Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ex-muslim Imam exposes Islam - Video

Zaki Ameen was raised a Muslim and once dedicated his life to Islam, working as an Imam. He then realised how the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran were used to deceive followers, in order to gain control, money and power. Living by the Point of My Spear is his book, revealing shocking evidence against Muhammad.

Point of My Spear ~ Muhammad could only gain respect and the adoration he so desired ~ through the sword. To believe in Islam there is so incredibly much you have to ignore about the man ~ who came as its prophet. A man that without the sword would have died with no larger than 100 strong following. This was not a man of the word ~ this was a man of the sword. He sought to make Allah of the Kaaba great by any means.

A couple of quotes ~ it says Muhammad used the Koran for his own personal gain, and status... but there was no Koran ~ as such. That was written years later in Syria.

Ye'ol Muhammad ~
'Before the end of the world you shall fight the Turks, whose eyes are small and noses flattened and who have ugly red faces, like hammered shields'

'You will see Allah will inherit Persian lands and money, furthermore their women will lie down ready for you to rape them'

Iran the most arrogant of Islamic nations ~ is really Islam/Arabia's b*tch!! They gave their 5000 year old civilization over to its enslavement. The only conciliation is that they think it has made them free.

All in all it sounds the same today ~ We will take over the UK, We will take over the USA... the same wretched commands passed down through time ~ from Muhammad to his followers.

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