Saturday, October 23, 2010

Campbell's decides not to push their halal soup range on the American population, but what about Europe ~ Does the Cambell pusherman cometh - Video

From what is happening in Europe with the selling of halal products as standard through supermarket shelves ~ New Zealand lamb and chicken to name but a few ~ is an indication that these large corporations never intended to offer a 'niche' market in halal meat ~ they wanted to serve everyone these tasteless products.

Halal tomato soup! Is this a marketing ploy? Halal crackers and some halal butter to go with it!!

And what they are not telling us is that the halal meat market is exempt from the same regulation as other meat production. One of the reasons it is likely cheaper and so more attractive to those obsessed with the bottom line.

More at Pamela Geller's on the ISNA Muslim Brotherhood connection

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palin2012 said...

I would rather they didn't push it in Canada either!