Friday, November 19, 2010

Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy - Video

Muhammad was the prefect example ~ how best can we separate Muhammad from Islam ~ to create a religion that can live along side others.

Firstly they insulted the woman's religion ~ when she put her hand in the bucket ~ they would not drink from it even though they were thirsty ~ because they believe and told her that her religious beliefs ~ as a Christian make her unclean. The moment she responds in kind ~ she is the one held on blasphemy charges. Calling her a dirty Christian is therefore okay.

Muslims are going to have trouble for a long time to come ~ at the moment people are trying everything to have patience with them ~ but that may not last forever. Muslims are going to be expected to reform Islam.

It also shows that when a so-called blasphemy case happens in the west ~ they don't simply expect that picture to be pulled, etc.. ~ they expect that person to die. If there is ever an ultimate choice in the west between keeping freedoms and replacing it with something like this ~ maintaining freedoms will win.

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