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Somali Islamic militant group trains children to kill 'infidels' [Video]

Mogadishu, April 17 (IANS/AKI) Al-Qaeda recruiters are targeting children and aiming to make Somali suicide bombing a multi-generational family affair.

A new recruitment video by Al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based Al-Qaeda branch that operates in the Horn of Africa, opens with an image of a child playing with a toy gun.

"Do you know who I will kill with this gun?" a little boy says into the video camera, waving his toy pistol.

"Who will you kill with this gun?" the cameraman asks.

"The infidels."

The scene appears in a new video by the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab that shows the Somali militant group indoctrinating children, some of whom appear to be toddlers. NP

Video: Somalia - Festival For The Children Of The Martyrs

He’s not just any boy, but the son of the bomber who almost assassinated former Somali president Abdullah Yusuf when he blew himself up Oct 11, 2007 at the parliament in the southern city of Baidoa. The attack is celebrated by Al-Shabab as part of an operation that allowed the terror group to expand in Somalia.

A message’s meaning isn’t easily lost when in the video an image of the toddler and deceased father are placed side-by-side while a voice in Arabic sings praises of the Baidoa attack.

"What brought us together today is the blood of the martyrs," Mr. Hammami tells the children, according to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group. "So on the necks of the attendants today rests the responsibility of blood. Each of us should assume a part of this responsibility.

"As men, we have to continue the fighting started by those heroes. We have to abide by the principles for which those heroes were martyred. They honoured the responsibility on them."

Mr. Hammami then urges their mothers, who appear to be seated at the back of the room, to encourage the children to "learn military sciences" and tells the kids they "have to work hard and try to be like their hero fathers who were martyred in this path."

The children are later shown holding their plastic guns while waving black Al-Shabab flags in a pose reminiscent of terrorist videos. One child crawls prone on the floor with his rifle while another grimaces and aims his toy AK-47 at the camera. NP

“After four years since the Baidoa attack,” says Al-Shabab leader Mukhtar Abu az-Zubair, “it’s still possible to see the consequences. That operation laid the foundation to conquer the city. This is because our road to victory is paved with the blood of martyrs past and martyrs of the future.”

“Unfortunately many children are trained by Al-Shabab,” said Hasan Osman, director of Radio Shabelle, a popular radio station in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, in an interview with AKI.

“Militant Islam began concentrating on recruiting children into combat when attacks became bolder and they decided to advance into the capital.”

Somalia has been largely ungoverned for nearly 20 years, giving Al-Qaeda huge areas to operate unobstructed. A UN-backed transitional government is largely absent from large parts of the country where hardline Muslim fundamentalists aim to impose a strict version of Sharia Islamic law, including a recent law outlawing radio stations from airing music.

Viewers of the new 28-minute recruitment video are encouraged to join the struggle with scenes of a room decorated for a party in Mogadishu, attended by children of dead jihadists and their mothers who are dressed in black.

Dozens of children, ages three to seven years old, hope to win plastic weapons as prizes, as well as balls and other typical toys in a type of quiz show for toddlers conducted by an international terrorists.

“Name the month in which you must fast?” goes one question. The questions increase in difficulty until the tiny contestants are asked to identify Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the late founder of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, killed in 2006 in a US airstrike.

North America's first Muslim Shari'a compliant MasterCard due to launch soon

I'm surprised the like image of the men running doesn't have clothes on!! He's na'ked!! It looks strangely like a condom ad, than one promoting a credit card. It is not a credit card, it is a prepayment card which already exists, and are not at all Islamic. There are also debit cards which are connected to bank accounts, which carry the logos of the big card providers.

As irritating things go!

A Canadian Islamic financial institution is launching Canada's first "halal-approved" credit card this month and will also offer it to US Muslims by year end, its president told AFP on Tuesday.

The iFreedom Plus MasterCard meets the requirements of Sharia law, which prohibits usury, by being prepaid and therefore interest-free, said Omar Kalair, president of Toronto-based UM Financial.

"Trade is allowed, but usury is not," he explained.

A similar card is already available in Britain, but nowhere else in the West, he said.

Until now, devout Muslims in Canada have either had to do without credit cards or paid off the balance each month to avoid interest charges that go against their faith.

Three Islamic finance experts said in a statement the card "complies with Islamic laws and Muslims can avail of this product."

Of course, non-Muslims may want one too, Kalair said.

Benefits include no monthly fee, no transaction fees and discounts on flights with Etihad Airways, which flies from Toronto to Abu Dhabi.

According to a 2001 census, there are 580,000 Muslims living in Canada. Kalair estimates the number is now one million.


US Convert who massacred wife, 3 other relatives, says he 'was reincarnated as Muslim prophet'

An undated photo provided by the Chicago Police Department on Thursday, April 15, 2010, James A. Larry, 32, of Madison, Wisc. , is shown. Larry was charged Thursday with killing his pregnant wife, infant son and two nieces in a shooting spree at a Chicago home that also left his mother and nephew wounded, authorities said.

What it looks like is the worst criminal nutcases are joining Islam in the jails!!

Telling ~ he named is son Jihad!! Who also died in the shooting.

Burton said James Larry had been acting odd and controlling since he got out of prison, where he had become a Muslim. Family members previously said James Larry had a dispute with his wife because she refused to dress in Muslim garb.

The Wisconsin man charged with killing four family members and seriously injuring two other relatives in a hail of bullets as they slept at his sister's Marquette Park home suffers from a "multitude" of mental health illnesses, his attorney said Friday.

James Larry, a 32-year-old Muslim convert who allegedly told authorities he was ordered by "Allah" to carry out the carnage, has been under doctors' care since 2002 and recently received psychiatric treatment in Janesville, Wis., said Julie Koehler, an assistant Cook County public defender.

Koehler said Larry was crying, his head bowed, when prosecutors detailed how he allegedly killed his pregnant wife, Twanda Thompson, 19; son, Jihad, 7 months, pregnant niece Keyshai Fields, 16, and 3-year-old Keleasha Larry, another niece.

"He is suffering greatly," Koehler said, after Judge Peggy Chiampas ordered Larry held without bond.

Larry also shot his 57-year-old mother, Leona Larry, and a nephew Demond Larry, 13, before dawn Wednesday. Both remain in critical condition, Assistant State's Attorney Jamie Santini said.

The body count could have been worse, Santini added. He said Torino Hill, a 35-year-old man living in the home's basement, was spared when James Larry's gun jammed and another niece, 12, escaped injury when she ran down the street and called police.

After shooting several family members at the home, in the 7200 block of South Mozart, James Larry kicked in the door of Hill's room and pulled the trigger several times, but no bullets fired, Santini said.

James Larry, who has a lengthy criminal record, admitted his role in the shooting spree, told detectives he knew his wife and 16-year-old niece were pregnant and even led police to the 9mm handgun he allegedly used in the shooting, Santini said.

"That's not the lot, turn left. It's the first vacant lot off the alley on the left," Larry directed officers, according to a police report.

James Larry also allegedly told officers he wished he "had more bullets."

"I wish I had more bullets. Kill me. I threw the gun in a vacant lot by the police station. I'll show you," James Larry said, according to the report.

A relative said that when James Larry looked to the sky and didn't see the moon or the sun before dawn Wednesday, "that meant Allah told him to take his family."

Days before a Madison man allegedly shot and killed four family members, including his pregnant wife and their 7-month-old son, and critically injured two other relatives in a Chicago home, he told his stepfather that he "was reincarnated as a prophet."

"We got into an argument about it," said Frederick Burton of Madison, the stepfather of James A. Larry and husband of Leona Larry Burton, who remained on life support at a suburban Chicago hospital Friday after being shot in the head early Wednesday.

"It's not looking good," said Burton, 49. "If she does get better, she won't be right."

Burton said he plans to talk with people at the Catholic church he attends in Chicago about whether to discontinue life support.

"I just don't know what to do," Burton said.

"When I talk to her, she knows that I'm there," he said. "She sort of flinched....I kissed her."

