Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fox's Megyn Kelly takes on Shari'a promoting CAIR over Juan Williams' firing - Video

> Journalist Juan Williams said he was nervous with Muslims on a plane ~ was fired by NPR.

Everybody is nervous today!!

On the underpants bomber flight ~ it was the European guy who acted first. Because he believed there was a real problem ~ a real 'terrorist' problem ~ and he acted correctly on that.

On 9/11 4 planes were taken down by Muslim men armed with no more than box-cutters. One of these planes did not hit the White House as it did the Pentagon and Twin Towers, because the passengers were forewarned and mounted an attack against the high-jackers.

If we are on a plane ~ we might find ourselves in a position to have to take on one or more of these nut-cases.

Fear is a sign that you are ready in case anything happens.

As the Muslims would like us to imagine ~ 'Islamophobia' ~ can't put a bomb in these guys hands or cause them to take down a plane. That has to be their decision alone. And if they make that decision ~ the passengers on that plane are going to have to be ready. And you bet ~ you are going to be afraid!

NPR further commented that Juan Williams may need a psychiatrist ~ better to be crazy and alive!

Think about it ~ the terrorist tried and failed to take down the WTC in 1993. But tried again and succeeded in 2001. They missed the White House.

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