Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Iran: Authorities 'ban Friday prayers at Sunni mosques'

Probably tit-for-tat for Shia religious repression in Arabia. The two are fighting for control of the Islamic world ~ and by extension ~ the world. Its a Islamic supremacist thing!

Teheran, 19 Oct. (AKI) - Iran's hardline authorities have banned Friday prayers in Sunni mosques in the capital, Tehran, according to Iranian minority Sunni website SunniOnline.

Iranian security agents prevented Sunnis in Tehran from gathering at their mosques for prayers last Friday, according to the website.

"The government has told Sunni members of parliament that no such repression is occurring," leaders of the al-Dawa wa al-Islah group was quoted as saying. Al-Dawa wa al-Islah represents Egypt's Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement in Iran.

"But we saw Iranian officials preventing the Sunni faithful from praying last Friday in Tehran," the al-Dawa wa al-Islah leaders said.

"Authorities are violating article 12 of the Iranian Constitution, which guarantees freedom of worship for Sunnis in Iran," said al-Dawa wa al-Islah.

Just 8 percent of Iranians are Sunni Muslims and most live in its border regions. The overwhelming majority (90 percent) are Shias.

A majority of Kurds, almost all Baluchis and Turkomens, and a minority of Arabs are Sunnis, as are small communities in southern Iran and the Khorasan region in the northeast.

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