Also on Friday, a judge denied bail for James Larry after prosecutors said he admitted killing his wife, Twanda Thompson, 19, and their 7-month-old son, Jihad, both of Madison, and his nieces, Keleasha Larry, 3, Keyshai Fields, 16, who also was pregnant.

Along with four counts of first-degree murder, James Larry, 32, is charged with four counts of attempted murder and two counts of intentional homicide of an unborn child.

In addition to his mother, James Larry, is accused of trying to kill his 13-year-old nephew Demond Larry, who also was shot in the head and remains in critical condition. He also is accused of shooting at a 12-year-old niece as she fled, and attempting to shoot a 35-year-old boarder at the home in the 7200 block of South Mozart Street.

"We're all trying to make sense of it," said Burton, who was with his family in Chicago.

Burton said he decided not to go from Madison to Chicago on Tuesday with James Larry and his family to visit other relatives, and instead planned to go by bus with his wife. But Burton said James Larry and his wife must have convinced her to go with them.

"When I got back to the house, they left already," Burton said.

The day before, Burton said, James Larry said "someone told him he had been reincarnated as a prophet," Burton said. He said the two argued, and James Larry "got angry. Then he started saying some stuff in Arabic."

Burton said James Larry had been acting odd and controlling since he got out of prison, where he had become a Muslim. Family members previously said James Larry had a dispute with his wife because she refused to dress in Muslim garb.

In 2002, James Larry was sentenced to nearly six years in prison for possessing a firearm as a felon. He was released on April 30, 2007, but was found to have violated his three-year term of supervised release in 2008 by repeatedly using marijuana, according to federal court records.

At Friday's bail hearing, Assistant Public Defender Julie Koehler said James Larry had recently been under the treatment of a psychiatrist in Janesville.

Burton said he did not know James Larry was seeing a psychiatrist. But Burton said he "knew something was wrong with him" when he got out of jail in February after receiving a 45-day sentence for battering his wife in the parking lot of Walmart, 4198 Nakoosa Trail, on Sept. 25.

"He started saying he was having these headaches," Burton said.

According to federal court records, while on supervised release from prison in 2008, James Larry was referred to the Janesville Psychiatric Clinic, which identified him as a dual diagnosis offender with mental health and drug abuse issues. On July 21, 2008, his residential re-enty placement was transferred to Schwert House in Madison to better address his treatment needs.

Records show he completed 30 days of treatment at Schwert House. But on Sept. 30, 2008, at 3:55 a.m. he was issued a ticket for driving with a suspended licenses. He was not authorized to drive while at Schwert House, and his case manager said he had been violating rules on a consistent basis. His supervision was revoked and on Oct. 2, 2008, he was ordered back to prison for two months, and a six-month term of supervised release was to follow.

State Journal, Suntimes

Saudi convert to Christianity, who was arrested and beaten unconscious, given refugee status in New Zealand

Perhaps he can offer some idea of how many secret Christians are in Saudi Arabia. Indeed even converts to other religions.

A Saudi Arabian man sentenced to death for abandoning Islam has been granted refugee status in New Zealand.

The man's father, a senior official in a state organisation that monitors the observance of Islam, found Jehovah's Witnesses brochures in his home and ordered his arrest and prosecution.

The Refugee Appeals Authority heard he was beaten unconscious, and tortured in custody for three months.

His father seized his assets, but he managed to flee Saudi Arabia last year before the court's verdict was announced.

The man now lives in Hawke's Bay and attends a Jehovah's Witness church there twice a week, while his wife and children remain in Saudi Arabia.

Copyright © 2010 Radio New Zealand

South Park creators court Muslim fury after including Prophet Muhammad in no-holds-barred 200th episode [Video]

Mormon leader, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad all appear in a earlier South Park show.

Cartoon South Park is courting controversy after daring to draw the Prophet Muhammad in a no-holds-barred 200th episode.

South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker speak with Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin about the 200th episode of the hit Comedy Central series, and plans to revisit battles over the boundaries of what can and cannot be done on television -- including how many celebrities they can piss off in a single episode, and whether Comedy Central will stop them from showing the image and voice of a cartoon version of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

Clip ~ from 200th episode:

The creators of the irreverent show have mixed some of the most litigious celebrities in showbusiness with one of the most incendiary topics of modern times.

In the anniversary episode, the stars of the show again poke fun at Hollywood star Tom Cruise, who teams up with a group of other celebrities parodied in the show - including Bono, Tiger Woods and Paris Hilton - to plot their revenge.

They demand that the town of South Park bring him the Prophet Muhammad - but they balk at the request due to the real-life controversy of drawing the religious figure.

Cruise is set on 'harvesting' this supposed immunity to ridicule to prevent himself being parodied.

But a tug-of-war ensues between the celebrities and an association of redheaded children after the children in South Park - Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Stan - 'track down' a version of the Prophet Muhammad.

A frustrated Cruise then recreates his infamous couch-jumping on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005 by angrily bouncing on a couch next to a cartoon of the talk show host.

The show also includes a fire-breathing robotic Godzilla version of Barbara Streisand - called Mecha-Streisand.

South Park has previously ridiculed the Hollywood actor in a 2005 episode.

But depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are seen as blasphemous and offensive by Muslims.

The issue came to the fore in 2005 and 2007 when European newspapers published cartoons featuring the religious leader.

The cartoonists behind the series of drawings faced death threats, the Danish embassy in Syria was burned down in 2006 and there were global protests and calls to boycott Danish products.

Danish newspapers apologised for reprinting the pictures earlier this year and members of an alleged plot to kill one of the cartoonists have appeared in court.

Daily Mail

Sexual attraction before marriage, fuels earthquakes, says Iran cleric

Nevermind that the earth's plates naturally move and when they do this is called an earthquake. According to Iran's religious leadership if a guy is attracted to a girl before marriage, this is the real cause of Iran'a earthquakes.

It is a poisonous way to use religion and to maintain control over a superstitious population.

A senior Iranian cleric has claimed that dolled-up women incite extramarital sex, causing more earthquakes in Iran, a country that straddles several fault lines, newspapers reported on Saturday.

"Many women who dress inappropriately ... cause youths to go astray, taint their chastity and incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes," Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi told worshippers at Friday prayers in Tehran.

"Calamities are the result of people's deeds," he was quoted as saying by reformist Aftab-e Yazd newspaper. "We have no way but conform to Islam to ward off dangers."

The Islamic dress code is mandatory in Iran, which has been under clerical rule for more than three decades.

Every post-pubescent woman regardless of her religion or nationality must cover her hair and bodily contours in public. Offenders face punishment and fine.

But this has not stopped urban women from appearing in the streets wearing tight coats and flimsy headscarves and layers of skilfully applied makeup.

Iran is prone to frequent quakes, many of which have been devastating.

The worst in recent times hit the southern city of Bam in December 2003, killing 31,000 people - about a quarter of the population - and destroying its ancient mud-built citadel.

© 2010 AFP

Suicide burqa bombers kill 41 at Pakistani refugee camp

Pakistani men carry an injured blast victim following a bomb blast at a hospital in Quetta on April 16, 2010. Eight people including three police officers and a TV cameraman were killed and around 35 wounded on April 16 in a suspected suicide blast in the southwestern Pakistan city of Quetta.

Pictured yesterday's bomb, involving an attack on a hospital.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan [AP] — Two suicide bombers dressed in burqas blew themselves up Saturday in a camp for refugees fleeing military offensives in northwestern Pakistan, killing 41 people and wounding 62, officials said.

The blasts occurred at a food distribution point, but there were conflicting reports whether the victims were lining up for food or being registered. The camp is sometimes used by foreign humanitarian groups, including the World Food Program, to deliver aid.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani army admitted that civilians were killed in an airstrike last Saturday in the northwest that supposedly targeted militants. It did not say how many had died, but apologized in a rare acknowledgment of an error that could help reduce anger among local tribes, whose support it needs to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaida.

The two suicide bombers struck six minutes apart at a camp in the Kacha Pukka area of Kohat, a tribally administered region close to the Afghan border. They were dressed in burqas, the all-encompassing veil worn by conservative Muslim women in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan, local police official Abdullah Khan said.

