Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Al Jazeera guest ~ if you hate Islam then you hate Muslims, and what of those who have left Islam? Its a Sir Thomas More situation emerging, but Shari'a law is behind the court [Video]

Probably it would be seen as being too offensive to talk about Muslim treatment of others ~ why look to America for examples ~ when you could look to Egypt or any Muslim country which permits non-Muslim to hold citizenship, Afghanistan has been declared Jew-free and probably Christian free, the Maldives allows no non-Muslim citizens and neither does the God Father Saudi Arabia. Is this not radical? And where Muslim nations do allow their citizens to be non-Muslims they are required to be second class citizens. This is not the radical fringe ~ this is mainstream Islam.

And because they have never been allowed to question these things in the public sphere ~ without thought ~ think it is best for us also.

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gsw said...

Will someone please explain why I have not yet heard a single TV-interviewer/News-person interrupt the FARHAD AFSHARs of the world when they start to talk about how the Jews were feared and anti-Semitism became widespread. Not one has dared to say "one moment, had Europe risen then against the NSPD (Nazis), the Jews would not have been persecuted. Surely this is the lesson we have learned, and surely Europe's Muslims are today's anti-jewish, anti-infidel, nazis"