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White House Koran protest saw 10 pages torn from the book that call for violent attacks on Christians and Jews

Tea Party leader from Indiana Andrew Beacham reads a page of the Koran before ripping it out and crumpling it in front of the White House in Washington, DC. A small group of conservative Christians tore 'some' pages from a Koran in a protest outside the White House Saturday to denounce what they called the "charade of Islam" on the anniversary of 9/11

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Andrew Beacham says: "Why should we respect a book that denies Christ, denies the Trinity, calls us infidels, and declares that God wants Christians and Jews banished, imprisoned, crucified, or murdered?"

Also: Randall Terry releases two Graduate level papers dealing with Sharia law, and how the words and deeds of Muhammad are connected to modern terrorism.

Contact: Mr. Beacham, 904-687-9804

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Following are the Passages torn from the Quran by Mr. Andrew Beacham in front of the White House on 9/11/10.

Chapter 5: 17 – 19; States Christians are infidels for believing Christ is the Son of God.

Chapter 5: 33; Cut off hands and feet, crucify, and banish those who stand against Islam.

Chapter 5: 51; Muslims forbidden to take Christians and Jews for friends.

Chapter 5: 72-75; Christians are infidels; for believing in Deity of Christ; Passage denies Holy Trinity,

Chapter 8: 12-15; Decapitate infidels; i.e., those who stand against Mohammad.

Chapter 9: 5, 6; Slay Idolaters

Chapter 33: 26, 27; Passage justifies the beheading of hundreds of Jewish men, enslavement of their wives and children, and the spoiling of their property.

Chapter 33: 61-62; God wants the murder of those who stand against Islam.

Chapter 47: 1-4; Kill those who do not believe in Mohammad.

Also: Mr. Terry released two papers to the press from his Masters research on International Terrorism.

Tribute in Lights are tested from a rooftop near ground zero on Friday, Sept. 10, 2010 in New York

Iranian consular official in Finland defects

"I don't consider myself anymore a diplomat standing beside a brutal Iranian regime," Alizadeh said in a telephone interview from the Finnish capital.

Hossein Alizadeh, no. 2 man in Iranian Embassy in Helsinki resigns in protest of Islamic Republic's treatment of citizens

A ranking diplomat at the Iranian Embassy in Finland said Friday he has quit his job to protest the Islamic Republic's treatment of its citizens.

Hossein Alizadeh said he had held the No. 2 post at the embassy in Helsinki as deputy head of mission.

He said he informed the embassy four days ago of his decision to quit after staying off the job for nearly a month.

"I don't consider myself anymore a diplomat standing beside a brutal Iranian regime," Alizadeh said in a telephone interview from the Finnish capital.

He said that "I have let the embassy know that I have resigned from my job and ... I'm not anymore a diplomat. I am a political dissident."

Alizadeh said he was considering how to more forward, and so far had not applied for political asylum.

The Iranian Embassy in Helsinki did not answer its phone on Friday evening and messages could not be left.

Finland's Foreign Ministry said it was unaware of Alizadeh's case.

Enter Zionist Conspiracy: Ahmadinejad describes plans to burn Koran as Zionist plot

Iranian Foreign Minister listens to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during a meeting with Arab and foreign ambassadors in the Qatari capital Doha on September 5, 2010. Ahmadinejad declared in a press conference earlier after his meeting with the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, that any attack on the Islamic republic will result in the destruction of Israel.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that plans of a Christian pastor Terry Jones from Florida to burn 200 copies of the Koran on September 11 to pay tribute to victims of the 9/11 terror attack in New York is “a Zionist plot contrary to covenants of Islamic prophets.”

“Zionists and their allies are on the verge of full collapse. Koran burning acts will not save them and will lead to imminent collapse and disappearance,” some media quoted Ahmadinejad as saying at the meeting with Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and senior Iranian officials in Tehran.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, in his part, said that U.S. Muslims won’t stay silent against these intrigues.


Pastor who planned a Koran burning protest arrives in New York [Video]

Pastor Terry Jones, the man behind plans to burn the Koran has arrived in New York ahead of September 11th anniversary services.

Violent pages of the Koran to be torn out in front of White House today ~ Tea Party protester 'I will not live in fear of Islam'

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was released today by Andrew Beacham, Tea Party leader from Indiana:

"I fear God alone; I will not live in fear of Islam, and I will not deny the gospel. I will preach the Christian faith - that Jesus Christ is Lord, Priest, King, and Prophet - and that Muhammad is a false prophet. Beyond that, I will not allow the oppressive teachings of Muhammad and the tyranny of Sharia law to remain unchallenged." Andrew Beacham, Tea Party leader from Indiana.

Also: See Dr. Timothy Furnish's article: "What Would Jesus Do With a Qur'an? Actually, He Might Burn It."

For immediate release: A Large group of Tea Party and Religious rights activists will gather in front of the White House to tear out egregious passages from the Quran that call for violence against Christians and Jews. This is a peaceful "solidarity gathering" regarding religious freedom, and the planned Koran burning in various cities in America.

Participants will ask: "President Obama, do you support Sharia law, the Quran, and Islamic violence; or do you stand with Constitutional freedoms, religious liberty, your professed Christianity, and peaceful protest?

"Mr. President, you stand with the 'constitutional freedom' of Muslims to put a Mosque at ground zero in NYC. Do you stand with the 'constitutional freedoms' of those who protest against Sharia law, and burn a book that calls for killing infidels?"

Andrew Beacham also says: "I intend to tear up the pages of the Quran that call for me to be enslaved or killed by Muslims for my Christian faith. If that insults or enrages Muslims, so be it."

Note: Timothy R. Furnish, Ph.D., - author of "What Would Jesus Do With a Qur'an? Actually, He Might Burn It" is a writer, researcher and analystspecializing in Islamic history, sects, eschatology, ideology and Mahdism. He learned Arabic at taxpayers' expense while in the U.S. Army and, later, studied Farsi, Turkish and Ottoman while a doctoral student at Ohio State University. His first book was Holiest Wars: Islamic Mahdis, their Jihads and Osama bin Laden and his second, due out in 2010, is The Caliphate: Threat or Opportunity? He also maintains a website dedicated to covering Mahdism and Muslim eschatology:

Remembering 9/11 ~ 3000 Flags Representing the Nationalities of Those Who Died [Photos]

A man walks amongst flags erected by students and staff from Pepperdine University in Malibu, who placed nearly 3000 flags in the ground to honor the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York, on September 10, 2010.

A woman jogs amongst flags erected by students and staff from Pepperdine University in Malibu, who placed nearly 3000 flags in the ground to honor the victims of the September 11, 2001.