Government official Dilawar Khan Bangash said 41 people were killed and 62 were wounded in the attack.

Pakistan has been hit by near-daily explosions over the last 18 months blamed on al-Qaida and Taliban militants. Most have been directed at security or government installations, but civilians have also been targeted, sometimes to punish those seen as cooperating with the government.

The camp was for people who fled from the Orakzai district, where the army has been fighting militants since the end of last year. The tempo of the operations has picked since March, with frequent aerial bombardment. The camp housed between 1,000 and 2,000 people.

There was no claim of responsibility, but that is not unusual when bomb attacks kill ordinary Pakistani citizens.

About 210,000 civilians have fled from Orakzai since the end of last year, including nearly 50,000 people who have left in the last month when ground forces moved into the area to flush out insurgents.

There have been fewer bombings in major cities outside of the northwest during the first three months of this year compared to late last year. The slowdown follows a major offensive in the South Waziristan tribal region, where many militants had been based.

The army's apology was for airstrikes in the Khyber region last Saturday that villagers said killed about 70 people.

The army spokesman had insisted the dead were militants, even when members of the local administration said they were compensating the families of dead civilians.

In a brief statement Saturday, army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said he had ordered measures be taken to avoid such "unfortunate incidents" in the future. It mentioned the name of the tribe which lost members in the air strike.

The Pakistan army relies on the support – or at least the neutrality of – of tribes in the northwest to carry out its operations there.

Khanan Gul Khan, who lost four relatives in the attack, said he accepted the apology.

"The dead cannot come back, but we are happy that it has been acknowledged on the highest level that we are not terrorists," he said.

The Pakistani military regularly claims to have killed many militants in airstrikes, shellings and ground operations in the northwest, but rarely mentions civilian deaths. It is unclear whether few such deaths occur, or if the army simply does not report them.

Independent accounts of army operations in the tribal regions are extremely rare. Much of the area is still controlled by militants and is out of bounds for reporters.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Planned Miami bus ads called 'offensive' to Islam: Great Effort!! As No Compulsion In Islam.. Not For Muslims!!


Muslims leaving Islam in many countries is deemed too offensive ~ and they are arrested and killed. In Iran and Saudi Arabia there is no penalty for killing an apostate. In Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, the Maldives, you literally can't legally leave Islam. In the Maldives, where calling someone a Christian is considered profanity, if you leave Islam you will lose your citizenship. In Egypt a judge told a man who applied to have his conversion to Christianity legally recognised ~ that 'by rights he should kill him'. In Islam that is true, this is what Muhammad would have done. No compulsion is only for non-Muslims. Those who convert in Muslim countries and in Muslim eyes are compelled. Non-Muslims in the Islamic world don't get off that easy. As a non-Muslim if you don't voluntarily submit to Islamic rule then Muslims are allowed to go to war with you ~ with the intention of killing you ~ up until you agreed to pay their protection tax [all very mafia ~ you didn't know you needed protection until one of their guys shows up and offers you a chance to pay]. The Turkish government, the same one that wants to join the EU, is thinking about introducing a jizya type protection tax for its Christian citizens.

The Muslim bus ad that offended non-Muslims ~ Can you imagine Jesus stoning women for adultery. This is what Muslims are saying when they say Jesus would have followed Muhammad. That's offensive!! If Spencer's Stop The Islamization of America's ads are taken down ~ Muslim ads inviting others to join Islam should also be challenged.

MIAMI -- Miami-Dade Transit is pulling advertisements that Muslims said were offensive to Islam.

The ads were set to run on 10 buses Friday. They said, "Fatwa on your head? Is your community or family threatening you?" and directed people to a Web site encouraging them to leave Islam.

[Bus-Miami-2.jpg]The New York-based group Stop the Islamization of America bought the ads for one month. The group's leader says the ads were "offered in defense of religious liberty."

Miami-Dade Transit spokeswoman Karla Damian said Thursday that after reviewing the ads, the department decided to remove them.

An outside company sells ad space on the buses, and county officials don't routinely review ads before they run.

The South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations had criticized the ads.

Miami Herald

Osama bin Laden tried to watch 9/11 bombings live on TV but satellite failed

Osama Bin Laden had requested a satellite dish to be installed in his hideout in Kandahar.

Osama Bin Laden had requested a satellite dish to be installed in his hideout in Kandahar.

Nasser al Bahri, 37, who now preaches against the fanaticism of the Islamist network, said his former master had requested a satellite dish to be installed in his hideout in Kandahar. "He asked for satellite TV to be able to follow the bombing," he said.

However, due to the rugged, mountainous terrain, he was not able to get a signal and so failed to view the planes striking the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York.

"It is very important that we are able to watch the news today," he told his media chief, Hassan al-Bahloul.

Mr al Bahri also claims that the al-Qaeda leader is still alive and well.

Mr al Bahri was the first person to help the CIA link bin Laden to the September 11 hijackers, who were his "friends" before the strikes, although he knew nothing of their mission; He first met Mohammed Atta, the mastermind, in a safe house in Pakistan where "he was playing video games on a Play Station where he was flying a plane".

Asked whether bin Laden was still alive, he said: "His death, even if it was not announced immediately for internal reasons, would end up being known in jihadist circles and on the internet." He said he believed bin Laden was under tribal protection in Waziristan.

"(The tribes') allegiance is more religious than tribal, which is a bonus for bin Laden, who built them roads and houses twenty years ago," he said.

As his bodyguard, bin Laden entrusted Mr al Bahri, who was known as Abu Jandal [the killer] with a pistol, telling him to shoot him dead if he was on the verge of capture by Westerners. "I would rather receive two bullets in the head rather than to be taken prisoner. I want to die a martyr, but certainly not in prison," he told him.

"Today I wish I had used it, but at the time he was someone very important for me," he said.

His claims are published in his book, In the Shadow of Bin Laden, written with French journalist Georges Malbrunot

Mr al Bahri recounts the sometimes surreal details and conversations he had with the elusive Islamist leader who has miraculously evaded capture.

After the al Qaeda bomb attacks in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam in Kenya, the bodyguard was troubled by the civilian casualties. "And the Americans who imposed an embargo on Iraq, how many innocent deaths did they make ?" he asked.

"OK, sheikh, but must we compare ourselves to our enemies?" he dared reply.
Bin Laden spoke no more of the matter.

He also described ben Laden's obsession with black stallions, which he would stop at buy if he passed on the road. He preached the virtues of honey, which he said could cure most ailments.

In an interview with a French newspaper, Mr al Bahri said the September 11 attacks were "one of the darkest days of my life". After serving bin Laden for three years, he was arrested in Yemen and in prison when the strikes took place.

"Jihad is not about attacking civilians," said Mr al Bahri, who was refused permission to enter France to promote his book.


UK: Terrorists 'like football thugs', report suggests

Sounds like another dumb idea!

The plan is to make al Qaeda appear incompetent! Non-Muslims don't even see al Qaeda as incompetent.

And irreligious!
Is this government's business? Besides this many will argue that it is a part of Islam to attack others. It leaves out the fact that much of the money to fund terrorism comes from older Muslims. There is a support structure here that points to the Islamic religion.

It is a mistake to believe that only the uneducated might become a terrorist. Those with doctorate degrees are beginning to mount up, Bin Laden's right hand man Ayman al-Zawahiri, is an eye surgeon. There was Maj. Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, the neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui aka Lady Al Qaeda, the medical doctor and engineer who tried to ram their car filled with gas cylinders into a Scottish airport. The French nuclear scientist who was arrested for communication with Al Qaeda North Africa... even the Christmas Day bomber had a degree and was from the upper echelons of his society. The medical doctor who took out the CIA agents in Afghanistan.

Most of these schemes seem to miss the bigger picture.

Football hooliganism does't aim to kill thousands of people! Than usher in a new religious law on top of the fallen and terrified survivors. The acts of Al Qaeda and their ilk are terroristic and treasonous.

