Monday, November 22, 2010

PVV: No more Dual Nationality in Army

More than 80% of Dutch Muslims hold dual nationality. There has already been one spying case ~ a Dutch-Moroccan national spying for Morocco. The Moroccans have made it such that, no Dutch Moroccan can renounce their Moroccan citizenship. Like other things with Islam ~ that are not possible to leave ~ it is likely that giving up your Moroccan citizenship ~ is similar to an act of apostasy. The Netherlands is a secular state. It is okay talking this lovey-dovey inclusive stuff ~ but to rise up in the ranks of any army ~ there cannot be a question mark over loyalty.

It was in the Austrian Army that Muslim recruits refused to salute the flag and instead turned their backs on it. Their duties had to be interrupted throughout the day because they had to pray and on Friday's they would disappear off after prayers. Army officials had to bring in an Imam to let them know that saluting the flag was okay.[+]

THE HAGUE, 23/11/10 - The Party for Freedom (PVV) does not want the army to recruit any one with dual nationality any more. This can lead to loyalty conflicts, said PVV MP Marcial Hernandez yesterday during a debate with Defence Minister Hans Hillen on personnel policy.

PVV is the toleration partner of the conservative (VVD) and Christian democratic (CDA) governing parties. Hernandez pointed out that the coalition accord states that the cabinet wants to combat dual nationalities. Defence could make a first step, in his view.

Hernandez wants to "rule out all possible dual loyalties." By way of illustration, he referred to an American Islamic army psychiatrist who shot 13 men dead at a military base in Texas shortly before he was due to be sent to Iraq. Labour (PvdA) MP Angelien Eijsink considered it "scandalous" of Hernandez to give this example.

From the CDA, there also appears to be no support for the PVV. CDA MP Hanke Bruins Slot argued that if people with dual nationality opt for a job in the Dutch army, this actually underlines their solidarity with the Netherlands.

Hernandez also complained about Ali Eddaoudi, who is a Muslim spiritual counsellor in the armed forces. A few years ago, this Imam regularly made radical statements but he says he has changed since. Finally, the PVV called on Hillen to get rid of halal meals and the celebration of Islamic festivals at Defence.

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