Monday, October 4, 2010

Flint Islamic Center works to erase Islamophobia ~ but where is the Muslim voice for respect for non-Muslims / religious freedoms in the Muslim world [Video]

With the way the Muslim world works ~ non-Muslims second class citizenship ~ limited respect for religions freedoms and individual rights ~ it sends a clear message ~ that says this is what we want in the west. Indeed many are pushing for the same.

When we see Muslims openly condemning rights abuses in the Islamic world ~ like the restrictions on religious freedoms and conscience ~ and rights abuses against women ~ then we can say ~ they are for real.

But at the moment we only have Muslims advocating for respect for Islam in the west ~ and are doing so by painting a fanciful picture Islam ~ that exists nowhere in the Islamic world. Perhaps they themselves are confused ~ or they are deliberately trying to confuse ~ in order to protect Islam's image. Which they of course are not allowed to question.

There are more reasons to go to hell in Islam for questioning the Prophet than there are for questioning Allah ~ so that you may not be having a logical conversation. The declared interest should be ~ fear of going to the Islamic hell.

For one ~ only 3% of the mentions of jihad in all of Islam's holy books have to do with inner struggle ~ the other 97% have to do with warfare. But if they want to turn jihad into a peaceful concept, in today's world ~ by all means.

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