Radical youths are to be sent on 'overseas' volunteering activities.
One can only wonder where these radicals might be sent? Pakistan or Afghanistan ~ perhaps.

Call it scheme to root out Islamic radicalism number 17.

Groups like al-Qaeda must be "de-glamorised" and shown as "incompetent, narcissistic and irreligious", a report by a UK think tank suggests.

The two-year international study of Islamic radicals said terrorism could be defeated by making it boring.

Demos interviewed 200 people - experts, young Muslims and 58 violent radicals.

It found violent radicals had a poor understanding of Islam, compared with non-violent radical followers, and had more in common with football hooligans.

The study found the "cool factor" was the biggest draw to al-Qaeda and that terrorism could be defeated by demystifying and deglamourising jihad.

Overseas volunteering

According to the researchers, violent radical Muslims were unlikely to have been brought up in a religious family, were less likely to have studied at university and to be employed and were more like members of a gang.

The study said the trick to fighting violent extremists was to show al-Qaeda-inspired terrorists could be incompetent and irreligious.

Satire could be used to undermine any "cool" image and governments should channel radical Muslims' rebellious tendencies into activities like overseas volunteering.

“ The trick for Western governments is to welcome non-violent forms of radicalism - indeed to provide opportunities for young Muslims to engage in exciting 'radical' activities ”
Jamie Bartlett
The report explored the roots of violent radicalism and the formation of terrorist cells in the UK, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and France.

Jamie Bartlett, co-author of the report said: "Young people are drawn to radical causes, and to rebellion against authority.

"For most radical young Muslims this takes the forms of protest, argument and learning - but for a minority, al-Qaeda might seem a 'cool' gang to join, even though the truth is that its members are ignorant and incompetent.

"This does not make it any less serious or dangerous. Terrorist activity amounts, all too often, to teenage kicks that kill.

"The trick for Western governments is to welcome non-violent forms of radicalism - indeed to provide opportunities for young Muslims to engage in exciting, 'radical' activities such as overseas volunteering - while maintaining a zero-tolerance attitude to violence and terrorism."


Europe struggles with Muslim dress code: but that was the intention

It is the idea the westerners are uncomfortable with the Muslim dress. On visiting a Muslim website some years ago ~ there was a message posted telling Muslim women to wear the more orthodox Islamic dress as a way to collectively show their objection to western society. Many Muslim women have followed the call. What is considered 'Muslim dress' for the most part did not exist in Europe a few years ago. Through a stricter adherence to a more radical form of Islam they have dropped almost all regional or traditional wear. And now we have the hijab and the burqa ~ all completely foreign to European Muslims until recently. The problem though for Muslims and their protest against the western societies they inhabit ~ is that these societies are democracies. And so the majority decide what should be tolerated. The hiding of the face is especially problematic. Security in places like schools, public offices, banks mean that religious accommodation should only be taken so far.

This AP article points to Muslim immigration versus jobs, is a consistent attempt to frame the European-Islam issue in a WWII framework. It couldn't though be more different. What inspired action against the Jews during the second world war was largely based on conspiracy. There was no Jewish aggression against any European state. Today's Muslims on the other hand have made clear statements to the effect that they think Europe should become an Islamic state. The demands to wear face coverings is the tip of the iceberg. Conversely, Europe wants Muslims to assimilate and to integrate into their new democratic homelands. Muslims are resisting. Whatever any EU individual thinks about Muslims these are the facts on the ground.

The main way Muslims come to Europe is another point of contention. They after 3 and 4 generations continue to put all or most of their children up for a marriage to those ~ often a close relative back in their countries of origin. This practise over time means that immigration becomes unsustainable. In addition to the fact that the personal choice of hundreds of thousands of Muslim families acts to affect EU economies. Many of the newcomers, don't speak the language, have little or no education. This weighs heavily of EU populations who are being asked to foot the bill. But according to Muslims, should also have no say in their actions. And many have been labelled racist or 'Islamphobic' for pointing out the fallacy of Muslim traditional practise in a modern world.

For the politicians who join them, calling the whole nation these names, might garner Muslim support, as they believe its is discriminatory to stop their immigration marriage practise, they risk loosing the majority who would put them back in power. To make matters even worst to give support to those Muslim groups who advocate for Sharia law's integration into European laws ~ is seen as nothing short of a betrayal. The votes in the various upcoming elections and policy shifts will aim to put this right.

A burqa-clad woman walks inside an exhibition hall during the 27th annual meeting of French Muslims organized by The Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) at Le Bourget, northern Paris, April 3, 2010.

ANTWERP, Belgium (AP) — Chances of seeing a burqa in Belgium are only a little better than spotting a liquor shop in Saudi Arabia. Yet Belgium soon may be the first European nation to outlaw the burqa and other Islamic garb that completely hides a woman's body and face.

Neighboring France and the Netherlands may also outlaw attire that is viewed by many in western European societies as demeaning to women. It also is considered a gateway to radical Islam, a fear that is stoking rightwing sentiment across the continent.

"There is all-party public support for this," says Leen Dierick, a conservative member of the Belgian parliament's Interior Affairs committee that unanimously backed the proposed ban March 31. The initiative is expected become law in July and would apply to all public places, including streets.

Anxieties that visible signs of Islam erode national identity are combining with complaints that immigrants are stealing jobs amid the worst economic slump in decades to deepen a sense of unease in many European countries, small and large alike, over the role of Muslims in society.

Threats against cartoonists and artists over depictions of the prophet Muhammad have also raised fears that Islam is not compatible with Western values of freedom of speech.

Swiss voters recently voted to ban the construction of new minarets. In recent years, both mosque and minaret construction projects in many European countries, including Sweden, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Germany and Slovenia have generated protests, some of them violent.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy favors a burqa ban, saying the veils compromise women's dignity. Unlike the Belgians or the Dutch — who see a clear and straightforward public security issue — the French are struggling with the constitutionality of outlawing a religious dress code.

Until now, it has been up to city governments in Belgium to crack down on burqa-style outfits. "Enforcement by local governments has been patchy," says Dierick. "The point is public security, the need to show one's face in public. Not religious freedom."

The proposed Belgian ban partly underscores how populist politicians across Europe are making a big imprint on attitudes and policies toward immigrants and minorities, especially Muslims.

Belgian lawmaker Filip Dewinter says mainstream politicians back a ban on burqa-type attire for fear of losing more ground to his far-right Flemish Interest party — a fringe factor 15 years but who today hold 17 of the 150 parliamentary seats.

"We were the first to propose a burqa ban," says Dewinter. "Now the parliament votes for a ban (drafted by a) traditional government party. Whatever! It's the outcome that counts."

Umar Mirza, a 22-year-old student and editor of the Dutch Muslim Web site "We're Staying Here" says sentiment toward Muslims and immigrants began to harden in the Netherlands 10 years ago.

"People my age have not known anything else," he says, adding the prevailing view of Muslims "has gotten much harder and sharper and less targeted at solutions."

In the Netherlands, polls indicate that Geert Wilders' anti-Islam Freedom Party could nearly triple its presence in parliament and win 25 or so seats in June elections, up from nine today.

Wilders and like-minded supporters of the far-right hold that Muslims threaten European values by wearing head scarves and more conservative dress that fully covers body and head, such as the burqa, the chador and the niqab.

They say that liberal Europe can no longer afford to tolerate the illiberalism of newcomers.

"Islam is more of an ideology than a religion," Wilders is fond of saying. "I do not believe in a European Islam. The Islamization of the Netherlands and Western Europe will make us lose the freedoms we have today."

Numbers put growing fears of Europe becoming "Eurabia" into perspective.

Although their ranks are growing, Muslims make up only small minorities in Western Europe. France has the largest Muslim population of an estimated 5 million, or 7.5 percent of the population, followed by the Netherlands with 6 percent, Germany with 5 percent, Austria with 4.2 percent, Belgium with 3 percent and Britain with 2.7 percent, according to a 2009 study of the Pew Research Center in Washington.

