Monday, November 1, 2010

Al Qaeda-linked terrorist claim responsibility for Baghdad attacks, also threaten Copts

A demonstrator holds a picture of Kamilia Shehata as other demonstrators shout in front of el-Nour mosque in Cairo August 28, 2010.

These terrorists 'other brothers' have called on the Copts in Egypt to hand over two Christian women they claim had converted to Islam, but were now being held against their will in a monastery. I am familiar with the story of one of these women, a priest's wife, she was kidnapped ~ by an Islamic man. The significance of the act of kidnapping and conversion to Islam, is well understood in Egypt [and in Pakistan] that if a Christian girl/woman is kidnapped, that person will be thereafter forced into marriage, i.e. forcible conversion to Islam. In these cases the Egyptian state protects the kidnapper. The act of kidnapping brings people to Islam ~ and of course no one can ever legally leave it.

Half of Egypt is pissed off that these women got away ~ in at least one case the Copts used the high profile nature of the case, to force the police to act and retrieve the woman [after a government sit it ~ they did]. She has appeared in a video, without a headscarf saying she would never leave her religion.

Clearly altered image of kidnapped Christian woman in Islamic dress - and possibly her kidnapper whose actions would be protected under Egyptian law.

The trouble is that before this, an extremist leaning newspaper in Egypt photoshopped a picture of the missing preacher's wife wearing a black hijab-headscarf - with the announcement that she had converted to Islam. Even though the paper admitted making up the picture, there have been protests in the streets [even a Facebook page] ~ for the woman's return to Islam ~ and now the violent 'other brothers' have stepped up, having attacked a Catholic church in Iraq, now want to go after the Copts, if their demands are not met.

Video shot ~ once kidnapped priest wife says she will never leave Christianity. Now in secret location. The terrorists have asked she be 'returned to Islam' or they will attack Copts as they have Catholics in Baghdad.

Baghdad (AsiaNews / Agencies) - An Iraqi group linked to Al Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) claimed responsibility for the attack yesterday in an Eastern-rite Catholic church in Baghdad (where the faithful killed were 37, seven policemen and five terrorists) and also gave an ultimatum of 48 hours to the Coptic Church of Egypt, to free two wives of priests who (according to the terrorists) are "imprisoned in monasteries" because, they converted to Islam.

This according to reports from the American centre for monitoring Islamist websites SITE. "A group of angered Mujahideen among the faithful Allah - according to a statement from the terrorist group - has carried out a raid on one of the shelters of obscene idolatry, which had always been used by Christians of Iraq as a headquarters for the fight against the religion of Islam and which supports those who fight this religion. " The Islamic State of Iraq said the attack on the church, was "to help our poor Muslim sisters prisoners in the Muslim country of Egypt." The ISI has given the Egyptian Coptic Church 48 hours to free these women "imprisoned in infidel monasteries of in idolatrous churches in Egypt."

According to SITE, the Iraqi terrorists in their threat to Egyptian Copts refer to two Coptic priests' wives, who are reportedly segregated in religious structures because one has apparently converted to Islam and the other would have expressed her intention to follow suit. The ISI posted an internet message attributed to the head of the suicide commandos in Baghdad that threatens Egyptian Christians and identifies the women as Camellia Shehata and Wafa Constantine.

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