highwater mark and the end of Ottoman expansion in central Europe, though 150 years of tension and incursions followed, culminating in the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

Decent portrayal of events, and as such highly recommended -
- except for the two lying and appeasing female "experts", that is... Especially the German woman talking at the end of part three, seems to be a very sick individual, referring to the jihadi tradition of parading babies and unborn children around on spears, she says "It was a beloved motif of the German media of the day" - thus treating indisputable historical evidence to this atrocity as "fear-mongering"... Completely heartless woman.
And it is no coincidence, that she is famous in germany not just for falsifying history, but also for pushing radical mosques on unsuspecting citizens. Dr. Margret Spohn is her name, yet another quisling of our times.

More on Martin Luther or Lutheranism and Islam.

Kitman says that even stories of impaled babies images ~ have to be moderated ~ in order not to offend [and or to promote] the Islamic belief system.

The Guardian  newspaper has proved it would also go to any length to promote Islam ~ one day they wrote an article on people not eating as much meat in the Islamic world ~ completely stepping over the fact that many Muslim families aren't eating properly at all, in the Islamic world. Forget buying meat, they can barely afford bread. But the Guardian in is blind promotion of Islam ~ clueless, hails this as an example for all to follow. [$2 a day]

There seems to be no limits.

When I saw the part where these images of the Turk's brutality ~ defined Europe's thinking on Islam ~ I was thinking that this is what is happening today ~ of course the west has expanded, to include the US ~ which Muslims are desperate to see fall and as with Vienna, its attackers are using the classic Muslim story convert, be attacked or die!

In the media, there are so many articles to try to control the opinion around Islam, like the Guardian's ~ look they eat hardly any meat ~ isn't that good, yes!!! Though most of them are ~ look [boys and girls] statistics say the average Muslim likes shopping and washing their hair ~ just like you! But the articles are getting better ~ heavier guns are rolling out ~ press with substance ~ something you can bother to answer!!

Islamic knowledge and expertise always increased around the time of conquest ~ outside of this it provided little or nothing in the way of advancement.


Frm. Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on the Church bombings in Iraq - Audio

But can anyone say that holding of a church hostage and killing 50 people, be compared to a Koran burning that in the end, never happened.

In Iraqi schools they are now teaching kids about holy war and killing Christians /the infidels ~ in religious class. One little boy thinks he might have to kill his Christian friend one day.

Bishop Nazir-Ali says the church massacre is like an omen of things to come..... and it is a bad feeling!

Watch out forced conversions about ~ in Malaysia Truly Arabia.

Malaysian Hindu M. Indira Gandhi invoked in a similar case

Malaysian news account which leaves out Islamic law's discriminatory details.

Shamala and Dr Muhammad, [aka Dr Jeyaganesh C. Mogarajah] were married under civil law in 1998. In November 2002, he became a Muslim and converted their two young sons (then aged four and two) without Shamala's knowledge or consent.

In July 2004, the High Court granted Shamala "actual custody" of the children but ordered her to share "legal custody" with her husband. Pending appeal, she left the country.

Lawyer Azmi Rais representing the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council said the decision had recognised the constitutional rights of the parties. [Bernama]

More like what is really going on here.

The High Court in 2004 handed Shamala custody of the children on condition she raised them as Muslims, an order Mogarajah appealed in civil courts and the religious Sharia courts which operate in a parallel system in Malaysia.

Under Sharia law, a non-Muslim parent cannot share custody of converted children. Non-Muslims also complain that they do not get a fair hearing when such cases end up in the religious courts.

Now in Australia ~ where laws protect religious freedoms:

Mathew said Shamala was in fear of returning as a Sharia court order had handed Mogarajah custody of the children and issued a warrant for her arrest.

Secret conversions of children, which can deprive the non-Muslim parent of custody, and "body-snatching" cases [*nasty*] where Islamic authorities tussle with families over the remains of people whose religion is disputed, have raised racial tensions.

Hoggish to increase Islam's numbers by any means!!

The government last year said legislation would be amended so that children's conversion required the consent of both parents, but the reform has been stalled pending consultations with the Malay royal rulers.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12, 2010 (AFP) – Malaysia's top court Friday sidestepped a ruling on whether children can be converted to Islam by one parent, a lawyer said, in a case closely watched by the nation's non-Muslim minorities.

The Federal Court was asked to hear the case of Hindu woman S. Shamala who fled to Australia in 2004 with her two young sons after her husband Muhammad Ridzwan Mogarajah converted to Islam and secretly converted the children.

The High Court in 2004 handed Shamala custody of the children on condition she raised them as Muslims, an order Mogarajah appealed in civil courts and the religious Sharia courts which operate in a parallel system in Malaysia.

GE Brings Electricity To Life - Helps Jumpstart Electric Car Industry - Video

We don't burn oil lamps any more ~ but burning oil directly to power our vehicles is the same. Because we moved away from the oil lamp ~ and there was a big court case to stop the light bulb at the time ~ just as there are doubters and objecting interests today ~ but with the change we have television, computers and all manner of lights, from LED to laser. What can we do if we change our energy? We already have EV cars that can go 300 miles on a single charge.

This is without mentioning that by switching to electric, we would be draining money from the Arab's religious agenda. Where both its violent jihadists and the evangelical-religious-political drive is fueled primarily by the oil wealth.

We are the technologically advanced people, but are handing our money over to a less technical society ~ who are using it to introduce such concepts as holy war and religious-political ideology once relegated to the history books. Who are now selling us back a snake oil ~ in their cure all religious solutions. Islam is the guy at the market years ago with his bottle of elixir ~ with some morphine added. When we drink it ~ technology and all things advanced are supposed to appear.

In 30 years, rather than being immobilized, we should have cars with 300 miles as standard on a single charge. And without looking back ~ we should be creating the next big thing in energy technology. Never mind the Arabs religious marketing ~ with cheaper energy we can lower the cost of production and transport that adds a tax to everything we buy. Here we set the limits.

