Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michael Coren interviews Melanie Phillips - Islam in Europe - Video

Fantastic interview. If someone is having trouble understanding the difficulty Europe is having with Islam ~ should look at this video [1-4].

Melanie talks about the switch to a more fundamentalist Islam ~ by young UK Muslims ~ with 40% and up to 60% of them wanting to live under Shari'a law. This, as she points out is in complete contrast to the way the first generation of Muslim immigrants were in the 50's.

She doesn't go into the reasons for the change, but one might be the immigrant marriage practise, of most every family having at least one foreign born parent, has inadvertently brought with it, the radicalization that is occurring in places like Pakistan. On the other hand parts of the old Soviet Union, which were predominantly Muslim, that once followed the state approved version, are now also being radicalized. Mainly from the young travelling to places like Egypt, Arabia and even the Pakistani madrassas to be schooled in this fundamentalist form of Islam.

It can be looked at, completely theory, as an awakening of the Islamic world, almost in a way, picking up where it left off, to bring these other or unconquered parts under this same control.

One of the reasons Europe has moved to the right ~ almost unanimously ~ is that the Left was quick to raise the 'peace in our times' contract ~ as to capitulate to this new Islamic presence ~ which has come to be in our own countries through immigration, with most marriages, someone immigrates and two with the doubling, tripling and even quadrupling of the populations in the last 40 years 
~ purely via birth rate ~ of some of our nearest neighbors like Turkey and Egypt ~ for that surrounded feeling. The Left concluded that we should start giving in now, by dumbing down rights and freedoms so that even more Islamic demands would be institutionalized without protest. Protests against anything Islamic was racist, bigoted, hateful and soon to be illegal under this vision. Naturally we had to throw the bums out!! 

Melanie Phillips could do well to speak to the American and even Canadian public ~ about what is happening in Europe with Islam ~ as they will likely face these problems in future. The idea that you are somehow different ~ must be gotten over as asap!

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