There is broad support in the Dutch parliament to ban face-obscuring clothing except if required by law for safety or health reasons. Talk of a ban is on hold, for now. Fewer than 500 women wear such outfits in the Netherlands, out of a population of 16.5 million.

"Banning the burqa in Belgium is easy. The vast majority of Muslim women here don't wear one," says Maryam H'madoun, an activist in Antwerp for Muslim women's right to wear head scarves in public places.

Last year, the city of Brussels fined only 29 women — down from 33 in 2008 — for wearing a burqa-type dress, leading critics to say the regulations are an empty populist gesture. Local rules ban the burqa, but the new law would outlaw it on a national level.

In January, Denmark's center-right government called the burqa and the niqab out of step with Danish values. It held off on a ban after finding that only two or three women in Denmark (pop. 5.5 million) wear burqas and perhaps 200 wearing niqabs.

In France (pop. 65 million), the government estimates 1,900 women cover their faces with "niqabs," a scarf that exposes only the eyes, or "sitars," a filmy veiled cloth thrown over the head to cover the entire face.

France banned Muslim head scarves — as well as Jewish skullcaps and Christian crosses — from schools in 2004. President Nicolas Sarkozy says the burqa "is not welcome" in France, but the Council of State, France's highest administrative body, has served notice that an outright ban may be unconstitutional.

Politicians in Germany, Spain and Italy have toyed with banning Islamic wear, but so far to no effect.

Muslims say their Islamic dress expresses their freedom of religion.

The headscarves debate "shows we still aren't able to accept the fact that the headscarves are part of our society," says Mirza, the editor of the "We're Staying Here" Web site.

"In the UK, they even made special police uniforms for women with headscarves. That shows willingness from the government and improves participation in society of these groups."

Isabelle Praile, vice president of the Belgian Muslims Executive says while a burqa ban targets very few women "it speaks to a fear of the other who is Muslim. This is Islamophobia."

To Muslims in Europe, she said, "the economy, the cost of living and decent housing" are more pressing issues that worrying about a burqa ban.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Afghan Imam, Dodges Jail Time For Part In NY Subway Terror Plot, Must Leave US: Says 'He Will Shop Around' For New Country

Looking for another country!! Introducing the new terrorist and radical Islamist homeland!! With its wide open spaces, there is ample space to set off explosives. Taking over the place is a must. Any law you like! Oxygen burqas available for several wives, you may wish to join you. And finally as our closest neighbor and its importance in Islam's history, there could not be a better place than to make the moon radical Islam's new homeland.

*For prayers please face earth. Mecca's precise location can't be determined at any one time. New Mecca can be set up on moon location, falling black rocks readily available.

NEW YORK An Afghanistan-born imam linked to the suspects in an aborted suicide bomb plot against New York City subway stations dodged jail time at his sentencing Thursday but was ordered to leave the country within 90 days.

Ahmad Afzali pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in a deal sparing him up to six months in prison.

"I take full responsibility for my actions," the 38-year-old Afzali said in a tearful statement in Brooklyn federal court.

"It was never my intention to help those idiots for what they did in the name of Islam," he said, referring to the terrorist suspects.

Afzali was sentenced to time served, four days from Sept. 20 to Sept. 24. He will be monitored electronically until he leaves the country.

He also apologized to the Muslim community, his family and the United States. He said he doesn't expect to return to Afghanistan but does not know which country he will go to. "I'm going to start shopping around," he said.

He was arrested in September as federal authorities scrambled to thwart a plot by Najibullah Zazi, a Colorado airport van driver who is the case's principal suspect. Afzali has said that he had wanted to help authorities, but lied under grilling by the FBI about his phone conversations with Zazi.

After returning to the United States, the plotters hoped to detonate bombs on trains at two of the city's biggest subway stations: Times Square and Grand Central Terminal, according to two officials. The officials spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss details of the investigation.

Zazi admitted that he tested bomb-making materials in a Denver suburb before traveling by car to New York intending to attack the subway system to avenge U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan.

Two other men suspected of direct roles in the plot, Adis Medunjanin and Zarein Ahmedzay, have pleaded not guilty to charges they sought to join Zazi in what prosecutors described as "three coordinated suicide bombing attacks" on Manhattan subway lines. The alleged attacks were timed for days after the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorism.

Prosecutors say the attacks were modeled after the July 2005 bombings on the London transit system. Four suicide bombers killed 52 people and themselves in an attack on three subway trains and a bus in London.

The alleged New York plot was disrupted in early September when police stopped Zazi's car as it entered New York.

Another suspect was recently arrested in Pakistan, law enforcement officials said Monday.


How to lose friends and alienate people. A lesson from Islamist-cowed Jewish students

Douglas Murray

An interesting lesson in how to lose friends and alienate people which doesn’t relate to my colleague Toby Young. And also an interesting lesson about the nature of appeasement.

Last month the Union of Jewish Students asked if I would speak last night in Gateshead on a panel at the National Union of Students (NUS) conference. As readers can imagine, other than pulling out your teeth in Weymouth this is just about the last thing anybody would want to do. But these are bad times on campuses. As we were reminded on Christmas Day, British universities have become one of the central international hubs for spreading the grievance ideology of radical Islam. Every week radical preachers are invited onto campuses by Islamic societies (under the umbrella of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies). Among the speakers they invite are people who indulge in the most flagrant anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

In recent years FOSIS has hosted at their annual conference speakers who have said of Jews: “They’re all the same. They’ve monopolised everything: the Holocaust, God, money, interest, usury, the world economy, the media, political institutions… they monopolised tyranny and oppression as well. And injustice. A Jew is generally allowed to kill a non-Jew without fear of punishment.”

Some years back FOSIS had as their ‘distinguished guest speaker’ …. Anwar al-Awlaki, inspiration to the Fort Hood shooter and the Christmas Day bomber from University College London. FOSIS’s then-”distinguised guest” is currently on the run in the Yemen with a “kill-or-capture” order on him courtesy of President Obama.

Well anyway, I was perfectly happy to travel up to sunny Gateshead to do a panel alongside Wes Streeting, the head of the NUS and anyone else the UJS wanted along with me to have this matter out. Until I got a call last week…

The girl from the UJS on the other end of the phone explained that there had been a change of plan. The UJS had decided that it would be nice if the panel was done in association with FOSIS. Er, OK, I said. Though FOSIS are the problem, as you know… Whilst claiming to speak for Muslim students as a whole they have in fact repeatedly been shown to at best represent a highly conservative and marginal portion of their faith.

“Yes, we know all this” she said, but anyway, they wanted to go ahead. And there was still better news. FOSIS had agreed to do the event with them. But on one condition.

“Oh yes,” I said. Why could I guess what was coming.

“They’ll only do it as long as you don’t speak.”

Naturally. Welcome to the world of FOSIS “debate”.

Anyhow – as a result, and I’ve got to admit, this does have its upside – I did not have to spend the evening with a bunch of students in Gateshead.

But it has left me wondering. Of course FOSIS don’t want to debate with me. They have such a terrible track-record that if I were them I wouldn’t want to appear against a critic who knew what my organisation had been up to in recent years either.

But what of the UJS? If the Union of Jewish students wants to take dictation for their events from the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, one wonders what they think FOSIS will ever do in return. Does the favour get reciprocated do we think? Are they going to vet any speaker that Jewish students don’t like? Or are these students just going to have to learn the hard way that in this matter, as in so many others, “tolerance”, “openness” and a respect for free speech are currently very much a one-way street.


Bootlegging in Tribal Pakistan [Video]

Dangerous Trade Persists as Authorities Crack Down

Somali Insurgents Ban School Bells

If you can think of it ~ they'll ban it!!

MOGADISHU, Somalia — The Shabab, Somalia’s most powerful Islamist insurgent group, outlawed school bells in a southern town on Thursday after deciding that they conflicted with Islam, residents said.

The impositions came after school principals in Jowhar, about 55 miles north of the capital, had been summoned to a meeting and informed that the bells could no longer be used because they were reminiscent of churches, according to one principal.

