Saturday, October 30, 2010

English Defence League - A couple of videos on militant Islam! - Video

Multiculturalism was based on the assumption that the leading culture would be or remain the dominant one, by default. No one predicted that the Islamic culture would come out of nowhere and try to seize the dominate culture position for itself ~ remarkably with only 3-5% of the population. The competition of divergent cultures is the reason why it is seen to have failed ~ not that we can't and don't get along. It has become clear that the Islamic culture has a very different objective ~ which is wholly unacceptable to most in the free world. Any politician that is for the creation of an Islamic state will be voted out ~ as no one in the west has been elected to rescind basic rights and freedoms. And today they are being elected to protect what we have.

Muslim culture has failed and they need to spice things up with yet another egotistical conquest ~ which will only lead to the same restrictions being applied and the same failed result. We have to drive this thought out ~ back to the desert perhaps, from whence it came!

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