Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UK Muslim fanatics want new opposition leader's head

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (R) meets members of the Manchester United academy at the club's Carrington Training Ground

NEW Labour leader Ed Miliband is a top target for Muslim fanatics.

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary issued the chilling warning just days after Miliband became the first Jewish politician to lead the Labour Party.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday, the firebrand extremist said “Red Ed” faced being targeted over his views on Israel.

He said last night: “I think he set out his stall when he said the Government should continue their war in Afghanistan and that he supported the state of Israel.

“It’s the same old thing – the occupation of Muslim land. What’s the difference?

“The whole issue of Israel is something which is in the minds of the Jews, so people will see him as just another person that supports the occupation of Muslim lands. That’s maybe a factor in people’s minds.”

Choudary, 43, also hit out at the Milibands’ Jewish origins.

He added: “The fact that he supports the troops in Afghanistan, people will see him as just another warmonger.

“And the fact he is Jewish I don’t think is going to help him at all. No.”
Miliband, 40, spoke last week of how he and his brother David’s careers in politics had been inspired by his parents’ flight from the Nazis.

Their late father Ralph – a Belgium-born Marxist academic – and Polish mum Marion experienced the terror of Nazi-occupied Europe before escaping to a new life in Britain.

Ralph clambered on to a boat to London in 1940.

Marion, now 75, went on the run and lived with a Catholic family before coming to England.

Miliband told delegates at the party conference in Manchester: “My love for this country comes from this story.

“Two young people fled the darkness that had engulfed the Jews across Europe and in Britain they found the light of liberty.

“They arrived with nothing. This country gave them everything.”

Daily Star

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gsw said...

Would it be racist to say: the Jews are grateful for what they a given, while the muslims consider the infidel slaves owe them anything and everything they want?
No, not racist, maybe exaggerated, too B/W, possibly even extremely unfair and offensive - but not racist

p.s. Feminists of the world unite - if Mr. Wilders is found guilty, we can start to insist that the Imams are arrested for 'offending' (Women are inferior in intelligence) and inciting to gender-apartheid.