“There was no bell ring in our school today,” said Hamdi, a female student at the Kulmis Primary and Secondary school, withholding her full name out of fear for her safety. “Some teachers were hitting the doors as the period finishes. It is really confusing.”

The Shabab also outlawed the observance of internationally-recognized days like World AIDS Day, saying that the only Islamic festivals could be recognized.

Insurgent groups in Somalia have increasingly alienated the population by imposing a harsh interpretation of Islam, stoning people to death and amputating the hands and feet of thieves. They have also put forward strict edicts controlling the more mundane aspects of daily life, banning things like bras and soccer games in their territory.

This week, more than a dozen radio stations in Mogadishu stopped playing any form of music — even to introduce daily programs like news broadcasts — after another insurgent group, Hizbul Islam, warned radio stations to cease playing songs or face “serious consequences.”

The ultimatum left broadcasters scrambling to find creative ways around the ban, leading them to use recordings of horses galloping, roosters crowing, engines roaring or guns being fired — a common sound in the capital — to signal the start of various broadcasts.

NY Times

CNN Falls into Purgatory PC Hell !! [Video]

CNN has gotten so ~ nobody can describe it. It has gotten so politically correct it is insane. On CNN International everyone sounds the same. Years ago I got turned off when they decided to ram everything about the Middle East down the viewers throats. Commercial after commercial after commercial all about their Middle East show. Daily 'Do you know about the Middle East ' What do you know about the Middle East.' I wondered if they were asking the Middle Easterners what do they know about the West. Condescending.

This coupled with the Arab ads from the Middle East. Where you hardly saw a woman. If so just one of her eyes were showing. Ladies dancing in burqas. Singing Allah H'Allah habibi ~ Love Allah or something! It became PC drill TV. It is like they were determined to put their view across whether it killed you!

On top of this most of their Islamic correspondent flocked over to Al Jazeera. When I thought one guy was still there ~ but when I looked again he was over on Al Jazeera. He got me one day ~ when he challenged the fact that it was a terrorist act that killed Hariri the Lebanese President, the CNN [Muslim] reporter was clearly annoyed that a guest had called the President's killing a terrorist act and questioned him over it. For those who don't remember ~ when the Lebanese leader was on his way to Parliament ~ even though he always took a different route ~ a bomb ~ fitted into the 'road works' under the street ~ went off as his car drove over ~ leaving a massive crater. That the CNN reporter could have considered that this wasn't an act of terror was remarkable. In any case he is over at Al Jazeera now.

CNN could do with a little more challenging people ~ I think they are even trying to stunt Amanpour ~ if anyone she could give you a good show. They are trying to be all things to all people and are becoming blasé.

CNN has fallen from grace. Prime time ratings have collapsed, and even superstar Larry King has to make do with half his former audience, in spite of his great guests and snappy questions.

According to senior foreign affairs correspondent Bernard Hammelburg the problem lies with the type of news that is CNN’s trade mark: general unbiased news no longer holds the viewer’s attention.

The proof: Larry King’s counterpart at the right-wing TV station Fox News, Sean Hannity, gets four times as many viewers with his endless ranting against Obama, the Democrats and anything he sees as ‘leftist’.

Even the editors of the world-famous ‘BBC Newshour’ now grumble that it would be cheaper to simply send the few remaining viewers a DVD. Bernard Hammelburg can see what lies ahead: in a few years time there will be no place for ‘real news’ on television.

Radio Netherlands

US concerned about Syrian intentions over Hezbollah

Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (R), Syria's President Bashar al-Assad (C) and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (L) attend an official dinner in Damascus February 25, 2010.

02 Mar 2010:

Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyyed Hasan Nasrallah has called on Arab nations to follow Iran and Syria in supporting resistance movement, saying Arab nations should appreciate the two nations for their support.

"The whole Arab Nation has to thank Syria and Iran for standing by the resistance and follow these two nations," Nasrallah said through a large TV screen to mark the birthday of Islam Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a part of the Week of Islamic Unity.

The White House has said it is increasingly concerned over reports that Syria is sending sophisticated weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon, a day after the Israeli President Shimon Peres accused Damascus of supplying Scud missiles to the militant group.

The reports are a blow to the Obama administration's attempt to engage positively with the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad after years of tension between Washington and Damascus.

The Israeli military display at the port of Ashdod on November 4, 2009 what they said were hundreds of tonnes of arms sent from Iran to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia after they were found on a ship they seized at dawn around 100 nautical miles from the Israeli coast.'We found dozens of containers, with hundreds of tonnes of arms bound for Hezbollah from Iran,' deputy naval commander Rani Ben Yehuda told reporters, following an announcement about seizing a 137-metre (450-foot) Antigua-flagged vessel named 'Francop'. The shipment, among the largest ever seized by Israel, included rockets with description on the cases in Spanish (L). No doubt Spanish means Venezuela. 

"We are obviously increasingly concerned about the sophisticated weaponry that ... is allegedly being transferred," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters. "We have expressed our concerns to [the] governments [of Lebanon and Syria]."

Mr Gibbs was responding to questions about the Israeli president's comments. He did not confirm that the transfer had taken place but warned it could have a potentially destabilizing effect on the region.

Israeli fears

Hezbollah is backed by Iran; both are Israel's arch enemies. If the militant group obtains medium and long range ballistic missiles, such as Scuds, this could alter the military balance in the region.

Hezbollah and Israel fought a war in 2006 during which Hezbollah fired rockets into northern Israel but Scuds would put all of Israel within reach.

Some military experts however believe Hezbollah already has longer-range missiles, in which case this latest development would be important because of the signal it sends at a time of simmering tension in the region.

Israel is worried about Iran's nuclear programme and has often warned it could strike Iran if it felt threatened.

Syria and Hezbollah would be likely to be immediately drawn into the conflict. But Iran's allies could also choose to strike pre-emptively at Israel.

Ministry of SEPAH = Iran's Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, commanded by the Supreme Leader

"If [Scuds have been transferred into Lebanon], and we continue to analyze this issue ... clearly it potentially puts Lebanon at significant risk," said State Department spokesman PJ Crowley.

Nigeria - Borno debates law 'to stop Islamic extremism'

Politicians in Borno State in north-eastern Nigeria are debating a bill aimed at curbing religious extremism.

The Islamic Preaching Bill would outlaw preaching likely to cause a breach of the peace as well as requiring most clerics to obtain a preaching licence.

The legislation was proposed after an Islamic sect was blamed for sectarian violence in northern Nigeria last year in which hundreds of people died.

Sharia code runs alongside secular law in 12 of Nigeria's 36 states.

Under the new bill, there would be stiff penalties for clerics found guilty of insulting or inciting contempt of any religious belief which causes a breach of the peace, says the BBC's Bilkisu Babangida in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State.

The penalties include at least 10 years imprisonment and a fine.

Nigeria's 'Taliban'

Our correspondent says recommendations for preaching licences would be given by a new Islamic Religious Preaching Board consisting of clerics, public administrators and security personnel.

Imams of Friday mosque congregations and those who have led congregational prayers at religious festivals would be exempt from having to obtain a licence.

The bill is an attempt to prevent a recurrence of the violence which spread across Nigeria's northern states in July 2009 when supporters of an Islamic sect called Boko Haram - known locally as the "Taliban" - attacked police and government offices.

The group wanted to overthrow the Nigerian state, accusing it of being corrupted by Western ideas, ban Western-style education and impose an extreme interpretation of Islamic law.

Boko Haram means "Western education is a sin".

The sect's leader Mohammed Yusuf was killed while in police custody after the violence.

Before he died he told the BBC: "There are prominent Islamic preachers who have seen and understood that the present Western-style education is mixed with issues that run contrary to our beliefs in Islam.

"Like saying the world is a sphere. If it runs contrary to the teachings of Allah, we reject it. We also reject the theory of Darwinism."


Nigerian police to pay damages over killing on radical Islamic sect Boko Haram leader

For those who sought to kill so many, seek payment for the death of their leader. Among other things followers of the Boko Haram sect ~ or 'Western education is bad' ~ ripped a Christian preacher's heart out of his chest and in Islamic fashion took young Christian girls captive as their personal slaves. The Nigerian police acted swiftly to stamp out the deadly uprising. The groups newly stated aims are to overthrow the Nigerian government ~ but say that the US is one of the highest priorities.

