Friday, October 15, 2010

Parent Stews Over Son's Islamic Assignment, Asked To Write About Imaginary Trip To Muslim-Only-Mecca on The Hajj !!

To better understand Islam might these teachers tell the children that they would not be allowed to enter Mecca ~ and that Muslim laws discriminate against non-Muslims.

Tell them to imagine if they convert ~ they will be higher class ~ and if they don't they'll be lower class!!

Tell them to imagine if their family converts ~ they will be able to go school with the rest of the kids. But if they don't convert ~ they might not be able to go school.

School Defends Hajj Writing

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. -- Some parents of a Morgan County elementary school said they are outraged by an assignment that asks students to write about their experience on a Hajj.

A Hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca and is one of the pillars of the Islamic faith.

Seventh-graders at Martinsville East Middle School were asked to write at least 125 words "as though you are on the journey to Mecca and are writing in your journal about what you see and experience," 6News' Joanna Massee reported.

"I feel strongly that if the same assignment was given from a Christian standpoint, whether it was your experience at the Passover or if you were there when Christ was crucified or anything like that, the ACLU or any other organization like that would be up in arms," said Ron Fletcher, a parent of one of the students.

Fletcher said he has no problem with people of the Islamic faith, but he thinks the assignment was inappropriate for a public school.

"My daughter's perception and other parents' perception by speaking with them by Facebook and on the phone is that we want our children to write about experiencing one of the pillars of Islam -- I think that takes it a little too far," Fletcher said.

Principal Eric Bowlen defended the assignment, saying that it is all about expanding students' knowledge of the beliefs of others and that there are examples of various cultures taught in class.

"I can give you a couple of examples that we've done. For example, these kids, when they're done with this culmination, which is a comparison of the religions that the state of Indiana has, they're going to be able to write like 'The Diary of Anne Frank,'" Bowlen said.

Parent Lisa Ratts said she disagrees with Fletcher and is happy that her son is being exposed to the cultures of others.

"What concerns me and what upsets me is that I think this is such a beautiful thing, learning about other people's cultures," she said.

Bowlen said that parents who have an issue with an assignment should talk to him, and that the school is willing to be flexible.

Bowlen said the Islam assignment may be adjusted in the future to include different options for students.


KK said...

In the time of Moses when Sameri made a Calf out of gold and Jews worshiped the Calf. Moses said, “God is not gonna forgive you this time so kill yourself , So 10,000 people got killed. When Sameri came to Moses for apologize, Moses said, “don’t talk to me” “don’t come close to me and don’t touch me” and cursed him that no one is going to touch him and his descendents in future.
Same verses revealed to Muhammad (Quran 9.28) O you who believe! Truly, the pagans are unclean; So after this year of theirs, do not let them come close to the Sacred Mosque. And if you fear poverty (due to reduced trade with them), Allah will soon make you rich.
So Muhammad expelled all Pagans & idolaters except Jews* and god fulfilled his promised and make them rich with Oil.
In India Muslims ruled almost 10000 years and when King Akbar married with Hindu girl and allowed her and other Hindu to worship idols inside the palace and mosques...God totally destroyed the Mughal Empire in India.
As long as Muslims follow God’s commandments God is going to bless this nation, but whenever Saudis Muslims allow to build Hindu Temple or Churches to worship idols, or images of Jesus or Mary. God is gonna destroy this nation also.
*Jews were expelled out in the time of 2nd Caliph, Omar, why? This is another long story.

KK said...
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