Sunday, October 17, 2010

Iran's population rises to almost 75 million: How Islam grows its own

The Turkish population is growing at the same rate ~ indeed somewhat faster than that of the Iranian population:

70,413,958 (July 2006 est.)
76,805,524 (July 2009/2010 est.)

In 1980 the Turkish population was 44.7 million

The Turkish government has instructed the women to have at least 3-4 children. And has stated that Europe could use its citizens to help meet pension costs [and solve its energy crisis] ~ once Turkey is allowed to take full EU membership. But as Europe has found, low skilled workers, can end up costing taxpayers more. Countries in Europe with larger populations, can hold more sway at the EU Parliament, a point, we can be sure Turkey has not missed.

Iranian population official Iran figures:

70.4 million (2006)
74.7 million (2010)

Though the CIA Factbook has the Iranian population at:
66,429,284 (July 2010 est.)

Iran has more than doubled since the 1979 Islamic revolution

With Egypt it is the same story:

43.86 (1980)
74.03 (2005)

78,866,635 (July 2010 est.)

Egypt has already seen bread riots. And in order to court the countryside vote in the last election Ahmadinejad delivered truck loads of potatoes dumped on the ground in town squares. Europe on the other hand has grown weary of Islamic immigration ~ both because of the reluctance to assimilate and further the belief that many Muslims have that there should be an acceptance of Shari'a law ~ naturally over state law and constitution.

Tehran - Iran's population grew around 1.5 per cent annually over the past four years to just under 75 million people, the head of the country's statistical organization announced Sunday.

Adel Azar said Iran's population now numbers 74.7 million, from 70.4 million four years ago. The capital Tehran's population now numbers 12.5 million.

The Mehr news agency further quoted Azar as saying that households' average monthly income stands at 740 dollars while average monthly costs exceed 820 dollars.

The population of Iran has more than doubled since the 1979 Islamic revolution and that of Tehran more than tripled.

The 1980-1988 war with Iraq and the devastation of border areas in the west and south-west of Iran led to the migration of many border residents to Tehran, which is considered as the main reason for the population boom in the capital.

Unemployment, a housing shortage and drastic traffic problems are three of the main problems caused by Tehran's overcrowding.


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