KANO, Nigeria (AFP)— A Nigerian court has ordered police to pay 100 million naira (666,400 dollars) in damages to relatives of a slain Islamic militant leader, officials said Wednesday.

Baba Fugu Mohammed -- father-in-law of Mohammed Yusuf, the slain leader of the Boko Haram sect -- was killed after allegedly surrendering to police in Maiduguri in the aftermath of the sect's rebellion last July in which more than 800 people were killed.

The Boko Haram leader was killed by police shortly after his capture.

Court officials said a state high court in Maiduguri, capital of northeastern Borno State, on Tuesday ordered the police authorities to compensate Baba Fugu's family for the killing.

"Apart from the 100 million naira damages, the court also ordered the police to exhume the body of Baba Fugu Mohammed from wherever it was buried and hand it over to the family for a proper burial in accordance with Islamic rites," court official Bukar Zanna told AFP.

The court also ordered the police to offer a public apology to the family, he said.

The judgement followed a suit filed by Baba Fugu's eldest son, Babakura Fugu, in February against the police and President Umaru Musa Yar'adua for the killing of his father, who was 72.

"We are happy with this judgement which I believe will go a long way in assuaging the pain the family has been going through since the death of our father in the hands of the police," Babakura Fugu, a school teacher, told AFP.

Police believed Baba Fugu provided Yusuf with land on which he built the mosque which became the militant sect's base for its short-lived armed rebellion.

"Our father gave out one of his daughters in marriage to Mohammed Yusuf and the land long before Boko Haram came into existence," Fugu added.

How to End America's Addiction to Oil

OPEC: Buy your good oil CHEAP!! ~ Anybody??

It was irresponsible to allow a modern economy to be hogtied to a serious of dictators! In any case most of these OPEC leaders have completely different objectives ~ they want an Islamic world and we want a free one.

Already battery run engines are more powerful than conventional ones. However, before the car companies thought they were in the oil business. I think the wake up call came when the oil companies made record profits and the major US car giants found themselves in front of Congress begging for handouts. Why can't we have an electric or hybrid Hummer? One of the problems with the electric engine has been its weight, for example the one in the Tesla Motors sports car weighs a tonne. But there are batteries being developed that are half the weight, with an even longer life. The Tesla can travel 239 miles or 379 km on a single charge ~ which cost about $4.00 [£2.50] to recharge and goes 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. Tesla's new addition out in 2011, is a family car that can seat up to 7 people and travels 300 miles or 483 km on a single charge. The time is now.

By using more electricity, natural gas and biofuels in our transportation fleet, we can quickly reduce our dependence on OPEC.

At the end of March, oil posted its fifth consecutive quarterly price increase: It's now solidly above $80 per barrel. If it reaches $125 a barrel again, as it did in 2008, then approximately half the wealth in the world—above and below ground—will be controlled by OPEC nations.

Oil dominates transportation: About 95% of transportation fuel in the U.S. is derived from petroleum. And over three-quarters of the world's reserves of conventional oil are in OPEC nations. But OPEC is pumping less than it did in the 1970s, despite a doubling in global demand, because it's a cartel maximizing its income. OPEC sets oil's price at a level that exploits our addiction but is generally not high enough for long enough that we go cold turkey.

Oil profits enhance the ability of dictators and autocrats to dominate their people. This is one reason that eight of the top nine oil exporters (Norway is the exception) are dictatorships or autocratic kingdoms, as are virtually all of the 22 states that depend on oil and gas for at least two-thirds of their exports.

Saudi Arabia's oil wealth enables it to control around 90% of the world's Islamic institutions even though it has less than 2% of the world's Muslims. So the teaching in most Islamic schools is not the tolerant form of Islam associated with the late Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid. These schools teach Saudi Wahhabi doctrine—fundamental hostility to Shiites, Jews, homosexuals and apostates; oppression of women; and the pursuit of a global caliphate, or theocratic dictatorship. This doctrine bears startling resemblance to the substantive teachings of the Taliban and al Qaeda (although of course they and the Wahhabis disagree passionately about who should have power). The effect is that we now are financing both sides in our war with radical Islam.

Yet so far every national policy we've tried to end our oil addiction has failed, including picking winners. Neither the Synfuels Corporation (the early 1980s drive for coal-to-liquid fuel) nor the hydrogen highway (the push early in this decade to get Americans to drive hydrogen-powered cars long before the technology was ready) had a chance of succeeding. It was too easy for OPEC to drive prices down and crush such costly competition.

Supporters of cap-and-trade legislation have argued that putting a price on carbon would help us get off oil. But the effect of this would be negligible. Twenty dollars a ton of CO2 equates to about 20 cents a gallon at the gasoline pump.

Drill, baby, drill? Some suggest that if we replace foreign with domestic oil our problems will be solved. Domestic drilling does help reduce oil's share—a billion dollars a day—of our huge balance of payments deficit, and it adds some domestic employment.

But that's it. OPEC has very large reserves and cheap extraction costs, while domestic drilling costs for new oil will be many times that of the Saudis. We can't drill our way out of the cartel's control of the global oil market.

Shifting the way we produce electricity also has essentially nothing to do with oil dependence; less than 2% of U.S. electricity comes from burning oil. We may decide to shift from coal-fired electricity to wind or nuclear for environmental reasons, or not do so for cost reasons, but these issues are not at all central to the oil debate.

We urgently need to reduce oil dependence in the short term. This means lowering demand and utilizing substitutes as cheaply and quickly as possible. Here are four strategies we can implement beginning today:

First, we should take advantage of electronic modifications that are being developed for internal combustion engines in existing vehicles. Innovations in computer chips and valves hold an early promise of substantial improvements in mileage by regulating combustion much better than current engines can.

Second, we should pay attention to T. Boone Pickens's recommendations to switch to natural gas for fleet vehicles such as buses, and for interstate trucking. Buses and trucks are easily modified to run on natural gas and would only require new pumps at a few central locations and interstate truck stops.

Third, we should force petroleum products to compete with other fuels as soon as possible. There are many ways to do this, and we should use them all. For example, we should deploy "drop-in" fuels produced from waste and algae. These fuels can mix freely with gasoline and diesel in existing vehicles.

We should also require all new gasoline-using vehicles to be "flexible fuel, open standard." What this means is that these vehicles would use a type of plastic in their fuel lines that tolerates nongasoline fuels such as ethanol and methanol. This is a cheap and simple change: Brazil accomplished it easily several years ago. Methanol made from natural gas can be produced for around $1.20 a gallon (of gasoline equivalent) today.

Fourth, we should move to electrify automotive transportation. Plug-in hybrids are on the road now (I drive one), and production models such as the Chevy Volt, due out this autumn, can drive electrically for roughly 40 miles before needing to plug in or to use on-board liquid fuel. Three out of four days an average car in the U.S. travels fewer than 40 miles.

All-electric vehicles now exist and their range will improve as battery technology does. Time-of-day pricing will encourage most people to charge their cars at night, when only a fraction of the electric grid is now utilized. And three major studies show that we do not need to build new power stations until well over half of cars on the road are plug-in hybrids or all-electric.

We can move quickly to strike a major blow at oil and OPEC's dominance if we'll adopt a portfolio approach and stop allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good. We can get a long way using existing vehicles, existing technology and affordable natural gas. As other improvements become practical—like charging your electric car from solar panels on your roof—they can be adopted. In the meantime, we need Theodore Roosevelt's attitude. He decided to improve competition by taking on Standard Oil's cartel and breaking it into 30 parts.

President Obama, meet your cartel. It's called OPEC.

Mr. Woolsey is the chairman of Woolsey Partners and a former director of Central Intelligence.


Religion undergoing startling resurrection

Christianity is still the fastest-growing religion in the world (Islam is second, except in *Europe), but its face is no longer white.

