Sunday, October 31, 2010

Islam and Koran on trail as Arabist Hans Jansen testimony read out in Wilders defense - Video

Hans Jansen's testimony most definitely will come as a shock to some. It is a lot to read through if you don't understand Dutch ~ but it is well worth it.

The West dominates, but according to Muslims Islam should do this.

They are used to looking down on non-Muslims ~ called ignorant, non-Muslims are afforded only a 'protected' second class status in the Muslim world. But then here's the West ~ like a billboard with flashing lights ~ where non-Muslims are running extremely successful societies. So Muslims are thinking, that they have to assert this Islamic rule or order over the western non-Muslim peoples ~ as they do with their non-Muslims.

Scribd transcript below

Hans Jansen - Expert Testimony in the Wilders Trial


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sago said...

Apart from the attrocious grammer and construction of language, the whole page spews with misinformation, ignorance and a fake presentation of a dim philosophy void of any reality or genuine aim. Islam is nothing of what you laboriously gathered and spread in these non scholarly nonesense. Islam is a clean faith with the best of ethics of democracy, liberty and human rights. Like all other faiths, there are a few hijackers of the faith to practice a priesthood that was a tool of power to subjugate people from encient times of the Pheroes and before. They damage faith, Islam (Qaeda) be it or Christianity (the Jeso-facists) or Judaism (Zionits). Faith redemption is on the neck of responsible level-headed moderate believers of all faiths