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Hajj predates Islam: A time when Allah had Three beautiful Daughters

The only problem with this lovely story of how the kaaba was connected to the Jewish prophet Abraham ~ was that there was more than one kaaba. Telling also is that one of its center-pieces or rather corner stone ~ is the Black Stone. When Muhammad finally conquered Mecca, he ran over an kissed the stone ~ which Muslims still try to do today on their Hajj visits.

The stone's significance is also pre-Islamic ~ the daughter of Allah, Manat or al-Manat was worshipped as a black stone.

Manat: The ancient Arabian goddess of fate and destiny, and the personification of the evening star. Manat ("fate") is one of the daughters of the pre-Islamic Allah. Her cult was situated between Medina and Mecca, where she was worshipped in the form of a black stone.

The Queen of Sheba also worshipped at a black stone. Obliviously these objects are only representations of Gods or Goddesses ~ though Muhammad, as it is claimed, had gotten rid of all the idols ~ clearly the Kaaba and its stone are the idols which he kept ~ and form the center of focus for the Muslims when they worship. Knowingly or not they are bowing before a pre-Islamic idol of worship.

There is no similar stone of worship in the Jewish or Christian heritage. If you look up the word Quraysh [and its many spelling variations], they were Muhammad's family and the Arab tribe who controlled the kaaba in Mecca for 700 years before Islam. That's a long time to not notice that you are not connected to the Judaism religion.

Of course Muhammad's first wife was said to be a Jew ~ here he would have observed her religious practise, and it is only a theory, that he thought that the Arabs should have some of this. Both the Christians and the Jews were worshipping one God ~ perhaps he thought his people were backwards ~ and this was his way to bring them in line with the rest of the region. Though his beliefs were so strong in the kaaba religion that he mixed the two ~ to what extent in his lifetime can only be speculated upon. Because it was in Syria ~ whose scholars would have been familiar with Biblical text ~ where the Koran was finally compiled. The 5 pillars, Islamic architecture, and more were all developed under the Syrian Caliphate ~ after the conquest of Spain. The Syrians were mentioned in the bible ~ though never as Arabs.

Sometimes when you look at the beginnings of Islam story ~ it is like you are looking at only half of it ~ a cleansed version. It is good to see that people are starting to investigate the story ~ behind the curtain of Islam ~ so that we could see what really happened. The Salman Rushdie satire hit on one of these sore points ~ ~ where Muhammad calls out to Allah's daughter ~ the Trinity Goddesses [Koran 53:19] ~ and then realizing he was wrong ~ although not right away ~ and because Rushdie teased Muhammad's change of mind and departure from his sworn beliefs ~ so important it is to the fabric of the religion ~ that they still want to kill him.

It was a big thing for Muhammad to attack Mecca at the time ~ because although the tribes used to war, and people used to lay and wait for passing caravans ~ Mecca was a violence free zone ~ but to take Mecca, Muhammad had to break the cardinal rule ~ of committing acts of violence in the holy spot. On pre-Islamic hajj anyone could bring their Gods to worship at the Kaaba. The way the pilgrims dress, today, is very pre-Islamic. According to one Indian account going around the Kaaba ~ is an old Hindu practise. [They expressed amazement that Arabia is the only country on earth that has effectively erased its history.]

Perhaps because Islam was spread with such ferocity and such violence ~ it never settled or really matured ~ it is still, it seems trying to say I'm more Christian than the Christian and more Judaism than the Judaism. But something Jesus actually said, not sure of the Koran's account ~ but it is ~ those who exalt themselves shall be humbled ~ and it is the humble that shall be exalted. There is no sword that can cut this humble truth down.

Allat: An ancient mother and fertility goddess of the pre-Islamic Arabs. Her name means "the Goddess". This mythic figure of great antiquity is one (she represented the earth and its fruits) of the trinity of desert goddesses named in the Qur'an; Al-Uzza (goddess of the morning star) and Menat (goddess of fate and time) being the others.

al-Uzza: The youngest of the three daughters of the pre-Islamic Allah and the patron goddess of Mecca. She is identified with Venus as the morning star and her name means "the mighty one". She resides in a tree similar to the acacia.

Allah: The exclusive monotheistic deity in Islam. The name is derived from 'al-ilah', which literally means "the god". The Prophet Muhammad declared Allah the one and only god (of the Islam) in the 7th century CE.

In pre-Islamic times, Allah was the supreme creator-god of the Arabs. The goddesses Allat, Manat, and al-Uzza were considered to be his daughters.

The annual hajj pilgrimage, one of the five pillars of Islam, predates the faith by centuries, tracing its roots to the biblical patriarch Abraham - revered by Muslims as a prophet and the first preacher of their religion.

And as some 2.5 million people gather in this western Saudi city for the hajj, a must for every capable Muslim at least once in a lifetime, they begin rituals said to follow millennium-old instructions by Abraham, or Ibrahim, as he is known in the Muslim holy book, the Koran.

Muslims believe that a "sacred house" was built in Mecca by Adam, the father of the human race, in the same spot where Ibrahim and his son Ishmael are said to have rebuilt it and where the Kaaba, a massive cubic structure, lies.

The Koranic version of the story is that Ibrahim travelled with Hagar, the mother of their infant son Ishmael,

Palestinian blogger jailed on heresy charges for spoofing Koran

A Palestinian blogger is sitting in a jail somewhere in the West Bank, denied access to his keyboard and facing a possible life sentence on the charge of heresy, after taking the mickey out of the Koran.

The blogger, Walid Husayin, 26, a barber from Qalqilya, is accused of posting Godless rants on English and Arabic-language blogs and creating Facebook groups in which he spoofed the Koran,

Husayin apparently called Islam a "blind faith that grows and takes over people's minds where there is irrationality and ignorance."

He then declared himself God and told his followers to smoke marijuana in verses that mimicked the Quran. His blog attracted over 70,000 visitors some of whom obviously took offence. Others, we imagine, were too stoned be notice

"He should be burned to death," Abdul-Latif Dahoud, a 35-year-old fellow resident of Qalqiliya told AP. He wanted to see the execution in a public place, "to be an example to others," the wire said.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CAIR jams its foot in the door: Claims banning Shari'a law would nullify [US] Muslim last will and testament

We can talk about the stone throwing later ~ but today we talk about the wills. Who wants to say something bad about a dead guy. So, all our sympathies go to CAIR director's will and concerns about whether a Christian [lawyer or judge] could manage to divide is estate as he has specified, according to the exact instructions laid down in the Koran [don't want to mess it up here]. Tissues down... For this reason the whole state has to have Shari'a law?

