Monday, October 11, 2010

Bin Laden Approved KFC now serves Halal Fried Chicken

Tired of eating chicken ~ that tastes like the cardboard box with 11 herbs and spices

The New Finger Licking Good is now: battery farmed, tasteless, lifeless, bloodless, possibly hazardous and prayed over, by someone who may or may not be on our side.

UK Meat industry hits back as it has been discovered by a series of Daily Mail investigations that this second rate meat is being served up wholesale ~ from New Zealand lamb [frozen] to McDonald's Halal-Nuggets, is being sold secretly as halal . Perhaps the meat industry ~ licking their lips for a taste of the profits from the cheaper meat ~ doesn't get it ~ [for most of us] it ain't our religion. We should have it rammed down our throats ~ it is for Muslims.

Time to start complaining:

Email: UK Food Standards Agency

France, Germany and Norway are also having halal rammed down their throats. If you 'choose' to buy halal ~ this is completely different. The Sunday roast shouldn't be halal ~ unless you want it to be!!

Valid grounds for a complaint:

  • Mislabelling is a valid complaint ~ by selling food that has gone through a religious process [in addition to the prayer] ~ without informing the consumers ~ amounts to mislabeling. 
  • Concerns about quality ~ halal meat does not have to follow same standards that rest of the meat industry does, this likely helps to lower its cost and make it more attractive to large retailers and restaurant chains. Halal meat comes under religious laws. So that strict standards needn't necessarily apply. There have been attempts to bring halal under the same EU standards that regulate the production and slaughter of other meats ~ but Muslim groups take offense ~ through this loophole many things can and do pass. [As documentaries have shown, chicken ~ that is fit for animal feed, is being bleached and passed into the bloodless halal food chain.] And in other parts of the world,  where meat is produced under the halal label, for export to the west, may even have looser regulations. 
  • Method of slaughter ~ the meat industry says 'most halal slaughterhouses' stunt the animal before slaughter. Does the meat industrustry really know what's going on ~ or are they just putting out reassuring statements.

British meat industry representatives are rejecting claims that animal welfare standards are being compromised by the overuse of religious slaughter practices in the country.

A Mail on Sunday investigation into halal meat last week claimed that large volumes of meat from animals not stunned before slaughter are entering the mainstream food chain. But Peter Hardwick, head of the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX), says these claims are based on misconceptions, as most halal slaughterhouses in the UK do in fact stun animals prior to slaughter. Meat Trade Daily

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