A man looks looks at flags erected by students and staff from Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Students and staff from Pepperdine University in Malibu, place nearly 3000 flags in the ground to honor the victims of the September 11, 2001. Getty

Friday, September 10, 2010

Obama do Hindus set up temples to mark the conquest or pending conquest of an area?

What Obama fails to grasp is that the building of the mosque so close to the 9/11 site has its significance in Islam's history. The Imam stated that he picked the site because a part of the crashed planes or the falling towers struck the building. Which would make it a part of the crime scene. Though to the radicals [who would get upset and could attack if the mosque was moved] ~ and very likely to the Imam ~ that site is significant for being a part of the Islamic attack or conquest. Throughout Islam's history after an act of holy war a mosque was erected. This is what separates the building of the mosque from the Hindu temple, Christian church or Jewish synagogue on the same site.

The president has vowed to forge a "new beginning" with Islam.

If anything we will forge a relationship with people ~ Islam is a spent force ~ it can't change.

As far as Islam being offensive ~ the problem with Islam ~ is not that it was being practised personally ~ but how the Islamic practise affects others.

When the Koran says that we the non-Muslims and even the people of the book are to be fought against until we are subdued and pay the Islamic head tax with willing submission ~ that's offensive.

If it is in the Koran and it is not being acted upon ~ then what can anyone say.

The problem is that it is being acted upon. In the majority of the Muslim world Muslims hold that non-Muslims should be given less rights and privilege. And this is a direct instruction from the Koran. If they were to move to give non-Muslims better protection under the law /equal rights ~ things won't be perfect for a while ~ but we can say okay they are making an effort. As it stands all things to do with the Shari'a are protected ~ as non-Muslim members of the UN Human Rights.. fought out. And amazingly 2/3 of America's Muslims are foreign born. That means that for the most part the system where the Muslim is held superior is the system they understand. And as in Europe ~ that they start to promote.

Islam a religious system that is also political. Troubling is that there is talk in the US of rewriting the Constitution to include moderate and then later the more extreme elements of the Shari'a. And the Constitution is the very thing that when Americans look at Islam ~ they are confident in. That we are all equal under God. There is no such thing as an inalienable right for non-Muslims or anyone in the Islamic world.

The push for Islamic law or laws which observe Islamic restrictions ~ means that there will be challenges ahead so long as Muslims continue to make these advances ~ for sometime to come.

If Muslims pray in the mosque quietly ~ then who is this bothering ~ but when they try to assert their influence on society to get it to operate the way Islamic societies work around the world ~ then this is what we cannot tolerate.

The Islamic attacks and the further push for Shari'a ~ with both the terrorists and many moderates sharing the same ultimate goal ~ has shaken the western beehive. And put us on alert.

7 Questions for the Imam at Ground Zero

I think the Reverend's questions point in the right direction. Does he hope to recreate the Cordoba conditions ~ of conquest and subjugation ~ in the US?

This article highlights the difference between those who claim to be 'not Islamophobic'. How can we not be Islamophobic and say we respect freedoms.

We could have said years ago ~ well I really like the South African people ~ but I strongly disagree with apartheid. Islam practises religious apartheid, the rights and freedoms of non-Muslims are restricted, in work, education and access to the law ~ in all Muslims nations [that have non-Muslims]. Can we honestly say that we respect this, so that Muslims can feel 'proud' of being Muslim.

Though it would seem that pride is the Muslims' problem ~ and more humility is perhaps what is needed.

By Rev. John Rankin

In my prior article for Fox News Opinion, I posed seven questions of Pastor Terry Jones, concerning his (now suspended) plans to burn copies of the Koran on September 11. There is also the need to pose questions of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, and his Cordoba House planned near Ground Zero.

In his September 7 New York Times opinion piece, and subsequent media appearances, Imam Rauf has defined an Islamic commitment to “building bridges,” and “fostering understanding and peace.”

As a Christian, there's a biblical assumption that genuine understanding and bridge building are rooted in the power to love hard questions – where the mutual honor of an equal humanity is assumed for all people.

Here, I see seven important issues, along with cognate questions.

Imam Rauf states: “Our name, Cordoba, was inspired by the city in Spain where Muslims, Christians and Jews co-existed in the Middle Ages during a period of great cultural enrichment created by Muslims.”

The Iberian peninsula – modern Spain – was conquered by Berber Muslims in A.D. 711. Later, under Abd al-Rahman, the newly named al-Andalus had its capitol city in Cordoba. Islam maintained religious, political and economic hegemony.

In Cordoba, Jews and Christians were tolerated as dhimmis, or “protected peoples.” Their ideas were welcomed in learning and culture only to the extent that Islam had the final say. But dhimmis did not have equal status with Muslims in terms of rights or liberties. “Infidels” (atheists or polytheists) had to convert or be put to the sword.

1. Does the choice of the name Cordoba House indicate an ideal for Imam Rauf, and a desire to emulate the Islamic state of al-Andalus?

A related concern is the historical reality that Islam is a “one-way religion” where people who are born Muslim, or convert to Islam, are not allowed to leave Islam. Historically, many apostates were put to death, and a range of pressures have always been employed to prohibit Muslims from leaving Islam.

In a reflection of this one-way reality, Imam Rauf addressed the multifaith nature of the Cordoba House in an interview with CNN on September 8. He said he wanted Jews and Christians to be “perfect” in their religions. But Islam believes the Koran fulfills and supersedes the Hebrew Bible and Christian New Testament, and thus, such perfection is only found in becoming Muslim.

Also I thought this statement was a reflection of his idea of the perfect Shari'a law state. Laid out on a webpage which had been removed ~ as Soledad O'Brian pointed out on Larry king that his Cordoba Initiative site had change its focus since the debate. He hopes to be able to monitor all Islamic nations as a way to finally create a perfect one. Naturally Shari'a law doesn't respect religious freedoms or individual rights.

2. Does the Cordoba House hold to the classic view of Islam as a one-way religion?

Imam Rauf also defines “the very American values under debate” as a “recognition of the rights of others, tolerance and freedom of worship.” This language, if consistent with the historical nature of Cordoba, refers to the rights of Muslims to tolerate and control the worship of Jews and Christians as second class people. This is wholly at odds with unalienable rights given by the Creator to all people equally – life, liberty and property – and thus, at odds with the core of “American values.”

3. Can the unalienable rights of the Declaration of Independence, and the First Amendment liberties in the U.S. Constitution, be rooted in the “tolerance” of Cordoba?