*For Islam in Europe read immigration!

Of the world's 6.8 billion people, 2.3 billion are Christians, 1.57 billion are Muslims, 800 million are Hindus, and 600 million are Buddhists.

Islam's figure was revise upwards to 1.57billion recently as a result of a new more thorough count ~ but over the next two years [now 18 months] a more thorough count of Christians around the world will carried out ~ and the new revised figures will be released then. This count can only be accurate if the number of secret Christians in countries like Iran and within the Middle East in places like Saudi Arabia are acknowledged. Though any accurate count could set the authorities of on a campaign against anyone suspected of being a secret Christian ~ which could result in a wake of repression. Also the Buddhists may be the dark horse in the world's religious equation ~

Compared to Muslims in Europe ~ Buddhism is not far behind 38,112,000 ~ 24,067,283 or 5.2% ~ 3.223% respectively. [Of Muslims 16.5 million are from Russia.]

In the Americas the numbers are Muslims ~ Buddhists is 4,596,000 ~ 7,936,420 or 0.5% ~ 0.866% respectively.

Buddhism in Asia 726,337,000 - 1,506,230,000 or 17.9% - 37.2% of the 4,049,434,182 people there. A part of the reason for the disparity in the numbers of practising Buddhists ~ is that many practise Buddhism alongside other religions such as Shintoism in Japan, or Confucianism, Taoism in China. The 700 million figure takes into account the 300 million Chinese followers according to a survey early 2007. One of the reasons for the low estimates on numbers of Buddhists around the world, was either that the Chinese were not counted at all ~  or due to the Chinese governments' rough estimation of around 100 million. The higher estimate of 1.5 billion would include most of China ~ up to 80% ~ and this is because when surveyed 90% or more Chinese include Buddhism as one of their religious practises.

Added together ~ the number of Buddhists in the world could actually mirror or surpass the number of Muslims. Though Muslims have it on bragging rights! Perhaps this speaks to Islam's insecurity, as Buddhism maintains strong numbers without any law to force one to remain a Buddhist or else. But more since one is not allowed to freely leave Islam or to choose one's religion in the Islamic world ~ many could be counted formally as Muslims but who are in actual fact left the religion. I have met several people in the Islamic world who said they were atheists ~ a statement which could mean prison time. If Muslim were allowed to choose their own religion, there would undoubtedly be significantly less.

What is more there are an increasing number of converts to both Buddhism and Islam, but also Christianity from the lower often Untouchable castes of India.

Prediction: likely the Buddhist numbers will continue to be impressive. But also the new count on the world's Christians will widen the gap further between Christianity and Islam. As the following article points out there is significant grow in Africa. The Evangelist missionaries have head start on the Muslim ~ and I don't think they know whether they are coming or going. As the numbers of Christians are increasing above population growth in Africa ~ something that likely Islam cannot report. Just look at Turkey and Egypt their populations have virtually doubled since the 1980's. Egypt has already had bread riots. And Turkey which is today actually trying to grow its population, sees EU subsidies for 2/3 of its population who are rural farmers.

Christianity recount is probably going to see further growth in China where Christian and Catholicism are counted separately. There are about 20 million Muslims in China. Although as many Western politicians are preparing for a Muslim world ~ it may be a Buddhist on that we get. There are significant numbers of Chinese immigrating to Algeria, so they will not only have to contend with a growing number of Christians where people are turning away from Islam ~ but also of the spread of Buddhism. This on Europe's Southern flank.


By Tapu Misa

A long-time reader has been trying to convert me. He thinks it's time I dumped "the unbelievable and superstitious" and returned to the rational unbelievers' camp.

"The whole foundation of Christianity has collapsed for most thinking people," he chides. "Men are not turning away from one religion to take up another. They are turning away from all religion in their thousands."

I envy his certainty and it's nice he wants to save me. But I think he might be a little premature. Much like Nietzsche when he declared unequivocally that "God is dead".

And very like our own secular theologian - a contradiction in terms, surely? - Sir Lloyd Geering, who's been confidently predicting the death of Christianity and religion in general since the 1960s.

Geering, an ordained Presbyterian minister and theology professor, was "tried" for heresy back in 1967 for arguing, among other things, that the resurrection of Jesus - the entire basis for Easter, and many would argue, Christianity - need not be taken literally. He was a fan of the secularisation thesis that religion would inevitably be swept aside by the irresistible force of science, reason, progress and modernisation.

It wasn't, as it turned out. Globally, religion is winning and secularism is losing.

As Dinesh D'Souza writes in What's So Great About Christianity (2007): "This is the biggest comeback story of the 21st century.

"God has come back to life. The world is witnessing a huge explosion of religious conversion and growth ... The ranks of unbelievers are shrinking as a proportion of the world's population. Secularism has lost its identification with progress and modernity, and consequently it has lost the main source of its appeal."

Of the world's 6.8 billion people, 2.3 billion are Christians, 1.57 billion are Muslims, 800 million are Hindus, and 600 million are Buddhists.

"If secularisation were proceeding inexorably, then religious people should be getting less religious, and so conservative churches should be shrinking and liberal churches growing. In fact, the opposite is the case."

It's true that most of the Western World is becoming more secular. Only one in five Europeans says that religion is important in life, according to one survey.

In New Zealand, 45.5 per cent of people didn't declare any religion in the 2006 Census. Just under half the population (around two million) classified themselves as Christian (compared with 90 per cent in 1956), followed by Hindus (63,540), Buddhists (52,000) and Muslims (36,000).

Yet in the United States, where church attendance is trending downwards, 95 per cent of Americans, according to a 2006 Pew survey, still believe in God or a higher power.

And a recent Pew survey found that while Americans aged 18 to 29 were considerably less religious than their elders - they attended religious services less often, and fewer say religion is very important to them - in other ways they remained fairly traditional in their religious beliefs.

Some 64 per cent of young Americans had an absolute belief in God, 75 per cent believed in life after death, 74 per cent in heaven, 78 per cent in miracles, 68 per cent in angels and demons, and 59 per cent in hell.

Christianity is still the fastest-growing religion in the world (Islam is second, except in Europe), but its face is no longer white.

In 1900, more than 80 per cent of Christians lived in Europe and America, and just 10 per cent of Africans were Christian. Now 360 million (around 50 per cent) of all Africans are Christians. There are more churchgoing Presbyterians in Ghana than in Scotland, more Baptists in Nagaland, India, than in the American South, and more Anglicans in Nigeria (17 million) than in England (two million).

And despite the restrictions imposed by the Chinese Government, it is estimated there are now 100 million Christians in China who worship in underground evangelical and Catholic churches. China is projected to become the largest Christian country in the world.

Europe once sent missionaries out to the far reaches of Africa and Asia.

Now, it's the other way round, with some 15,000 missionaries from Brazil, South Korea, China and Africa spreading the word in England.

The attraction goes beyond what some scientists suggest is hard-wiring in our brains that enables experiences of the transcendent - the so-called "God neurotransmitter".

As D'Souza writes: "For people around the world, the social landscape of the Bible is quite familiar. They, too, live in a world of hardship, poverty, money-lenders, and lepers. The themes of exile and persecution resonate with them. Supernatural evil seems quite real to them, and they have little problem in understanding the concept of hell."

Secularists might argue that this proves their point; that the less sophisticated populations of the developing world are more susceptible to religious belief than the rich Europeans.

But D'Souza suggests that what we are seeing is a rebellion against secularism. It's a "revolt into orthodoxy", as G.K. Chesterton wrote, a move back to traditional religion and away from the kind of arid, bloodless, godless theology of secularists like Lloyd Geering.

"Some scholars put this down to 'backlash' against secularisation, but this only begs the question: what is causing this backlash? The secularisation thesis was based on the presumption that science and modernity would satisfy the impulses and needs once met by religion.

"But a rebellion against secularisation suggests that perhaps important needs are still unmet and so people are seeking a revival of religion - perhaps in a new form - to address their specific concerns within secular society."

As German theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg puts it: "Secular culture itself produces a deep need for meaning in life and therefore also religion."

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