Monday, December 13, 2010

Pakistan Blasphemy: Doc. arrested after chucking out Muhammad business card

Obviously the guy named Muhammad was insulted ~ when the doctor threw away his business card ~ with the name Muhammad on it ~ and so did not given him the respect he thought he deserved. However in such cases in Pakistan there is always the blasphemy laws.

Non-Muslims are 9 times more likely to be charged under Pakistan's vile blasphemy laws.

A Pakistani doctor has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of violating the country's blasphemy laws after he threw away the business card of a man who shared the name of the Prophet Muhammad.

Naushad Valiyani, a Muslim doctor in Hyderabad, in Sindh province, was arrested after a complaint to police alleging he had insulted Muhammad.

Muhammad Faizan, a pharmaceutical representative, gave Valiyani his business and later filed a complaint when the doctor threw it away, noting that his name is the same as the Prophet's.

Pakistan's blasphemy law has been widely criticized after Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, was sentenced to death for insulting Islam. Critics say the law should be repealed because it is used to settle grudges, persecute minorities and promote extremism.

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ib said...

These people are freaking crazy. But we already knew that. Examples abound on a daily basis.

vanhetgoor said...

Forgive me of being rude: Banking is forbidden by islam, lending money is, and borrowing money is also forbidden. A credit-card is the most foul violation of islamic life imaginable. A credit-card is buying stuff and paying back a month later, with interest.

If the man was really a moslem than he should have taken the stuff from the store and tell the man behind the counter that he could face severe punishment if he will protest. Because that is the way the Holy Prophet of Allah used to work, steel & rob, take what you want without paying!