The Cordoba House’s stated purpose is to “cultivate understanding among all religions and cultures.” In Islam, ijtihad, or reasoning, is employed by many Muslims in the 21st century for freedom of thought within Islam, and in its multifaith communications. However, historically, ijtihad is not allowed to be used to question a) Allah’s existence or nature; b) Muhammad’s veracity as the final and true Prophet of Allah; and c) the authenticity of the Koran.

4. Will the Cordoba House likewise place restrictions on these and other questions, or can it embrace rigorous liberal arts inquiry?

Imam Rauf says: “The very word ‘islam’ comes from a cognate to shalom, which means peace in Hebrew.”

However, at the primary and contextual level in biblical Hebrew, shalom means “integrity” and “wholeness,” with “peace” as a derivative term. In Arabic, the primary meaning of islam means “submission” to Allah. Thus, two cognate terms have been compared here by Imam Rauf, instead of two primary terms.

5. Does the Cordoba House understand that true “peace” can only be attained through submission to Islam?

Elsewhere, Imam Rauf has called the United States a “shari’a compliant state,” in seeking to link it with unalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence. Shari’a, or Islamic law, is obligatory for all Muslims. It is based on a detailed imitation of the Sunnah of Muhammad, consistent with the Koran. Accordingly, minute details in every Muslim’s life are prescribed by such an overlord. Shari’a does not speak of unalienable rights for all people equally, as does the Declaration in its biblical roots.

6. As the United States moves dangerously closer to a top-down government that regulates the smallest details of our lives, is this not a more accurate analogy for shari’a?

There is asymmetry here. Namely, the United States was founded on the biblical ethics of unalienable rights, extending to Muslims the same rights, as it does to all peoples. Nations and cultures governed by shari’a law do not treat non-Muslims likewise.

In my asymmetrical freedom, I am free to convert to Islam if persuaded, and thus, I welcome the toughest and unrestricted questions Islam would pose of my Christian faith.

7. Can the Cordoba House celebrate the freedom of Muslims to convert to Jesus, Son of God, if they are thus persuaded?

Rev. John Rankin is president of the Theological Education Institute and Mars Hill Society in West Simsbury, Connecticut. For more from Rev. Rankin visit his websites at: and

Fox News

More evidence to prove the GZ mosque is a mosque of conquest ~ via the conquest of India [Video]

The same pattern of behavior has emerged where Muslims have successfully carried out an attack in the name of Allah ~ it always follows that a mosque is built often or almost certainly on land that non-Muslims view as sacrosanct.

Here temples were dismantled to construct a great mosque ~ a place which then become a post to launch further attacks. This is Islam's way. It was that way in Spain with the Cordoba, the Al Azqa mosque on the Doom of the Rock in the Middle East and in India ~ and move forward in time to New York a building chosen by the imam for its closeness and connection to the WTC site of conquest. This Islamic leopard doesn't change its spots.

In the end of this video clip ~ the journalist says that the Islamic jizya tax extortion/ protection system was a 'fantastic idea' for the Hindus [as if they couldn't 'protect' themselves before]. The argument today for the jizya tax, which amounts to religious Apartheid, is to demonstrate through it all how people got along ~ an example of the mixing of religions and cultures of the day. One problems of ogling back at the past ~ is that today all non-Muslims who live in the Islamic world still live under this system of religious Apartheid / protection. None have equal rights to a Muslim citizen. How great is that?

Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India -- Activist calls for help against the Islamic subjugation of his countryman

India has always been the canary in the mine for what we could learn from Islam. Back in possibly the 40's or 50's before the Partition Hindus were saying about Islam ~ how can we tolerate the intolerant. And here we are today being accused of Islamophobia for saying the same things. The article says when Muslims invaded and over the centuries killed millions of Hindus. That figure is more like 100 - 120 million or more ~ moderate estimates put it at 80 million. Historians think that there is nothing that can be compared to it in modern history. Some argued that their religious views prevented them from protecting themselves better. But then some Indians have argued that they fought back.

They are crossing the border illegally and violently displacing the indigenous population whose homes and possessions they either destroy or occupy. They are attacking the young, the elderly, and especially the girls and women, whom they kidnap, forcibly convert, or traffic into brothels. The locals are terrified of them. The police rarely come to their aid, nor do the politically correct media or government. Both are terrified by the criminals and terrorists who are riding these immigrant waves.

I am not talking about illegal immigrants to Europe or North America. I am describing Muslims who are penetrating India’s West Bengal region. These Bangladeshi immigrants are becoming conduits for criminal activities (arms, drugs, and sexual slavery) which also fund global jihad.

Imam Rauf of WTC Mosque Get Slow Cook Skewer on Larry King [Video]

Taking everyone for fools! But also made to eat his own words.

Islam means peace through conquest. Dar al Islam translates into the conquered land or the realm of peace ~ the mosque site was chosen because shrapnel hit the building making it apart of the site of conquest. Dar al Harb is the unconquered land or realm of war.

Contrary to what the Imama says this is what the Koran says about other religions:

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

A place that has strip clubs can't be holy ground ~ this is about the continuation of conquest...

Glad to see that CNN has broached the subject seriously.. the idea that the majority of the nation's views should be put aside for those of people of a religion we do not understand, but one that uses conquest and trickery to advance their cause.. would have been a mistake.

To call everybody a radical and an extremist who doesn't agree with his stated position on Islam ~ even though you can read the exact opposite in the Koran ~ rightly needed to be put in its place. As these terms are being used to spread or promote Islam ~ well outside of the realm of what is considered freedom of religion.

GZ Mosque closest to an Islamic 'rabat' ordered to be built by the Prophet after each attack, to launch further attacks and spread Islam

History backs the suspicious.

Islam center's eerie echo of ancient terror

Should there be a mosque near Ground Zero? In fact, what is pro posed is not a mosque -- nor even an "Islamic cultural center."

In Islam, every structure linked to the faith and its rituals has a precise function and character. A mosque is a one-story gallery built around an atrium with a mihrab (a niche pointing to Mecca) and one, or in the case of Shiites two, minarets.

Other Islamic structures, such as harams, zawiyyahs, husseinyiahs and takiyahs, also obey strict architectural rules. Yet the building used for spreading the faith is known as Dar al-Tabligh, or House of Proselytizing.

This 13-story multifunctional structure couldn't be any of the above.

The groups fighting for the project know this; this is why they sometimes call it an Islamic cultural center. But there is no such thing as an Islamic culture.

Islam is a religion, not a culture. Each of the 57 Muslim-majority nations has its own distinct culture -- and the Bengali culture has little in common with the Nigerian. Then, too, most of those countries have their own cultural offices in the US, especially in New York.

