Friday, October 22, 2010

Algeria: Christian missionaries accused of taking part in 'negative' activities

Saint, Augustine of Hippo was born in around 354 in Tagaste, North Africa (modern day Souk Ahras, in Algeria), of a Christian mother and a pagan father.

Islam versus Christianity ~ Islam takes pride in the convoluted process to understand the simple ~ whereas with Christianity 'the good news' message is a lot simpler ~ love thy neighbor as thyself. Christianity offers a quite simple and humble message compared to Islam's.

Muslim say well, Islam tells us to respect others [people of the book namely] but then these people are required to pay a tax ~ the jizya ~ and live as second class subjugated 'protected' citizens ~ under Muslim rule. A long road to respect.

And again to prevent people from heeding this simple message of 'God's love' ~ there is state repression and persecution and intimidation ~ highlighting the more troubling aspects of Islam's teachings ~ of which perhaps people want to separate themselves from.

There were large Christian communities in North Africa, before Islam's conquest.

Algiers, 21 Oct. (AKI) - Algeria's minister of religious affairs says there is a plot to spread Christianity throughout his country, prompting his government to combat their success by giving support to Muslim cultural and religious centres, according to a report in Arab-language newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi.

"Globalisation brought a large presence of Christian missionaries to Algeria," said Abu Abdullah Ghulamallah in the an interview published on Thursday. "The missionaries brought negative things from their countries. They are able to convince the poorest part of the population, especially the illiterate."

The most active missionaries come from the United States and France, he said.

Ghulamallah said the Algerian government is fighting the spread of Christianity by increasing the cultural activity of mosque and religious schools.

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