Thursday, October 28, 2010

Think (but perhaps no) Progress: Peter King - Muslim leaders aren't doing enough to combat terrorism - Video

Perhaps the answer is that it is an Islam problem ~ and that the majority of Muslims who were brought to Islam by force ~ are simply stuck with a bad deal ~ and in the wider Islamic world ~ can't leave. So even if they did not like something about Islam they could not leave it. The majority are forced to be Muslim ~ and for those who might disagree, with some of Islam's tenets are forced to defend the indefensibly [or make up a story, in which we as westerners want to believe].

What we are seeing today with the rise in Islamic Jihadism is a phenomena that existed at the beginning of Islam ~ it is how Islam was spread.

Let's hear what Islam's holy books have to say about the Prophet and so about Islam.

Muhammad sent Khalid Ibn al-Walid to the tribe of the children of Haritha and told him: "Call them to accept Islam before you fight with them. If they respond, accept that from them, but if they refuse, fight them." Khalid told them: "Accept Islam and spare your life." They entered Islam by force. He brought them to Muhammad. Muhammad said to them: "Had you not accepted Islam I would have cast your heads under your feet"

The embarrassing thing about the defense of Islam is that much of it is without fact.

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gsw said...

Is a white problem or a black problem?
Actually, it is a red problem!
Why won't you answer the question?

There are NOT 2 groups - exstemist & moderates.
There are 3 groups:
extremists, moderates and oppologists/aiders.

If you are not part of the solution - you are part of the problem - or just plain ignorant.