Islam is an ingredient in dozens of cultures, not a culture on its own.

In theory, at least, the culture of American Muslims should be American. Of course, this being America, each ethnic community has its distinct cultural memories -- the Iranians in Los Angeles are different from the Arabs in Dearborn.

In fact, the proposed structure is known in Islamic history as a rabat -- literally a connector. The first rabat appeared at the time of the Prophet.

The Prophet imposed his rule on parts of Arabia through a series of ghazvas, or razzias (the origin of the English word "raid"). The ghazva was designed to terrorize the infidels, convince them that their civilization was doomed and force them to submit to Islamic rule. Those who participated in the ghazva were known as the ghazis, or raiders.

After each ghazva, the Prophet ordered the creation of a rabat -- or a point of contact at the heart of the infidel territory raided. The rabat consisted of an area for prayer, a section for the raiders to eat and rest and facilities to train and prepare for future razzias. Later Muslim rulers used the tactic of ghazva to conquer territory in the Persian and Byzantine empires. After each raid, they built a rabat to prepare for the next razzia.

It is no coincidence that Islamists routinely use the term ghazva to describe the 9/11 attacks against New York and Washington. The terrorists who carried out the attack are referred to as ghazis or shahids (martyrs).

Thus, building a rabat close to Ground Zero would be in accordance with a tradition started by the Prophet. To all those who believe and hope that the 9/11 ghazva would lead to the destruction of the American "Great Satan," this would be of great symbolic value.

Faced with the anger of New Yorkers, the promoters of the project have started calling it the Cordoba House, echoing President Obama's assertion that it would be used to propagate "moderate" Islam.

The argument is that Cordoba, in southern Spain, was a city where followers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism lived together in peace and produced literature and philosophy.

In fact, Cordoba's history is full of stories of oppression and massacre, prompted by religious fanaticism. It is true that the Muslim rulers of Cordoba didn't force their Christian and Jewish subjects to accept Islam. However, non-Muslims could keep their faith and enjoy state protection only as dhimmis (bonded ones) by paying a poll tax in a system of religious apartheid.

If whatever peace and harmony that is supposed to have existed in Cordoba were the fruit of "Muslim rule," the subtext is that the United States would enjoy similar peace and harmony under Islamic rule.

A rabat in the heart of Manhattan would be of great symbolic value to those who want a high-profile, "in your face" projection of Islam in the infidel West.

This thirst for visibility is translated into increasingly provocative forms of hijab, notably the niqab (mask) and the burqa. The same quest mobilized hundreds of Muslims in Paris the other day to close a whole street so that they could have a Ramadan prayer in the middle of the rush hour.

One of those taking part in the demonstration told French radio that the aim was to "show we are here." "You used to be in our capitals for centuries," he said. "Now, it is our turn to be in the heart of your cities."

Before deciding whether to support or oppose the "Cordoba" project, New Yorkers should consider what it is that they would be buying.

NY Post

EDL leader possibly refused entry into the US for the GZ Mosque protest

Kicklees: I’ve picked up a rumour this morning that EDL leader 'Tommy Robinson' has been refused entry into the United States where he was due to attend an anti-Islam rally at Ground Zero in New York. Robinson was travelling with a number of other EDL leaders when he was turned away at the Immigration desk for apparent entry form irregularities. He was taken into custody and almost immediately put on a plane back to London. His fellow EDL members were allowed to go through.

Four senior al-Qaeda members escape Baghdad jail ~ the 2nd since its handover in July

US Major General Jerry Cannon (R) hands Iraqi Justice Minister Dara Nur al-Din a symbolic key to the Camp Cropper prison, during the handover ceremony from US forces to the Iraqi government on July 15, 2010 in Baghdad.

The escape is the second since the US transferred custody of the detention facility to the Iraqis. A week after the handover, four al-Qaeda-linked detainees awaiting trial on terrorism charges escaped from the Iraqi section of the prison.

Four prisoners with ties to al-Qaeda have escaped from the US-controlled section of Baghdad's Karkh prison.

The inmates were found to be missing during a security sweep on Wednesday night, after two other detainees were caught attempting to flee.

A spokesman for the US military said the escape was "regrettable".

The jail, formerly known as Camp Cropper, was turned over to Iraqi authorities in July, but US forces retain custody of about 200 inmates.

They are some of the most dangerous prisoners, including those with ties to terrorist groups or Saddam Hussein's former regime.

Second escape
The escaped men are "senior members of al-Qaeda", according to Baghdad security spokesman Major General Qassim al-Moussawi.

"We have no idea if they fled outside Baghdad. We are searching for them," Mr Moussawi said, adding that the four were considered dangerous.

"We are working to apprehend these individuals," said Major General Jerry Cannon, the US deputy commanding General for Detainee Operations.

Camp Cropper, which houses around 1,500 detainees, was the last US prison in Iraq. Its handover ended a difficult period in which thousands of people were held without charges and some were abused by American jailers.

The escape is the second since the US transferred custody of the detention facility to the Iraqis. A week after the handover, four al-Qaeda-linked detainees awaiting trial on terrorism charges escaped from the Iraqi section of the prison.


Gunmen behead, set alight Sunni cleric in Iraq

In a separate attack Thursday, four men wearing women's clothes entered the house of a policeman in a village northwest of Baquba, the Diyala capital, and beheaded his wife when they failed to find the officer, an interior ministry source said.

(Reuters) - Gunmen stormed the house of a Sunni cleric Thursday and cut his head off before setting him alight in an attack that bore the hallmark of insurgents, a police spokesman said.

Jabbar Saleh al-Jibouri was killed shortly before dawn at his house in a village near Muqdadiya town, 80 km (50 miles) northeast of the capital in Diyala province, Major Ghalib al-Jubouri, a police spokesman in Diyala, said.

The attack came a day before the start of the Islamic holiday of Eid.

"The gunmen entered the house, stabbed him, cut his head off and set him alight," Jubouri told Reuters.

"Most probably the attack was based on terrorist motives because it happened in such a horrible way."

An investigating officer, who did not want to be named, said Jibouri, who was also a medic, used to treat members of the government-backed "Sahwa" militia.

Insurgents have frequently targeted the Sahwa, Sunni ex-militants who turned against al Qaeda. The U.S. military credits the Sahwa group with helping turn the tide of sectarian violence unleashed by the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Knicker Bomber Get Out of Jail Free Card

ABC News from a video produced by al Qaeda, accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and others in his training class fire weapons at a desert camp in Yemen

He only wanted to kill one of us!

Former terrorism prosecutor Lloyd Meyer of Chicago said a plea deal is very likely in the end.