I'm sure a few Muslims have died before in that state and left a will with Islamic tones.

CAIR's founder has said he wants the Koran to be the highest authority in the land ~ but if one state throws out Shari'a law, that put a wrench in their plans for these Islamic States of America. So they will use a will or anything, to stop the outlawing of use of Shari'a. In order to control America ~ they would need to implement their laws. The next phase ~ is how these laws are beneficial in Muslims' daily lives and how they are not like, those in Iran or Saudi Arabia ~ which you should just yawn through ~ when a guy throws his line to catch a fish, he doesn't tell the fish ~ I'm going to slice you up and have you for dinner, in fact he puts a lure on it. How can CAIR honestly tell you that under Islamic law you won't have the same rights as him, he and all the other covered ones ~ will have a superior status ~ and unless you covert ~ life will be made intentionally difficult as an inferior member of society.

They can't not lie to us!

How can CAIR explain this to you, when the stonings are only the beginning of the law's crimes ~ against humanity. As Christians go around and spread the word ~ Muslims try to build Islamic states ~ with Christianity you are free to come and go [many who leave Christianity to join Islam, return, often with a better understanding] ~ but with Islam under the dictates of Shari'a [which I think people are better than], you are locked in and forced to remain Muslim or else. This rigid body of laws was going to fail one day, but we must help it along.

A federal judge blocked an Oklahoma amendment on Monday that would prevent state courts from relying on Sharia law. He issued the restraining order after the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma, Muneer Awad, filed a suit claiming the measure was unconstitutional and that it would effectively nullify his Islamic will. What, exactly, makes a will Islamic?

Incredibly specific inheritance laws. Verses 11, 12, and 176 in the fourth book of the Quran lay out exactly how a Muslim should dispose of his wealth after death. Two-thirds must be distributed as follows, when applicable: One-sixth should go to your father; one-sixth to your mother; half or one-quarter to your husband, depending on whether you've had children; and one-quarter or one-eighth to your wife, also depending on whether you've had children. As for those hypothetical kids, the fractions vary, but boys get two shares for every one share that girls get.

Explosion At Karachi Police Station Kills At Least 25 - Photos

Pakistani investigators inspect a bomb blast site in Karachi on November 11, 2010. Militants armed with guns and a truck bomb demolished a police department used to detain terror suspects in Pakistan's biggest city of Karachi killing 18 people and wounding 130 others.

An attack on a police station killed at least 25 people and wounded scores more Thursday in Karachi, Pakistan. Taliban fighters began the attack with a volley of gunfire, then detonated a car bomb that left a 40-foot crater in front of the building. The police station is a high-profile, highly-secured location in "politically tense" Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city. The bombing is a significant one for the Pakistani arm of the Taliban, which was operating far outside the northwestern mountains where it has established itself. The attack brought down the police station, killing dozens, injuring at least 100, and trapping people under the rubble. According to al-Jazeera, "rescue workers at the site were ferrying people on stretchers into ambulances, while dazed civilians stumbled into the street amidst a mass of twisted metal."


UK Remembrance Day poppy torched by Islamic protesters

SHAMEFUL protesters disgraced the memory of Britain's war dead today by burning a model of a POPPY — as millions more held a dignified two-minute silence.

The nation paid its respects to the fallen at 11am on Armistice Day, including Prime Minister David Cameron who laid a wreath in South Korea.

But remembrance events in London were marred by the gruesome spectacle of members of self-styled Muslims Against Crusades burning the symbol of the country's debt to its brave service men and women killed in action.

The sick protesters chanted "British soldiers burn in hell" and held banners saying "Islam will dominate" and "Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell".

Amid outrageous scenes in Exhibition Road in West London's Kensington around 30 people gathered to disrupt services, while 50 counter demonstrators from the English Defence League assembled nearby.

One officer was taken to hospital with a head injury as the groups clashed.

Muslims Against Crusades member Asad Ullah said: "We want the Government to pull the troops out from these countries and to stop interfering in our affairs."

Muslims Against Crusades is said to be a splinter group of Islam4UK, founded by Anjem Choudary.

As the clock struck 11am on the eleventh day of the eleventh month the nation paused to remember the moment peace returned to Europe at the end of the First World War.

The deal between Germany and the Allies in 1918 brought to an end four years of bloody fighting.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox and the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams joined war heroes, service personnel, veterans, military associations and school children for a service at the Cenotaph in London's Whitehall.

The road was closed and crowds lined the street for the wreath laying amid applause as Victoria and George Cross holders took their places around the monument.

Among those attending was Lance Corporal Matt Croucher, of the Royal Marines Reserve, who was awarded the George Cross for bravery.

He threw himself on a bomb to smother the explosion while serving in Afghanistan in February 2008.

The 26-year-old, from Birmingham, survived the blast unhurt.

After today's annual service, organised by the Western Front Association, he said: "Even without the medals it's great there is so much support.

"People in the military don't really ask for much but just to have the support of the crowds here, it means a lot more than anything else.

"As long as that public support is there, people will continue to serve their country."

He said although the focus of remembrance tended to be on the First and Second World Wars, it was important to think about troops currently on operations.

L/Cpl Croucher was joined for the ceremony by other members of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association including 92-year-old Gurkha Lachhiman Gurung and Private Johnson Beharry.

A bugler from the Scots Guards sounded the Last Post to mark the start of the silence, as Big Ben continued to chime.

Children then laid wreaths, along with representatives of the Western Front Association and other associations and military personnel.

Wearing a beret and the medals of relatives who lost their lives in war, seven-year-old Jonny Osborne, from New Southgate, North London, placed a cross with poppies at the monument which read: "Thank you, not forgetting."

