Thursday, October 7, 2010

Saudi human rights groups against the marriage between a child bride, 13, and a 50-year-old man

Saudi human rights group seems a contradiction in terms. In any case they are on the job, bravely against the law as laid down by the clerics. Dealing with the issue of child marriages.

The issue of child brides has become a major controversy in Saudi Arabia, pitting supporters of a ban against those who defend it, citing the behaviour of Muhammad himself.

A 12 year old girl died in Yemen while giving birth, as a result of one of these bogus marriages. A 13 year old with a 50 year old man ~ like catching fish in a barrel. Serious disrespect for the child.

It is not enough to say that Muhammad's actions with at least one child, could be attributed to the period, because the Hadiths show he desired to marry another, but died before, the child could reach 5, as she was only two, time in this case was not an excuse. The Mongols, another marauding group with religious overtones, also had rules on marriage, which I am afraid were far more respectable than those of Islam, they would allow their children at 10 to select a mate, from other 10 year olds, usually from a nearby village, and at 15 the two would be united. And Jesus who lived 500 years before Muhammad, it would have been unthinkable, to consummate a relationship with a child. He asked his disciples to allow the children, to come up to him. Never for his own predatory desires.

If you calculate Aisha's age in solar year, rather than lunar, she could very well have been 5 years old ~ when Muhammad brought her into his home.

Riyadh (AsiaNews) – Saudi human rights groups stepped up their fight against child brides. Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) announced that it intends to organise a forum on child marriages with relevant government departments. Its goal is to have a law in place that would set a minimum age for marriage.

The initiative comes a few days after Saudi daily Al-Watan reported the marriage between a 13-year-old girl and a 50-year-old man. The child studied at a Qur'anic school in Najran before her father married her off to a retired man despite opposition from her grandfather and other members of the family.

The child's grandfather expressed his disgust over his son, saying that no one in his family is talking to him and they all feel sorry for the child, who he says was clearly brainwashed. By contrast, the father claims that objections from other relatives were simply due to a family dispute.

The marriage contractor, Sheikh Saad Al-Yami, told the media that the girl had accepted the marriage. However, HRC President Bandar Al-Iban called it a "clear violation of this child's rights and humanity at a time when she needs to enjoy the care of her family, her education and her normal life as a child".

The issue of child brides has become a major controversy in Saudi Arabia, pitting supporters of a ban against those who defend it, citing the behaviour of Muhammad himself.

At the beginning of the year, the HRC set up a committee to look into the issue. It has also called on official bodies to set a minimum age of marriage based on studies presented by the childhood committee at the Ministry of Health.

It has also tried to unite society against child marriages, even individual cases, commending the role of the media in bringing into the public domain reports of violation of children's rights.

The issue of child marriages came up again when the Shura Council called on its committee dealing with social affairs, family and youth to study the issue and submit a report to the council for discussion.

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