"If he went to trial it's almost certain he'd be convicted. The government doesn't have a smoking gun. It has smoking skivvies," Meyer said, referring to Abdulmutallab's underwear. "This is a slam dunk."

DETROIT – Lawyers for a Nigerian man charged with trying to blow up a plane near Detroit on Christmas said Thursday that they've talked to prosecutors about resolving the case with a deal.

The disclosure was made in a court filing seeking a new deadline to challenge evidence against Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who is accused of trying to set off a bomb hidden in his underwear aboard a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit last year with nearly 300 people aboard.

The deadline to file motions is Friday. Abdulmutallab is due in federal court Monday for a pretrial hearing.

In the court filing, defense lawyers said they've met with prosecutors on "multiple occasions, by phone and in person, to explore options for resolution of this case." They said prosecutors are opposed to extending Friday's motion deadline.

Abdulmutallab's lead attorney, Miriam Siefer, declined to comment on the filing. The U.S. attorney's office also declined to comment.

The government has said Abdulmutallab has cooperated with investigators since his arrest Dec. 25. He has been described as a young recruit to al-Qaida's nascent terrorist branch in Yemen.

Crafty Florida Imam tricked Koran burning Pastor out of his planned protest - now 'suspended but not cancelled' [Video]

The Pastor acted in good faith of the weaselly Imam's word and was deceived.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pakistani gov. minister appears to give his support and understanding to violence if a Koran is burnt [Video]

One minute the Taliban are bombing the local people ~ next minute they are trying to get them on their side to rally against some Koran burning.

Its which way do I go for the radicals ~ do I attack the ones I don't think are Muslims enough ~ or do I wait until I see a Christian.

The whole place is deluded.

If they are not careful they are going to see us throw that Koran and all its bound pages overboard ~ like the tea. Thanks we might tell them you're too generous ~ but we think we will pass on the second class citizenship!

Ramadan Madness: Wife beaten, divorced on the spot and tossed out ~ on husband's arrival home to find she had made a pie the wrong way

The wrong pie!

Muslims should stop saying Allah is great ~ and say Man Akbar!!

It is their will that seems to matter most in the Islamic world.

A Saudi man beat up his wife and divorced her just before the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan because she stuffed his sambosa pie with cheese not meat, Kabar Arabic language daily reported on Thursday.

The unidentified husband returned home from work in Riyadh and asked his wife to make meat sambosa for his iftar (Ramdan evening meal), the paper said.

"Instead of putting meat in the pie, she stuffed it with cheese...when her husband tasted it, he was mad...he beat her up, divorced her and kicked her out."

Emirates 247

Spate of Ramadan Bombings hit Russia [Video]

Ramadan the time to weed out what is wrong with the world ~ and for many Muslims what is wrong is non-Muslims [or those deeded to be]. The bombings continue.

GZ Imam Rauf Mosque Mixed Message: If I can't build the mosque ~ it will be worst than the Muhammed cartoons ~ they will attack !!

Imam Rauf says he's a reachin' out for peace ~ and so if he can't have the mosque in that there spot ~ his other brothers will come after you!!

Hoodwinked: Pastor Terry Jones Calls off Koran Burning, But Deal to move Ground Zero Mosque Is Denied

Bamboozled !!

Was the Pastor tricked out of burning the Koran??

A fiery Florida pastor called off his bonfire of Korans today after claiming he has a deal that will move a controversial mosque away from the site of the 9/11 terror attacks, but the Muslim cleric planning the so-called Ground Zero Mosque quickly denied to ABC News that he has agreed to move his project.

Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville, Fla., emerged from his church in Gainesville, Fla., along with Florida Imam Muhammad al-Masri to announce his decision to cancel his Koran burning, saying he viewed the supposed deal as "a sign from God."

The fiery pastor said that Imam Abdel Rauf, the leader behind the Ground Zero mosque in Manhattan, will meet with him in New York on Saturday.

"He has agreed to move it," Jones said referring to the Ground Zero Mosque. "And we have agreed to cancel our event on Saturday."

"Americans don't want the mosque there and of course Muslims don't want us to burn Korans," said Jones.

Rauf, however, told ABC News that there is no deal.

"I am glad that Pastor Jones has decided not to burn any Korans," Rauf said. "However, I have not spoken with Pastor Jones or Imam Musri. I am surprised by their announcement."

"We are not going to toy with our religion or any other. Nor are we here to barter. We are here to extend our hand to build peace and harmony," he said.

"Let's say we moved under this current circumstance with this dialogue," said Rauf. "What will be the headline tomorrow in the Muslim world?"

"'Islam under attack in America.' That's the theme of it. 'Mosque forcibly removed by whatever.' That will feed the radicals. So diffusing terrorism is a necessity for our national security," he said.

A denial also came from the developer of the property.

Donald Trump on Letterman, "No Mosque-No Way!" [Video]

A few days ago on Letterman..

But he's not going to move the mosque ~ because if he does "the terrorist are going to attack"!!

Rauf has it on good authority that the terrorists are happy with the current location.

America At Risk: The War With No Name - Official Trailer

Does Obama bow*tray us??

Citizens United @ America At Risk

NY mosque investor declines Trump's buyout offer ~ its the conquered land ~ from the WTC Rubble comes Islamic Dawa

Ah Rats!!

Then the position is important!!

It is the conquered land ~ according to Islam!!

Imam Rauf's latest conjuring ~ is that if he moves the mosque the terrorist will attack!!

Where do the insults end?

Donald Trump's offer to buy an investor's stake where a mosque is planned near ground zero is falling flat.

Wolodymyr Starosolsky is a lawyer for the investor in the real estate partnership that controls the site. He says Mr. Trump's offer is “just a cheap attempt to get publicity and get in the limelight.”

In a letter released Thursday by Mr. Trump's publicist, Mr. Trump told Hisham Elzanaty he would buy his stake in the lower Manhattan building for 25 percent more than whatever he paid.

Mr. Trump says he's making the offer not because he thinks the location is spectacular, but because it would end “a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation.”

Critics say building a mosque so close to where Islamic extremists brought down the World Trade Center would be an insult.

Trump steps up to the plate ~ offers to buy out investor in NYGZ mosque site

"I am making this offer as a resident of New York and citizen of the United States, not because I think the location is a spectacular one (because it is not), but because it will end a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation that is destined, in my opinion, to only get worse," the letter said.

Trump also attached a condition to his offer: He said that as part of the deal, the backers of the mosque project would need to promise that any new mosque they constructed would be at least five blocks farther away from the World Trade Center site.

