Friday, December 3, 2010

Austrian Parliament Minister addresses Turkish Ambassador: 'Sick and tired of oneway-street tolerance babble' ~ And aren't we all - Video

It is clear that Muslim nations want the west to accept their intolerance, because these actions either wholly or partially come under the religious banner ~ while at the same time telling the west ~ that it should behave better towards Muslims [in other words, to allow Islamization]. But like the Austrian Minister Ewald Stadler pointed out there is nothing like what is going on in the Islamic world, happening in the west. Even in the UK ~ Anglican clergy have been beaten up and brutalized by Muslim youths.

The Turkish PM did tell German Turks not to integrate ~ on a trip to Germany and it gets worst according to an article by Der Spiegel, the Turks have been toying with the idea of reintroducing the dreaded Islamic jizya tax. Though the writer for Der Spiegel was clinging to everything Islamic ~ he did not understand the significance of the statement and presented the proposed tax as a solution to violence against Christians in that country. The argument was coming from the Turkish side ~ was that under the Ottoman Empire, Christians and Muslims lived side by side [peacefully] ~ for years with the Christians/non-Muslims paying the jizya tax. The best way to describe the jizya tax is like a Mafia tax, you have been living there since heavens knows when ~ and someone comes by and says you need to pay for protection ~ when you say ~ what for ~ next thing your window is broken. That is the Islamic tax, of which its collection ended during western colonization. For the native Christians in the region, today, to have to pay a tax for protection is ridiculous and outright criminal.

Recently the German President ~ on a trip to Turkey told the Turks that the Christians there should have equal rights [to practise their religion]. This is a country that wants to enter Europe!

One of the reasons for the Armenian massacre, was because they started to ask for equal rights. So they killed them all. And to polish the Turkish denial off ~ Erdogan said, No Muslim can commit genocide.

These Muslims are dreaming ~ the idea is that one day they will rule the world ~ but people are attracted to places like America and Europe, on masse, because it offers freedom. Their idea is to trap people in their religion and in their ideology ~ and for the most part it is bankrupt. To prove it ~ that is why we have so many Muslim immigrants ~ literally fleeing its conditions.
Then once they get here ~ then we are supposed to make our countries like the ones they just left. If the Islamic system was so great ~ why did they leave?

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