Jonny was accompanied by his grandfather, Terry Burton, 67, who is president of the Association for Veterans of Foreign Wars and returns from his home in Georgia, US, for the event every year.

He said: "There are so many countries that are still under oppression.

"It's important people understand what they have got and not take their freedom for granted."

The Sun

Bomb attacks target Iraqi Christians in Baghdad - Video


AFP - A spate of early morning bomb and mortar attacks on homes of Christians in Baghdad Wednesday left at least three people dead and 26 wounded, an interior ministry official said.

"Two mortar shells and 10 homemade bombs targeted the homes of Christians in different neighbourhoods of Baghdad between 6:00 am and 8:00 am (0300 and 0500 GMT)," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"The toll is three dead and 26 wounded."

The attacks come 10 days after 44 Christian worshippers, two priests and seven security forces personnel died during the seizure of a Baghdad cathedral by Islamist militants and the ensuing shootout when it was stormed by troops.

Suspects held in French raids 'plotted terror attack'

Five suspects arrested in and around Paris were French Islamists planning a terror attack, French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has said.

The five were detained on suspicion of having trained as militants in the Afghan-Pakistan border region, security sources said at the time.

But Mr Hortefeux said only one of the five had visited Afghanistan while others had planned to go to Pakistan.

One of the four men and one woman had been ready to die, he added.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden warned France last month that its planned ban on the Islamic full-face veil in public places and its involvement in the war in Afghanistan justified attacks on its nationals.

Mr Hortefeux said then that the country faced a real terror threat and he urged "total vigilance".

'Jihadi sites'
The five suspects are all French nationals, some of them of Algerian origin, and "clearly belong to the radical Islamist movement", the minister told reporters.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Islamo-Cleansing: Tehran prepared to execute 100,000 to preserve Islamic Shari'a law


When thinking and dissent are forbidden ~ naturally a radical view controls. Islam in its purest form is a radical view. Thinking people deserve better.

A CONSERVATIVE newspaper in Iran has challenged the sentence of death by stoning passed on Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

It was the first public sign that her case is causing divisions within the regime.

The article in Alef, headlined "The gap between the legal procedures and sharia", says that the judge who sentenced Ms Ashtiani for her alleged adultery had an inadequate knowledge of sharia law, with its provisions for forgiveness and its requirement of four witnesses.

It also criticised the authorities for allowing the case to become such a big issue in the West.

"The story of [Ashtiani] was blown up by the Americans, the British and the Zionists. But what did we do? Nothing!" the author, Hojatoleslam Jalil Mohebby, a mid-ranking cleric, said.

Mohammed Mostafaei, Ms Ashtiani's exiled lawyer, told The Times: "This is the first public display of differences over Sakineh's case and those differences are being aggravated by [the regime's] delay in dealing with the case."

Michelle Obama and the handshake that offended Muslim official - Video

The short smiling guy in the official line up about 1:10 minutes in. He Twittered later that he was 'forced' to shake Michelle's hand!!

Obamas should have spent more time in India ~ possibly visited the Sikh Temple. Spending so much time on Islam ~ you will quickly learn it is not what you do wrong. [Until you become a Muslim you are wrong!!]

Having not had enough of a good thing ~ he says he is going to return to Indonesia  and take the children next year ~ it would have been better to take the children to India and carry on to the Muslim world to speak in platitudes alone.

Pakistan Christian sentenced to hang in blasphemy trial ~ Allah doesth not want Christians to have equal rights in Muslim world

Pakistani Christians sing a hymn, during a special candle light pre-Christmas service at a local church, in Lahore, Pakistan, Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009

The court heard she had been working as a farmhand in fields with other women, when she was asked to fetch drinking water.

Some of the other women - all Muslims - refused to drink the water, sparking a row. They said, as it had been brought by a Christian, it was "unclean", Mrs Bibi said in evidence.
Christians, with all non-Muslims, are also subject to constitutional discrimination. They are barred from becoming president or prime minister and from being judges in the Federal Shariat Court, which can overturn any "unIslamic" legislation.

The idea is to get us to understand ~ why it is that Muslims should allowed to uphold discriminatory laws in the name of Islam ~ so that we can feel better about and not 'fear' the religion. That Christians are viewed as unclean ~ is healthy ~ and open to many interpretations!!

HUMAN rights campaigners have condemned a decision by a court in Pakistan to sentence a Christian woman to be hanged after finding her guilty of blasphemy.

Asia Bibi, 45, was arrested last year after being accused of defaming the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

The mother-of-five denied the charges but was sentenced to death by a court on Monday, provoking outrage among Christian groups and human rights advocates. They say Pakistan's strict blasphemy laws are being used to discriminate against religious minorities and should be repealed.

Her supporters say Mrs Bibi will now appeal against the sentence handed down by a local court in the town of Sheikhupura, near Lahore.

Ashiq Masih, her husband, said the family was in a state of shock and believed the judge had been pressured into finding his wife guilty.

"It is an unjust decision," he said. "I can't believe it."

He added that he had not yet had the heart to break the news to his youngest children.

Protests: Obama's disturbing Indonesia visit - Photos

Shadows of protesters are cast on a banner which reads 'Obama's destruction is more dangerous than Merapi's eruption!' during a protest against US President Barack Obama's visit in Jakarta on November 10, 2010.

Indonesian anti-riot police subdue a demonstrator during a protest against US President Barack Obama's visit in Jakarta on November 10, 2010

Indonesian Muslims hold posters during a protest against President Barack Obama's visit in Jakarta,Indonesia on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010

Indonesian passerby makes her way past riot policemen during a protest against U.S. President Barack Obama's visit in Indonesia

Indonesian Muslim women hold posters during a protest against the planned visit to Indonesia of U.S. President Barack Obama in front of the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010

Muslim supporters of the Indonesian section of the pan-Islamic organisation Hizbut Tahrir carry banners and anti-Obama placards as they march toward the US embassy in Jakarta on November 7, 2010

Indonesian protester from Hizbuth Tahrir Indonesia(HTI) holds a banner during a protest against US President Barack Obama in Jakarta on November 9, 2010.

