Friday, November 26, 2010

Canadian Muslim runs over family - gets 5 years - part of family not run over support his actions - Video

Honor killing ~ he was going after his daughter, at 16 she chose to have a boyfriend ~ he probably had a marriage lined up for her, in order to help someone ~ likely a close relative ~ immigrate from the Islamic world. That's what 'too Western' often means.

The Iraqi American who successfully took his daughter's life with his car ~ had already forced his daughter to marry a cousin ~ she flew to Iraq married the guy, but while the papers were being sorted ~ she went back to live with her boyfriend and his mother. Her father enraged at this 'western' behavior ~ similarly drove a car directly at her and her boyfriend's mother.

There is almost always a marriage behind these cases. These marriages have nothing to do with the girls' interests ~ it is a generational way of helping a family member gain access to the western world. It is the main reason for the exponential increase in Muslim numbers in ~ Europe and soon to be in Canada and America too. A lot of pressure is put on these young people ~ who grew up in the west ~ and if they don't conform they could be off-ed [and buried in an unmarked grave ~ without ceremony] ~ it is a sham reality.

Even the biggest ~ honor killing case in Canada ~ the media said, Aqsa Parvez was killed because she did not want to wear the headscarf. The family already had a cousin lined up for her to marry ~ and she was still in high school. She was buried in a grave with a only a number to indicate who she was. It was through Pamela Geller's efforts ~ that the local officials ~ erected a stone bench in her honor as a mark of respect ~ for a life lived and so cruelly taken away.

There was another case recently in Italy ~ where a Pakistan man, along with his son killed ~ his wife and left his daughter in serious condition in hospital ~ after attacking them with bricks. The daughter had refused to marry a cousin back in Pakistan and the mother agreed. Seeing how miserable she was in her marriage ~ she wanted her daughter to have more options. This is something western women did ~ but these women face honor killing ~ if they try to push their daughters past the male's conform zone. The father in this case was mosque leader.

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