Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Testimony from inside Sudan - slavery, rape and horror by Islam - Video

'Abet' slave in Arabic. South Sudanese called slaves.

This is in the Islamic tradition. This is the way they took parts of India ~ millions were taken to the slave markets of Baghdad, and as this woman has just said, many were forcibly converted to Islam, and turned around and trained to attack and take more territory.

The Ottomans did the same thing in Eastern Europe, where the term slave, especially when spoken by a Muslim to a non-Muslim, is still a derogatory term. It is seen as highly offensive. Because all those who did not convert to Islam, were considered slaves. The term they use has its roots in Persian.

Even those in Northern Sudan and North Africa are called slaves by the Arabians, as many would have came to Islam through being enslaved. Although they call themselves Arab now, they are also referred to as Arab slaves.

The European slave trade first started, when the Portuguese realized the Muslim demand for slaves ~ that would be non-Muslim slaves ~ hence the slave trade's focus on sub-Saharan Africa ~ for gold. The Muslims of North Africa took many Europeans as slaves, as well. This didn't take off, because not only did the Europeans, have the Mediterranean as a natural barrier, they manage successfully to fortify the southern border. This is when Muslims turned their attention to the non-Muslim parts of Africa for slaves.

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