Saturday, November 13, 2010

GE Brings Electricity To Life - Helps Jumpstart Electric Car Industry - Video

We don't burn oil lamps any more ~ but burning oil directly to power our vehicles is the same. Because we moved away from the oil lamp ~ and there was a big court case to stop the light bulb at the time ~ just as there are doubters and objecting interests today ~ but with the change we have television, computers and all manner of lights, from LED to laser. What can we do if we change our energy? We already have EV cars that can go 300 miles on a single charge.

This is without mentioning that by switching to electric, we would be draining money from the Arab's religious agenda. Where both its violent jihadists and the evangelical-religious-political drive is fueled primarily by the oil wealth.

We are the technologically advanced people, but are handing our money over to a less technical society ~ who are using it to introduce such concepts as holy war and religious-political ideology once relegated to the history books. Who are now selling us back a snake oil ~ in their cure all religious solutions. Islam is the guy at the market years ago with his bottle of elixir ~ with some morphine added. When we drink it ~ technology and all things advanced are supposed to appear.

In 30 years, rather than being immobilized, we should have cars with 300 miles as standard on a single charge. And without looking back ~ we should be creating the next big thing in energy technology. Never mind the Arabs religious marketing ~ with cheaper energy we can lower the cost of production and transport that adds a tax to everything we buy. Here we set the limits.

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