A Muslim supporter of the Indonesian section of the pan-Islamic organisation Hizbut Tahrir holds a flag in the road during a protest against this week's visit by US President Barack Obama at the US embassy in Jakarta on November 7, 2010.

Michelle Obama dons a headscarf as she visits mosque on Indonesia trip

Along the way, the mosque's imam explained that a Christian church visible in the distance uses the mosque's car park during Christmas celebrations because it doesn't have enough space.
A smiling Mr Obama then relayed that story to reporters.

He called it an example of cooperation between the different religions in Indonesia, which has the world's largest Muslim population.

Of course, never mentioned are the increasing number of forcibly closed churches ~ some where members are forced to sit outside, with the sealed off church in view ~ remain out of sight and out of mind.

I'm a little confused ~ what does the West owe Islam?

Indonesia - All For Show: Muslim minister claims he was 'forced' to shake hands with Michelle Obama on visit

Indonesian information minister Tifatul Sembiring shakes hands with First Lady Michelle Obama as the Obamas arrive in Jakarta. Sembiring now insists it was 'forced'

Indonesian information minister Tifatul Sembiring shakes hands with the First Lady as the Obamas arrive in Jakarta. Sembiring now insists it was 'forced'

Because Obama is oblivious ~ doesn't mean that hardline fundamentalist Islam is not alive and kicking in ol'Moderate Indonesia!!

Indeed Obama is on his own if he wants us to respect this!!

In footage of the official welcome, Sembiring appeared to share his countrymen’s enthusiasm. He smiled broadly as he shook the president’s hand and then reached with both hands to grasp Michelle Obama’s. But later he said she forced their contact.

‘I tried to prevent [being touched] with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far toward me [so] we touched,’ Sembiring tweeted.

An Indonesian politician has come under attack for shaking hands with Michelle Obama, swiftly resorting to Twitter to announce it as forced contact.

Tifatul Sembiring, the country’s information minister, flaunts his conservatism, and as a Muslim he claims to avoid touching women who aren’t related to him.

Indonesia - which has the world’s largest Islamic population, the vast majority moderate - had been debating how to handle encounters between the First Lady and observant Muslim officials far in advance of the Obamas’ arrival in the country.

Sembiring sought to deflect criticism by claiming that Tuesday’s skin-to-skin contact was all Michelle Obama’s fault.

‘I tried to prevent [being touched] with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far toward me [so] we touched,’ Sembiring tweeted.

Footage on YouTube shows otherwise, sparking a debate that has lit up Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the blogosphere.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Al-Qaeda checked several Copenhagen targets

WHEN he was arrested, David Healey was in possession of film footage of Copenhagen?s main railway station, Copenhagen Town Hall Square and the Royal Lifeguards Barracks

Interrogations of David Healey, who was arrested in Chicago in 2009 and charged with plans to attack Jyllands-Posten, have uncovered that Healey’s group had also looked at several other plans for attacks in Denmark, according to a confidential report that Jyllands-Posten has received.

Since his arrest, Healey has admitted having been involved in the Nov. 26, 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai in India in which 166 people died.

According to the report, Healey has told investigators that during discussions with a terrorist mastermind Ilyas Kasmiri in Pakistan in May 2009, the two discussed attacks against general targets in Copenhagen.

“During the meeting with Ilyas Kashmiri, I was asked to concentrate my efforts on an attack against Denmark as soon as possible,” Headley told his interrogators.

When arrested, Healey was in possession of film footage of Copenhagen’s main railway station, Copenhagen Town Hall Square and the Royal Lifeguards Barracks in the centre of the city.

Dramatic video from inside church attack - Video

CNN Video of the moments after the raid on a Baghdad church emerge on the Web.

Oklahoma Is Sued Over Shariah Ban ~ Arguments Begin To Fly

Justice Ginsburg responded to similar criticism in a July speech to the International Academy of Comparative Law, at American University. She said foreign opinions "are not authoritative; they set no binding precedent for the U.S. judge. But they can add to the store of knowledge relevant to the solution of trying questions."

It seems one of the major concerns is not around the barring of Shari'a ~ go cut someone's hand off somewhere else ~ but the additional banning of international law.

Althoug I could understand why they could have added international law ~ when the main focus was Islamic Shari'a law. For example, an Egyptian law ~ may not be directly called Shari'a, but is often Shari'a based. Thereby, one could circumvent the Shari'a ban.

The idea that foreign law, should be used to increase a base of knowledge and should not be binding, and only used as guidance ~ is reasonable. But in the New Jersey spousal rape case, the judge exceeded those perimeters and ruled in favor of the tenet of Shari'a and against the woman's right to refuse her husband and not be raped. Where they would have ruled in favor of the woman ~ if the couple or the husband was a non-Muslim. It might also mean that a non-Muslim woman could be raped by her husband if he is Muslim and he would be within the law.

Mr. Sykes and other conservatives who perceive a threat from Islamic law cite a 2009 case in which a New Jersey judge declined to issue a restraining order against a Moroccan man who forced sex on his unwilling wife.

Among other reasons, the judge said the husband's belief that his wife must submit to sex "was consistent with his [religious] practices."

Everyone is trying to be nice to and to reach out to Muslims ~ but the Muslim law is completely different from sharing tea and cakes ~ it places Muslim men above Muslim women and Muslim men and women above all non-Muslims ~ who again are awarded differing levels of significance.

This sad argument comes from University of Oklahoma law professor Joseph Thai:

He said the new state law may forbid Oklahoma judges from citing the Ten Commandments, because they are "international in origin."

Then again ~ Muslims could argue that since every human is born a Muslim [even before Mo], that the Native American Indians and even those people who were there before them ~ were all Muslims ~ so that Islam is not a 'foreign' religion. Muslims love to boast!! Though they would have to be told, that the Islam originating from Muhammad's use of the sword ~ can't rule in the US.

A Muslim activist in Oklahoma City filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging a voter-approved measure that bars Oklahoma state judges from considering Shariah, the Islamic religious code based on the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed's teachings, in formulating rulings.

State Question 755, which passed Tuesday with 70% of the vote, declares "the legal precepts of other nations or cultures" off-limits to Oklahoma courts. "Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or Sharia Law," it reads.