NEW YORK (AP)— Donald Trump is offering to buy out one of the major investors in the real estate partnership that controls the site near ground zero where a Muslim group wants to build a 13-story Islamic center and mosque.

In a letter released Thursday by Trump's publicist, the real estate investor told Hisham Elzanaty that he would buy his stake in the lower Manhattan building for 25 percent more than whatever he paid.

"I am making this offer as a resident of New York and citizen of the United States, not because I think the location is a spectacular one (because it is not), but because it will end a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation that is destined, in my opinion, to only get worse," the letter said.

Trump also attached a condition to his offer: He said that as part of the deal, the backers of the mosque project would need to promise that any new mosque they constructed would be at least five blocks farther away from the World Trade Center site.

The current planned location is just two blocks north of the site. Opponents argue it's insensitive to families and memories of Sept. 11 victims to build a mosque so close to where Islamic extremists flew planes into the World Trade Center and killed nearly 2,800 people, while proponents support the project as a reflection of religious freedom and diversity.

It's unclear how much control Elzanaty has over the property, which is owned by an eight-member investment group led by Soho Properties.

Catholic priest urges European Christians to fight off Islam by having babies

European governments are taking in people who on the whole have no interest in being a part of Europe as it stands. These new immigrants want to live in the Islamic State of Europe. Political Islam is on the rise and it is all down to EU government's lazy approach to the nation states they are in charge of. You can't make policy purely on 'not being racist'.

To survive Europe needs educated people or those willing to be educated. And more people who are willing to row the boat in the same direction. But the bulk of people coming to Europe are from the outbacks and villages of the Islamic world. Europe's immigration policy is therefore largely controlled by the personal choices of current immigrants. When they chose to marry most or all of their children to those in the Islamic world ~ mostly close relatives to help them to immigrate ~ Europe imports its alternate society ~ and more competing society. From Denmark to Germany they are having trouble trying to get these people to send their children to school. With one immigrant parent with each generation ~ they still hold the mindset of the village. And there, the highlight of one's life is marriage. And this is what they are doing they are continuing to live in the village but in Europe ~ and most problematically it is usually at the taxpayers expense. Europeans are paying for and so supporting the regressive Islamic lifestyle.

Then comes the policy of 'not being racist' to prevent one from stopping it. And of course Muslim immigrants want Shari'a or the abolition of rights and freedoms, so that they can really feel at home.

There are a number of solutions ~ there is allowing older people to work past retirement age. There is cutting the umbilical cord from the Muslim world ~ and being far more selective as to who comes in from these countries. There is the incentive to families to have one more child. That might fix a short fall of people in quick time. and of course in a few years you will have a rise in the number of people who will not act against the idea of a free society. And another thing is we are taking on people based on current technology ~ with the new energy market emerging ~ we could see more automation ~ and thereby the need for less people to do the same jobs. The poor immigrant may no longer be of the same use.

Who wants to muck about with Shari'a and a bunch of squabbling clerics ~ of which laws would emerge that can't be challenged and non-Muslims relegated to a position of second class status.

A prominent Catholic priest wants European Christians to fight off Islam with a unique weapon: babies.

Father Piero Gheddo, an Italian missionary priest, said Wednesday he believes a declining birth rate among Europeans combined with a rising tide of Muslim immigrants could mean that Islam will soon dominate Europe.

"Certainly from a demographic point of view, as it is clear to everyone that Italians are decreasing by 120,000 or 130,000 persons a year because of abortion and broken families; while among the more than 200,000 legal immigrants a year in Italy, more than half are Muslims and Muslim families, which have a much higher level of growth," he said, according to Rome's Catholic news service Zenit News Agency.

Gheddo's solution? Christians need to start having more children.

"The fact is that, as a people, we are becoming ever more pagan and the religious vacuum is inevitably filled by other proposals and religious forces," he said. "If we consider ourselves a Christian country, we should return to the practice of Christian life, which would also solve the problem of empty cradles."

Father Gheddo is a well-respected member of the Vatican's Pontificial Institute for Foreign Missionaires.

His comments were made in response to Libyan chief of state Moammar Khadafy, who said this week that Europe should convert to Islam.

Khadafy, on an official visit to Italy, laced his speech with controversial remarks, such as, "Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European, and even black, as there are millions who want to come in."

"We don't know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions," Khadafy added, before handing out free copies of the Koran.

Incensed that Muslims could one day outnumber Christians in Europe, Gheddo vowed to bring more attention to the issue.

The media hasn't "seriously taken into consideration how to respond to this challenge of Islam," he said, "which sooner or later will conquer the majority in Europe."

Gheddo intends to change that.

"The challenge must be taken seriously," he said.

NY Daily News

Muslim aggressive proselytizing in Germany ~ preaching stoning for adultery and death fro apostates, as a way to paradise [Video]

The Muslim community "Einladung zu Paradies" (invitation to paradise) was founded by german convert pierre vogel and is known for massive proselytization among young people. They preach a very strict form of islam, adapted from the Salafiyya. the clip about there presence in mönchengladbach is taken out a news magazine of the german state operated, public tv.


Palestinian arrested in Florida buying stolen guns 300 M16 rifles, 9MM handguns, Uzi submachine guns, silencers, grenades and remote detonator devices [Video]

The Original Burn the Quran Day [Video]

Description: This September 11th, a church in Florida is protesting the growing influence of Islam by offending 1.5 billion people. Specifically, they're staging a "Burn the Quran" Day. But is this the first day of its kind? In fact, is today's Qur'an the Qur'an that Muhammad intended his followers to have? Let's take a look at the evidence!

Very interesting!!

Answering Muslims

Imam Rauf is unbowed by criticism of Ground Zero mosque ~ naturally

Cordoba was once a center of Islamic rule in southern Spain. It was there that 1000 years ago, Muslims razed an already existing church and requisitioned columns and materials from other razed churches to build a mosque that became one of the architectural prizes of Europe.

Spookily to build the original Cordoba they used stones from the pre-existing church ~ a cathedral to build their mosque. The 9/11 mosque so named the Cordoba House was hit by the shrapnel from the falling towers. Under Muslim ruled Spain Christians and others did not live alongside each other peaceably. Muslims ruled or Syrian Muslims ruled and all non-Muslims were required to pay the Islamic jizya tax and live as second class citizens. The North African converts also had less rights than the Syrian or so-called Arabs.

This might be a good time for Imam Rauf to reach out the survivors of 9/11 and the families of victims to both repudiate the actions of Islamic jihadis who killed thousands of people in 2001 while also explaining how he can now hope that the planned Islamic community center may still be able to promote peace, respect and understanding between Islam and the rest of the world.

