Friday, October 29, 2010

VOA's Cookie-Cutter News: France's Anti-Immigration Parties on the Rise - Video

It starts with the French immigrant induction ceremony ~ then it quickly moves to the rise of the anti-immigrant parties [plural], next it features Le Pen's [how long have they been around?]

Then we get to the number of not any immigrants ~ but Muslim immigrants in Marseilles,
then it goes on to target the government's successful burqa ban ~ as fueling anti-immigration feeling ~ and some Muslim guy saying something.

Quickly on to the Roma ~ to show how bad it is really getting in France ~ then they find someone randomly ~ to talk about anti-immigrant [read Islamic] feeling ~ being tied to economics. This of course connects ~ the changes taking place in Europe with the events of WWII.

"As in many European countries, France's debate over immigration has become louder in the downturn."

Of course in the good times Europeans don't care if their rights are being eroded!

Why travel all the way to France for this news ~ it was already written yesterday.

It seems all they did was to introduce the characters ~ in their scene play.

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