The suit, filed by Muneer Awad, director of the state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, asks the federal district court to block officials from certifying the referendum. Mr. Awad says the measure violates the First Amendment, which protects "free exercise" of religion and prohibits official "establishment of religion." A hearing was set for Monday.

The complaint alleges Oklahoma has singled out Islam for "profound stigma," consigning Muslims such as Mr. Awad "to an ineffectual position within the political community."

Oklahoma's Legislature voted overwhelmingly to place the Save Our State Amendment before voters. A co-sponsor, state Sen. Anthony Sykes, denied it sought to stigmatize Muslims. "We're not trying to send any sort of message here," said Mr. Sykes, a Republican.

Rather, he said, Oklahomans wanted to insulate their judiciary from un-American influences. While no Oklahoma court ever has cited Shariah law, "we are on a slippery slope," he said.

Democratic Sen. Richard Lerblance, one of two state senators to vote against the measure, called it "a scare tactic."

"They call it 'Save Our State.' I don't know what we're saving it from," he said. "We have yet to have any court do anything based on Shariah law."

Several states have considered rules that restrict judges from making decisions that take into account foreign or international legal materials, said William Raftery, a research analyst with the National Center for State Courts in Williamsburg, Va. Only Oklahoma's measure singles out a particular religious tradition, he said, though a proposal in Arizona lists Shariah along with canon law, Jewish law and karma, a conception of fate in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Mr. Sykes and other conservatives who perceive a threat from Islamic law cite a 2009 case in which a New Jersey judge declined to issue a restraining order against a Moroccan man who forced sex on his unwilling wife.

Among other reasons, the judge said the husband's belief that his wife must submit to sex "was consistent with his [religious] practices." An appeals court reversed the judge and ordered that a restraining order be issued, citing a Supreme Court decision rejecting a Mormon's claim that his faith exempted him from an anti-bigamy statute.

"To permit this would be to make the professed doctrines of religious belief superior to the law of the land, and in effect to permit every citizen to become a law unto himself," Chief Justice Morrison Waite wrote.

Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court are binding on all state and federal courts, and no justice of the Supreme Court ever has asserted he or she is bound by any authority other than the U.S. Constitution.

However, beginning in 1791, when Chief Justice John Jay adopted English rules for the new U.S. Supreme Court, American judges occasionally have examined how foreign courts address similar legal problems.

For instance, in a 1997 decision concerning Washington state's ban on assisted suicide, Chief Justice William Rehnquist cited court decisions from Australia, Britain, Canada, Colombia and New Zealand.

Mr. Sykes said he wanted to protect the Oklahoma judiciary from the influence of "Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan and, I'm sure, Sonia Sotomayor, given her political leanings," who he believed were inclined to rely on international law.

Justice Ginsburg responded to similar criticism in a July speech to the International Academy of Comparative Law, at American University. She said foreign opinions "are not authoritative; they set no binding precedent for the U.S. judge. But they can add to the store of knowledge relevant to the solution of trying questions."

She cited Justice Robert Jackson's 1952 concurrence that the president lacked authority to seize steel mills during wartime. Justice Jackson "pointed to features of the Weimar Constitution in Germany that allowed Adolf Hitler to assume dictatorial powers. Even in wartime, Jackson concluded, the U.S. president could not seize private property."

University of Oklahoma law professor Joseph Thai said that earlier this year, the state legislature commissioned "a monument to the laws of another religion"--the Ten Commandments--for the state Capitol.

"Oklahoma's apparent approval of the legal traditions of a majority religion and attempt to suppress the legal traditions of a minority religion" may conflict with the Constitution's requirement that government treat all religions equally, Mr. Thai said.

He said the new state law may forbid Oklahoma judges from citing the Ten Commandments, because they are "international in origin."


How brilliant young Muslim student was brainwashed into stabbing MP

The remote-controlled Al Qaeda assassin

Pitiless: Roshonara Choudhry was jailed for 15 years after she attempted to kill MP Stephen Timms

A gaggle of sixth-form students are shown around the Palace of Westminster - their guide, the Labour MP Stephen Timms.

They are from a school in his East London constituency, and the aim of the day is to give them a glimpse into the workings of Parliament, to inspire them that, one day, if they work hard, they too could end up there.

After the tour they sit and chat for an hour. There are the usual questions about what it is like to be an MP, the pay and the hours and that sort of thing.

But one of the teenagers keeps asking about the war in Iraq. Clearly critical, she wants to know why Mr Timms supported it and voted for it, going on and on about it until her fellow pupils start to squirm in their seats.

Among their number is a girl by the name of Roshonara Choudhry. A well-behaved, straight-As pupil, she feels distinctly uneasy about the confrontation.

She would later recall: ‘At the time I was thinking that she should be quiet and that she was embarrassing herself. I didn’t say anything to support her, I just sat there feeling embarrassed.

'I guess I respected her for having the guts to say all these things to his face but I wasn’t brave enough to say anything, I just sat quietly.’

Three years later, on May 14 of this year, the shy student and the politician would cross paths again. This time, the venue was Mr Timms’ constituency surgery and Choudhry was armed with a knife.

With a smile on her face she approached the MP as though to shake his hand.

Removing the three-inch razor-sharp blade from her bag, she then stabbed him twice.

She aimed at his stomach because she knew it was a soft part of his body and wounds inflicted there would most likely be fatal. And Choudhry was very nearly proved right.

Moment of terror: Choudhry, captured on CCTV at the MP's surgery, produces a knife, circled, as she prepares to stab her victim

Outrage as U.S.-born radical cleric behind terrorist bombings tells Muslim militants they're free to target American 'devils'

Al-Awlaki is wanted by Washington dead or alive over links to attacks in the United States.

'Don't consult with anybody in killing the Americans,' al-Awlaki says in the 23-minute video, in which he appears dressed in a white robe and turban, with a sheathed dagger tucked into his waistband.

'Fighting the devil does not require a fatwa, nor consultation nor prayers seeking divine guidance. They are the party of Satan and fighting them is the obligation of the time,' he says.