Muslims always say that the aim of building their mosques is to reach out to the community and bridge the gap between Islam and other faiths. It is almost line by line the same statement. They get the Saudi/Arab money build the mosque and that's it. The stumbling block is that it requires submission.

Islam is a religion of conquest ~ the erection of a mosque particularly on a site of Islamic holy war is a representation of lands taken.

The Muslim leader at the center of the controversy over a planned mosque and Islamic community planned for New York City, Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, said in a September 8 op-ed in the New York Times that he plans to move forward. Echoing sentiments expressed earlier this year in an article in the New York Daily News, Rauf said however that he is "awed by how inflamed and emotional" the issue has become.

Opponents to the planned Islamic center, called 'Cordoba House' include vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), and numerous civic organizations who are concerned that it would be too close to the site where jihadi terrorists brought down the Twin Towers in 2001. Rauf said he would proceed with the vocal support of President Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg while noting that Obama is Christian and Bloomberg is Jewish. "Their statements sent a powerful message about what America stands for," wrote Rauf.

The imam has been criticized for not speaking out since the mosque has become a national issue.

In his latest editorial, Rauf said that the project reflects American values such as freedom of religion. This followed several weeks of silence while the Muslim cleric traveled to Islamic countries on a tour paid for the by the U.S. State Department to promote religious tolerance. Rauf claimed that it would "not be right to comment from abroad" and that he wanted to confer with leaders of other faiths involved in the project. He did say during the trip that he believes the protests against the center are being fueled by politics.

9/11 Imam suggests moving NYC mosque could cause violent attack by Muslim extremist

In the Muslim world churches are rare ~ and most highly regulated.

So if we move the GZ mosque ~ we will be attacked!!

Now its don't risk offending the radicals!!

He is attempting something that has offended us ~ and his argument against changing it / shifting the mosques position / is that it will offend the radicals. So we should be very very afraid!

This is ridiculous. He is adding injury to insult.

The description of land which has been attacked via Islamic holy war is Dar al Islam, or the conquered land, also described as the land of 'peace'. Verses Dar al Harb or the unconquered land or the realm of war. Understandably the terrorist /fundamentalists would see that site in New York as the conquered land. So belonging to Islam.

The Imam understands Shari'a law well ~ he has spearheaded a Shari'a Index Project ~ of no doubt he plans to run in one of the 15 floors in his 'community center'. The Imam has stated that he purposely picked the building where shrapnel hit ~ and so making it a part of the 9/11 site. Thereby placing it within the conquered land ~ of Dar al Islam. If he moves the mosques he then moves it into Dar al Harb. If this seems far fetched ~ Imam's book in Arabic was titled ~ from the 'Rubble of the WTC comes Islamic Dawa' [or spreading of Islam]. First lets establish that he wants to be in the rubble of the WTC ~ and he has that with the shrapnel that hit the building. Now he will set up his Shari'a project ~ in an attempt to make the most repressive religious laws on earth more palatable. He is set on spreading Islam from a position of Islamic conquest.

The Muslim joke after 9/11 was that New York would be filled with mosques. Conquered.

This photoshopped image was released 2001/2002 to show that by 2006 New York's skyline would be covered in mosques.


Though we must be warned about the use of the threat of terrorist attacks to control behavior! Then the terrorists are in control.


NEW YORK (AP)— The imam behind a proposed Islamic community center and mosque near ground zero cautioned Wednesday that moving the facility could cause a violent backlash from Muslim extremists and endanger national security.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf told CNN that the discourse surrounding the center has become so politicized that moving it could strengthen the ability of extremists abroad to recruit and wage attacks against Americans, including troops fighting in the Middle East.

"The headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack," he said, but he added that he was open to the idea of moving the planned location of the center, currently two blocks north of the World Trade Center site.

"But if you don't do this right, anger will explode in the Muslim world," he later said, predicting that the reaction could be more furious than the eruption of violence following the 2005 publication of Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eating Violation: Algerian men face up to 2 years in slammer for breaking the Ramadan fast

Najib Chaouki, a young Moroccan from the Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms, who created a Facebook group 'Moroccans for the right not to fast' poses in Rabat on August 14, 2010.

In Morocco it is 6 months in prison for choosing to eat during the fast!!

But this Moroccan has started a group calling for the right not fast during Ramadan.

If we want to support anyone in the Muslim ~ we should support those who actually support freedom. Not freedoms within the limited confines of Islam ~ real on the ground freedoms!

Human rights groups bemoan religious oppression in the North African country; offenders face up to 2 years in jail.

Police in Algeria have detained ten men for allegedly eating in public in violation of the sanctity of Ramadan.

Police picked up the young men in a restaurant in the province of Bejaya, east of the capital Algiers after neighbors complained of the alleged public desecration of the Islamic faith’s ban on eating during daylight in the holy month.

The young men face up to two years in prison for the “crime” if convicted. Police reportedly held one man in jail and all face trial. Charges were presented against the group on Monday in a court in the town of Akbou. The court delayed its verdict until early November.

While seemingly an isolated incident, it reflected a growing trend by governments to cater to devout public sentiment in the Muslim world. However, human rights’ groups have decried the move, saying the men had not committee any crime and that observing the daylight fast during Ramadan was a “personal matter.”

"There is no law in Algeria prohibiting eating on Ramadan, only one banning 'mocking Ramadan'," said Moustafa Bouchachi, President of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights. "The prosecutor has implemented the law improperly, and therefore the last man still arrested in the case was released yesterday."

Bouchachi told The Media Line that two years ago Algerian police had arrested four young men on similar charges. They were subsequently released. He added that people are sometimes arrested for eating in public places, but rarely for doing so in a closed restaurant.

Attorney general: Quran-burning plan 'idiotic, dangerous' [Video] ~ But where can you get a bible in the Muslim world??

TV Host Chris Mathews mentions ~ what if there was a response such as the burning of Christian bibles in Cairo. But Muslim customs already confiscate bibles of tourists and workers when entering Maldives and Saudi Arabia ~ doubtful if they could even get hold of a bible in a place like Afghanistan to burn. Expats express fear of being in possession of a bible ~ and prefer to read it online in the Maldives. A place where churches are 'illegal'. And where no non-Muslims are allowed to be citizens. Though calling all of the Maldives radical ~ this is where the whole moderate radical thing breaks down ~ when Muslims follow the Koran. In Algeria the penalty is 5 years in prison for being in possession of a bible. Especially where it can be proved you planned to give them to others. Last year a preacher was imprisoned in Egypt [or Algeria] for coming to the home and praying over a man who had a stroke ~ he was charged with holing an unauthorized prayer session.

