Friday, October 15, 2010

No "apology" offered over cartoons: Denmark visit to Egypt

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit (R) meets with Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen in Cairo on October 13, 2010
Denmark's Minister of Foreign Affairs Lene Espersen did not offer any apologies to the Muslim world about the indecent cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed when she met Egypt's top imam in Cairo, the Danish official TV said on Thursday.

The top diplomat was received by the Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar Dr Ahmed al-Tayyeb during her visit to Cairo. has published the news about the Danish top diplomat offering her apologies on Wednesday, which caused an uproar in Denmark.

Al-Azhar is regarded by Muslims as the world’s center of Sunni Islam.

They are the ones who came up with the [2008] fatwa saying building or contributing to the building of a church is a sin and like that of building a barn for cats pigs and dogs. Perhaps Christian majority nations should insist there be an apology for this. Then again no one rioted, no one was killed ~ and no embassies burnt.

Worth mentioning that a Copt studying law at the Cairo University ~ where Obama spoke ~ was stunned to hear this fatwa being referred to or taught in class.

A Danish government official denied the news on the official TV and said that Espersen never apologized although the top cleric has asked her for that. The TV showed the report published by Al Arabiya website, on which the official commented.

"There was no word of apology uttered by Espersen during the meeting," the Danish official remarked.

The TV quoted Espersen denying offering any apologies to al-Azhar imam over the cartoons.

Al-Azhar spokesman Dr Mohamed Refaa al-Tahtawi told that the translator had misinterpreted the Danish minister's speech. He said that the translator interpreted her word as "apology" instead of "excuse" and that's what caused the misunderstanding in the Arab and international mass media.

"Al-Azhar will issue a statement on this regard on Saturday," he added.

Al Arabya

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