Sunday, October 31, 2010

CNN: Mohamed top baby name UK - Video

The question is why are so many Muslims coming to the West?

The guy in the video says Islam is here to stay. The difference being in how Christians are treated in the Islamic world. They don't have equal rights with Muslims, in accordance with Islamic laws.

He says there is nothing to be afraid off. But look at the Islamic world ~ it has produced nothing for 1000 years. This is not nothing. And because it has not produced ~ we are seeing the influx of Muslims coming to the West to escape ~ Islamotopia's conditions.

And here they want to set up the same fantasy island ~ ruled by the Koran and not the people.

It goes to the heart of the reason why Islam failed. Look at Persia ~ there could not be a greater disaster in terms of human progress. From Cyrus to the Supreme Leader!! All after Muslims told them 'we love death more than you love your wine' ~ I'm sure the Persians put up a respectable fight ~ there was a lot of blood spilt over the years ~ but ultimately they capitulated and gave over their civilization. It is the same thing we are faced with today ~ Bin Laden and others have issued a similar threat. Though in the word wine ~ we could see art, culture, philosophy and science ~ and those who loved death ~ destroyed it. But not before claiming the Persian advancements as their own.

Islam failed to maintain these advancements ~ because its ways and its laws never created them ~ to begin with. In a few centuries too we could be looking at a broken west ~ if allowed to be operated under Islamic restrictions.

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