I tend to agree with the pastor ~ Muslims praying in a mosque is not a problem ~ the implementation or the attempts to implement Shari'a is. The US has its Constitutional buffer ~ but in Europe, in the UK the largest Islamic organization akin to CAIR in the US has openly called for Islamic law to be made legally binding in the UK ~ as in fully integrated into British law. The largest Muslim group in Germany ~ was found to have a video game for children where democracy was being shot down. Across Europe from Malta, to Switzerland and the UK Muslim leaders [the moderate ones] have called for harsh Islamic punishments ~like amputation. One said it was his Islamic duty.

One thing for sure Muslims don't care if we are offended! Islamic law teaches that Muslims are supreme and all others lesser [unless the convert] ~ and that is how they conduct their nation states.

MIAMI — The government turned up the pressure Tuesday on the head of a small Florida church who plans to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11, with Attorney General Eric Holder calling the idea "idiotic and dangerous."

Waking up an Islamic world: What it might be like: Daffy Duck Does Hilter ~ But it might well be heil Islam one day [Video]

A system that can't be questioned ~ believes that challengers should be put to death. But promises to offer solution to all the world's problems. That holds one citizen above another not on race but on religion. And wishes to take over the world by any means. Hmmm...

Ramadan violence continues in southern Thailand: 6 killed /5 wounded ~ what can anyone say ~ Islam means peace!

Thai security personnel investigates the site of an improvised explosive device attack in the southern Yala province September 6,2010.

(Reuters) - Six people have been killed and five wounded in Thailand's restive Muslim south, police said on Tuesday, the latest upsurge in violence blamed on separatist militants.

The attacks, which included drive-by shootings and bombings, took place late on Monday and on Tuesday and targeted both Muslims and the region's minority Buddhists.

A Buddhist couple, both teachers, were killed by unknown gunmen while riding on a motorcycle early on Tuesday in Rangae in Narathiwat province, police said.

In the same district a few hours later, a Buddhist defence volunteer was gunned down and killed in another drive-by attack.

The shootings came two days after suspected ethnic Malay rebels torched government offices, bus shelters, shops and phone booths in simultaneous attacks in seven districts of Narathiwat, which borders Malaysia.

Later Tuesday in Yala province, a Buddhist rubber tapper was wounded when a bomb exploded. The previous night in Bannang Sata, the most dangerous place in the region, a Muslim woman was shot dead and three soldiers wounded in a roadside bombing.

Around the same time, two Muslims were killed in separate drive-by shootings in Pattani and an assistant village leader was badly wounded in Narathiwat when unknown assailants sprayed automatic gunfire at his vehicle.

The attacks took the death toll to 19 in the past 10 days, with 38 people wounded, according to police data.

German: Conservatives demand sanctions against problem immigrants

A Muslim woman greeted by a billboard: 'Nice that you're here!' Photo: DPA
A Muslim woman greeted by a billboard: 'Nice that you're here!'

“When immigrant children are not sent to kindergartens or to school, then cuts to their Hartz IV welfare benefits must be sanctioned.”

As the integration debate stoked by Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin continues to smoulder, conservatives have begun calling for heavier sanctions against immigrants they deem unwilling or unable to become part of German society.

General secretary for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats (CDU), Hermann Gröhe, told daily Leipziger Volkszeitung that his party was taking the debate about Sarrazin’s controversial comments over immigration “very seriously.”

Sarrazin is currently under fire for claiming, among other things, that Muslim communities don’t want to integrate with mainstream Germany, that they are making the country “dumber” and that ethnic groups, such as Jews, are distinguished by particular genes [doubt if anyone will be acting on these gene ideas]. But the issue of Muslim integration keeps coming up in German society ~ obviously right across Europe ~ the issue arises again and again. The main aim is to raise children solely to marry and help another relative immigrate ~ is a problem ~ for the whole of Europe. A person needs to contribute more than this.

While politicians on both sides of the issue have discredited Sarrazin’s remarks, recent polls polls have revealed that almost one-fifth of conservative voters support his ideas.

“Our policy requires integration courses and citizenship tests,” Gröhe told the paper. “We also have sanction possibilities for those who persist in refusing to integrate. These must be consistently implemented.”

Tariq Ramadan to Keynote CAIR Annual Shari'a Hopefuls Banquet

The banquet theme is "Defining Our Faith, Defending Our Rights" ~ might they take a moment to defend or even define/reflect on the rights of non-Muslims in the Islamic world ~ who all live as Dhimmis or second class citizens under Islamic-based laws.

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan who champions the idea of a Europeanized Islam ~ that does or does not include a clause for Dhimmi status. Many Muslims feel that the lower status imposed on non-Muslims as well as the imposition of the jizya tax were acts of kindness. You would have to get up early to corner Ramadan into answering a question on Dhimmitude directly. You would have to have your comeback ready.

Though we do need Muslims to talk about these issues openly. Two-thirds of America's Muslims are foreign born and hail from the Islamic world. That means that they have have first hand knowledge of Shari'a and how non-Muslims are marginalized by it. [Koran 9:29]

If some reporter could just level a question at CAIR! To get them to talk about religious rights and freedoms in the Muslim world and what their expectations are for the USA in a few years time?

Day-long leadership skills training conference will precede the banquet

WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced today that internationally-renowned Muslim scholar Dr. Tariq Ramadan will offer the keynote address at its 16th annual banquet on Saturday, October 9 in Arlington, Va.

At the banquet, themed "Defining Our Faith, Defending Our Rights," a lifetime achievement award will be presented to noted journalist Helen Thomas, and Mo Amer of the "Allah Made Me Funny" comedy group will provide entertainment.

A day-long leadership skills training conference for community leaders and activists is scheduled to precede the banquet on Saturday. The leadership conference will offer workshops, taught by top trainers in their fields, such as "Methods for Successful on-Camera Interviews," "Effective Engagement of Social Media," "Successful Political Engagement," "Becoming a Dynamic Public Speaker," "Know Your Rights with Law Enforcement," and "Challenging Islamophobia."


On the menu also:

"Know Your Rights with Law Enforcement,"

In case you might be involved in a terrorist plot!

...and "Challenging Islamophobia."

Is this a lesson in imposing Shari'a by stealth ~ other than this who cares about Islam. We simply don't want its laws! AND we don't want to be attacked!!

And what is the equivalent to Islamophobia in the Muslim world's treatment of others ~ what do you call it when Saudi Arabia doesn't have a church and the Maldives recently followed suit!! BS-ing us!!