Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christian demonstrators tear gassed in Egypt ~ as authorities refuse to grant permit for church construction

Egyptian Christian holds a cross during clashes between Coptic demonstrators and Egyptian police on Wednesday. Egypt's public prosecutor on Thursday accused 156 protesters arrested in the clashes of planning to kill policemen.

What if Christians in Egypt were to push for this human ~ equal rights!! What will the Egyptian authorities do ~ how would the Islamic laws cope ~ with equality between the Muslim and non-Muslim!!

In Egypt only the President ~ himself ~ can grant permission to build a church! Repairing churches, though easier than in the past, is also extremely problematic. Permission to carry out needed repairs can take years.

You don't hear Muslims complaining about the treatment of non-Muslims ~ because they believe it is God's will.

In 2008 the Azhar University, Cairo issued a fatwa [concerning making a will and that a Muslim might leave money towards the building of a church] which said, building a church is a sin. And like that of building a barn for cats, pigs and dogs.

AFP - Egypt's public prosecutor on Thursday accused 156 protesters arrested in clashes between Christians and police of planning to kill policemen and ordered their detention for two weeks.

The protesters were arrested during bloody clashes with police in Cairo on Wednesday over the government's refusal to grant them a permit to build a church. One demonstrator was killed in the violence and dozens were wounded.

A judicial source said the protesters were accused of "planning to kill policemen" and illegally demonstrating to prevent the authorities from doing their work.

They will remain in custody for questioning for two weeks and will then either be formally charged or have their detention renewed if they are not released.

The Coptic Christians who clashed with the police on Wednesday had been protesting against an official decision to stop them from converting a community centre under construction in Cairo's Giza governorate into a church.

Copts, who comprise up to 10 percent of Egypt's 80-million population, need a presidential permit to build churches, with the decision usually delegated to governors.

The Christian minority complains of discrimination from the country's Muslim majority and has been the target of sectarian attacks, sometimes over the building of churches.

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