Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poll: Germans feel threatened by Islam

Did someone say Shari'a!!

A survey shows Germans are less tolerant of Muslims than their western European neighbors.

The University of Muenster published a poll Thursday that said only 34 percent of Germans in the west of the country and 26 percent in eastern Germany think positively of Muslims. In comparison, 62 percent of Dutch, 56 percent of French, 55 percent of Danes and 47 percent of Portuguese hold positive attitudes on Muslims.

In western Germany, less than 30 percent favor allowing new mosques to be built, and less than 20 percent in the east. By contrast, more than half of the population in Denmark and two-thirds in France, the Netherlands and Portugal approve of building new mosques.

The survey polled 1,000 people in each country and each part of Germany. No margin of error was given. AP

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gsw said...

Well really, if they spend all their time claiming that the Germans are "islamophobic", i.e.:
Suffering from an "anxiety disorder" or a "common mental illness" they are bound to get some negative feedback.

Constant shouting that Europeans (and other westerners) are suffering from a mental illness is not the way to win friends!

Time we started shouting back - prove it!