The only way Muslims can protect themselves from the threat of the infidels is by supporting the 'mujahedeen,' he said. 'If we support the mujahedeen, we will win it all and if we let them down, we will lose it all.'

He sounds like a man on the run ~ delivers an all or nothing statement.

The U.S.-born radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki has now told Muslims they are free to kill American 'devils' at will in a video that has been posted on extremist websites.

In past messages, al-Awlaki has justified killing American civilians as retaliation for the killing of hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

But the new video appears to be an escalation, with the 39-year-old cleric arguing that no rationale was needed to seek out and kill Americans.

Al-Awlaki's vitriolic sermons have inspired several attacks against the United States, and Yemeni officials say he may have given his blessing to the mail bomb plot even if he did not take an active part in it.

We Need to Talk About Islam :: Encroachment on Western Rights

In the Muslim world there are no living critics ~ there are no free critics of Islam ~ they are all slain or in jail. And it all based on protecting Muslim 'feelings' from injury or insult. It is the abolition of freedoms!

The late Professor Nasr Abu-Zayd, who, under similar laws, was driven out of Egypt to the Netherlands for his liberal interpretation of Islam, wrote that such charges "confine the world's Muslim population to a bleak, colorless prison of socio-cultural and political conformity." There will be terrible consequences for us all if Europe continues to head down this slippery slope.

Will some in Europe think it reasonable to consider the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights ~ next?

Some of the efforts behind these trials, are possibly being used to hide the failure of the integration policy ~ and further the reluctance the change course even though it is failing. The high hopes behind the multicultural effort was that diverging groups can practise their own cultures, but that after a few generations they would integrate. With Islam that did not happen ~ and instead of them integrating into western society, the opposite was occurring. And to facilitate Muslim integration, their increasing demands for broad changes to the way westerners choose to live ~ were being met. So that these attacks on Islam ~ were not only aimed at the Islamic encroachment, but also those who were allowing it. But you cannot simply abolish rights and freedoms without popular support ~ many of the left [but increasingly less so] thought they could gain this support for the overturning of hard-won rights ~ by labeling those opposed to it as 'racist'. When along with their failed integration policies ~ as they found there was no satisfying the Muslim demands, short of creating an Islamic state ~ which some even entertained ~ leading to more angst, and with critics getting louder by the day, if you can't stigmatize a person into silence by calling them 'racist', 'Islamophobic'... what-have-you ~ then, the court is one solution.

So called protecting Muslims, but also protecting the dismal failure of the immigration and integration policies of the past 10-20 or so years.

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders was threatened with criminal punishment for hate speech from the moment his anti-Koran film Fitna hit the internet in March 2008. Last month, a Dutch judicial oversight body ordered that he be tried anew after finding that judges in the first round of court proceedings appeared to be biased. Even if Mr. Wilders is ultimately acquitted, as his prosecutors themselves urge, he will have already been punished by years of costly and tiring legal wrangling.

But the greatest threat posed by this case is not to a lone Dutch firebrand, but to Europeans at large, whose fundamental freedoms of speech and religion are being steadily undermined. Those trying to repress these individual rights in the name of sensitivity are gaining ground with each case that upholds the state's power to regulate the content of speech on Islam. Since Mr. Wilders' defense does not challenge the legitimacy of hate-speech laws per se, but instead points to the specific facts of his case, even his acquittal would not alter this encroachment on core Western rights.

Britain's Islam Channel rapped for advocating marital rape and calling women prostitutes

Breaching broadcasting guidelines: Regulator Ofcom ruled that discussions containing contentious views on violence towards women and marital rape on Islam TV were against broadcasting guidelines

Even stuffed under a bulky burqa, wearing perfume or freshly smelling soaps makes the woman a 'prostitute'. Then you can be raped by your husband!! And after a good beating!! Muslims often say ~ lightly ~ but Muhammad punched Aisha in the chest like a man.

It is the same channel Obama's Muslim faith advisor Dalia Mogahed appeared on an hour long program, hosted by a spokesperson for Hizb ut-Tahrir on Islam and women ~ where she made her now infamous comment that ~ Shari'a law is simply misunderstood. Shari'a law offers Muslim women 1/3 the rights of man and their word is worth 1/2 in any Islamic court and only 1/4 that of a man's in cases of rape.

A Muslim religious channel that allowed presenters to condone marital rape and call women who wear perfume in mosques 'prostitutes' has been censured by the TV watchdog.

In one programme, the host told viewers that it was 'not strange' and 'not such a big problem' for a man to force his wife to have sex.

Ofcom ruled the Islam Channel, which broadcasts on Sky, breached the broadcasting code in five programmes between May 2008 and October 2009.

Censured: The Islam Channel condoned domestic violence and called women who wear perfume in mosques 'prostitutes

A phone-in show in May 2008, in which a female caller asked if she had the right to hit a violent husband back, was deemed in breach of the code.

The presenter at one point stated: 'In Islam we have no right to hit the woman in a way that damages her eye or damages her tooth or damages her face or makes her ugly.

'Maximum what you can do, you can see the pen over here, in my hand, this kind of stick can be used just to make her feel that you are not happy with her.'

Ofcom said it considered the presenter was clear some form of physical punishment was acceptable.

A discussion programme in April 2009 on sexual relations within marriage was found to have breached guidelines, as was a programme in October 2009 in which it was said women who wore perfume outside the home could be declared 'a prostitute'.

In a submission to the report, the Islam Channel said it 'does not condone or encourage violence towards women under any circumstances' and 'does not condone or encourage marital rape'.

Antwerp: Shambolic Multicultural Conference Hijacked By Islamists

Its another wake up call for those ponying up to this lot.

At a multicultural conference ~ the declaration [of Antwerp] was read only in Arabic ~ leaving the secular groups shocked and amazed. If these kindly people had listened to opinions outside of their own, they would have been clued up to the fact that this would not have been for them [as in Europeans], but for the promotion of an Islamic Europe.

Not surprising individualism would not be viewed positively by the Muslim community ~ individual rights ~ individual freedoms ~ the ability to chose one's beliefs on an individual basis... 

