Monday, October 4, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque, artist impression; 'Superman's fortress of solitude' or spider's web of deceit

How do you say Islam ~ find some conquered land ~ preferably conquered by Islamic jihadists ~ and build a showcase mosque either on or next to the site where the 'enemy' has fallen!! And spread Islam ~ either by force/deceit. Nevermind Muslim outreach ~ the Imam plans to make the building Shari'a central ~ a place to monitor Shari'a around the world ~ and possibly as the Imam says ~ Shari'a and the US Constitution promote the same values ~ to promote Shari'a law in the US. Is that why Muslim nations drew up the Cairo Dec. of Human Rights ~ because they wanted to respect Universal Human Rights? Telling us the US Constitution and Shari'a uphold the same values ~ is deceit.

Islam can produce a nasty situation ~ its whole aim is to say ~ by joining it you are more intelligent/ no longer ignorant ~ something which you can see in the body language of those who have joined it [they know something special ~ that you don't]. This is used to justify a two tier legal and rights system ~ of course those who join, benefit from being awarded more rights ~ just as it was in Cordoba, Spain. People joined to move out of the dhimmi status imposed on them as non-Muslims ~ and that is still imposed on non-Muslims in the Muslim world.

Though, the hope, lies in the reality ~ that it is the start of the delusion ~ that is the Islamic world ~ which pretty much amounted to nothing ~ in that it still needs to hold a sword up to its people to keep them from leaving. The whole enlightened [not ignorant] versus ignorance [infidel] journey rudely ends here ~ freedoms, they are not a part of the deal ~ neither is rationalization. And all reason must be inline with even the most sordid desire dreamt up by the Prophet.

The building pattern for the 9/11 mosque is possibly the right one ~ like a spider's web ~ symbolizing the devouring of men's minds, once they are comfortably caught in its web of deceit.

But these things have a way of working themselves out. This is not the first victory mosque!

As for the pattern ~ it is seen all over the Islamic world ~ because they don't have freedom to draw another.


The "ground zero mosque" has transitioned from a former Burlington Coat Factory to, uh, a space station. Newly released architectural renderings reveal a 16-story, white edifice aglow with "arabesque" hexagrams and stars - some resembling the Star of David - along with otherworldly, pod-like interiors and transparent bridges, kind of like "Superman's fortress of solitude," says the Associated Press. Plans include a restaurant, a child care center, "immigration services," English classes and worship space for 2,000 people on the basement level, said developer Sharif El-Gamal of Soma Architecture. Some 600 people already attend services at the site. See details here:

"The 'ground zero mosque' will be so hip, everyone will stop fighting," observes Michael Vilensky of New York magazine, who thinks the project actually resembles Equinox, the uber-moderne sports center chain.

Construction worker Andy Sullivan, who was working at ground zero on Sept. 11, 2001, when the terrorists attacks began, is calling for a reality check and has launched his own petition to that effect.

"That building is being illegally occupied. You cannot issue any type of Certificate of Occupancy either permanent or temporary without an inspection of the premises. Work has been done on that site since 9/11, yet there is no record of inspection. No one can be sure that this building that is illegally being used to hold services is safe," said Mr. Sullivan, who examined New York City building records and found that no additional work permits were issued since 2000.

"This site would be shut down if it was any other entity in the this city. Tremendous fines would be levied against any other project. I believe that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in cahoots with the Department of Buildings and figures no one with construction expertise has scrutinized the work permits," Mr. Sullivan said.

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