Thursday, October 21, 2010

View ladies on Juan Williams and Muslims in airports [Video]

Whoopi Goldberg says NPR should keep Juan Williams despite Muslim comments.

Barbara Walters says ~ if she sees a Muslim in full garb she says she feels 'safe' because she knows that if they are going to attack they would not be dressed like this. Which is kind of agreeing with Juan Williams ~ in reverse ~ she would fear or 'feel less safe' around Muslims not dressed in full garb ~ possibly?

I think these are rules.

For example there are other rules, the one I tend to use is, if the guy is with his family or a group of women, I think, well he probably doesn't want to blow his family up.

But how accurate are these rules?

There was one Muslim guy in the UK who was thinking about using his [or a] child in one of these attacks ~ that's my rule gone.

Barbara Walters' rule ~ well that's a little bit scary ~ as we have seen evidence that Muslim women are being allowed on to planes, pass passport points without showing their faces. When we would assume everyone has been checked. All because security doesn't want to cause offence.

Further the Russian Metro bombings were carried out by women in full Islamic garb. So that Walters' rule would have failed there.

The fact is there is no jihadophobia ~ these people really do kill people.

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