During the last weekend of October, a conference in Antwerp got a lot of resonance in the Arab world. The same conference was virtually ignored in Belgium, even within the local Muslim community. "The place of Islam in the new Europe" was the title of the conference which was widely reported on Al Jazeera (see video below this article) and the Moroccan newspaper Le Matin. In Belgium, only Gazet van Antwerpen published a short article on the local pages in three of its six regional editions. Make no mistake: this was a conference to promote multiculturalism en mutual understanding between the Islamic world and Europe. The conference was organized by the Institute for Moroccan and Mediterranean Studies of the University of Antwerp, abbreviated as "IMaMs".


The conference was announced as a big event, but its course was chaotic. Jacques Attali was announced as the keynote speaker, but he didn't come. The program and the panelists were very different from what was announced in the invitation, and a complete schedule was distributed on paper only halfway through the conference. What should have been a conference on an academic level, turned out to be an event with very few high-level scholars and with very few references to scientific studies, statistics or serious references.


Already at the opening session, the first blunder was heard, even though most of the audience never noticed it. Speaker Muhammad Bensalah highlighted the contribution of Islam to European civilization, and suggested that few Western scholars fully recognized the Islamic contribution without covering it up. He named three: the American John Esposito, the German Sigrid Hunke and the Belgian George Sarton. Now, Sigrid Hunke was an employee of the scientific department of the SS under the Nazi regime, where she was researching racial psychology. In that position she came in contact with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who openly advocated the extermination of the Jews. In her book "Allahs Sonne ├╝ber dem Abendland" ("Allah's sun over the Occident") she asserted that the roots of European civilization were not Christian, but are a mix of Islamic, pagan-Celtic and Germanic elements. She illustrates this argument with now discredited theories like the sea map of Piri Reis allegedly used by Columbus, and the fact that in German and Dutch one does not say "twenty three" but "three twenty" (Dreiundzwanzig, drie├źntwintig), because in Arabic, one reads from right to left.


During the panel discussions, more than once some members of the audience started lengthy invectives against Israel. The moderators did not intervene to stop or shorten these rantings. Antwerp alderman Robert Voorhamme intervened firmly, stating that it was improper to import the conflict in the Middle East into our countries and into this conference.

It may surprise some that a conference that had the ambition to enhance the mutual understanding between Islam and Europe had invited people like Yacob Mahi, who literally states that "liberalism is the murderer of human freedom". Or imam Yussef Ibrams of Geneva, a member of the European Council of the Fatwa, who claimed in 2004 that "stoning, although not necessary in Switzerland, may absolutely not be brought in disrepute".

It became clear that, behind the scenes, some were pushing the conference towards a condemnation of the headscarf ban, when moderator Abdelhay Ben Abdellah started asking all the town councilors for their position on the ban. This Ben Abdellah is president of the "Expertise Center for Islamic Cultures in Flanders", which receives 200,000 euros of public funds each year, but whose functioning is unclear at present, lacking any reports or results.


Hence, the colloquium was an easy prey to apologists of fundamentalism, particularly in the final statement, called the "Declaration of Antwerp". This concluding text was hijacked by fundamentalists, arguing that the headscarf ban and a ban on the building of minarets should be out of the question. The "Declaration of Antwerp" was read aloud in Arabic, with simultaneous but approximate translation in French and Dutch. Immediately after the final words, some participants - all representatives of secular groups - dared to protest openly, stating that the declaration in its current form was never agreed upon, certainly not by them, and that it had been infiltrated by fundamentalists. Somewhat bedazzled, the organizers acknowledged that the text was only a proposal and that comments could always be sent by e-mail after the conference.

The full text of the Declaration of Antwerp can be found on the Internet only in Arabic, while Google Translate gives a raw translation in English. The rejections of the headscarf ban and minaret ban can be found in article 9, packed in the obligatory woolly language and references to resolutions of the Council of Europe. Article 3 rejects "islamophobia", a concept which is used more and more frequently to muffle and demonize criticism of failed integration and religious fundamentalism. Article 13 is similarly insidious, pleading that Islamic institutions should get an effective role as "involved parties" and not merely as advisors in the drafting of import decisions and legislation regarding the role of Islam in Europe and the diagnosis of anomalies.

Brussels Journal

Monday, November 8, 2010

Robert Spencer and Peter Kreeft: in Lively Debate on Islam - Good Muslim/ Bad Muslim - Video

Good Muslim - Bad Muslim that's the problem these guys are so brainwashed and so bent with fear ~ they may if told, do anything. Muhammad ~ the Muslim prophet ~ seen as 'perfect' ~ allowed almost everything, rape, killing to spread Islam and to silence critics, robbery [even an 'Islamic law' plan to share out booty]. We are faced with having to rely on Muslims' basic humanity to maybe one day settle things down.

On Nov. 4, 2010, Thomas More College hosted two of the leading writers on religion in the English-speaking world: Philosopher and apologist Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, and internationally-known scholar and critic of Islam Robert Spencer, director of Jihadwatch. These two eminent thinkers came to the school's New Hampshire campus on a rainy Thursday night and spoke to a crowd of more than 100 visitors , along with the whole of Thomas More College's student body, crammed into the Newman Humanities room and spilling out into the hallways, as cameras rolled. JW

Lawyers call Wilders' trial a "farce"

RNW: Two lawyer involved in the discrimination case against anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders say there have been so many irregularities that the trial has become a "farce".

Both Wilders' defence lawyer Bram Moszkowicz and Gerard Spong, who is representing a number of the plaintiffs in the case, agreed on a news programme on Dutch public television that various members of the court has acted unprofessionally and carelessly.

The reason behind the latest comments is a memo by Supreme Court advocate general Diederik Aben, in which he says the trail judges were wrongfully removed from the case. The television programme reported that the memo was written at the request of Jan Moors, who was one of the judges presiding over the trial.

Mr Moszkowicz challenged the judges because he said they gave the appearance of bias after they refused to allow a expert witness who was in the courtroom to be heard.

The challenge was granted. As a result the controversial trial has to begin again with fresh judges. It is not known when the trial will be held.