Saturday, October 9, 2010

ABC: Should America Fear Islam [Video]

Its don't question us about Saudi Arabia. But when we need money for a mosque ~ let's face it Muslims know where to go. That there are churches in Egypt is the biggest joke in the world. Only the President can approve them, and to repair them special permission is needed ~ years of red tape! And this apparently is an improvement.

The Egyptian Azhar University Mosque issued a fatwa [2008] that said for a Muslim to contribute to building a church is a sin and like building a barn for dogs, cats and pigs. Its a legal document.

These guys are not playing ball. Regardless of what the so called moderates in the west are saying. The Islamic world paints a very different picture.

The real test ~ would be if there is another Islamic attack ~ would Muslims push for another Ground Zero / cultural center there? That would be testing the limits. But would be in line with the methods used during Islamic conquest.

Stop the Islamization of Europe is a 'Neo-Nazi organization ~ hogwash!! Neo-Nazi ~ support Israel ~ normally these two don't go together. Let's go to Koran 9:29 and discuss how peaceful Islam is ~ along with its regular jizya payments! Leave it to Spencer!! The Jaamat-e-Islami is behind the biggest Muslim organization in the UK ~ the Muslim Council of Britain ~ who openly advocate for Shari'a law.

The body guard ~ comment was out of order. Daisy Khan is speaking to Hirsi Ali as an apostate ~ in other words a traitor. Regardless it shows her level of insensitivity. So 'sensitive' her and her husband are ~ that they had to be taken to court to get rid of the rodents and pests, in the tenement block that they run. Perhaps they should offer to take them to their place. It was only under court order that Imam and Daisy Khan acted / or have been made to act.

Now its all about American values. When people criticize 'Islam' then its racist. Its hook your buggy up to the nearest thing going. The Daisy Khan couple plan to run the Shari'a Index Project [no doubt] from the Ground Zero Mosque complex, which monitors and promotes the perfect Shari'a around the world. Women are often talked about as the ones who lose the most under Shari'a law, but it is probably the non-Muslims who fair the worst. There is no equality between religions under Islam's laws. Shari'a gives Muslims in all matters. Something that the moderates are comfortable to ignore.

Islam was brought to most Muslims through violence. Almost like the world has never seen. If Daisy khan is from the India region 150 million people were killed to bring 'her' Islam. By her own description she came to Islam through a 'hijacking'. And it is obvious that anything brought to bear with this sort of ferocity ~ could not be questioned. Your life depended on its acceptance. To believe that Islam originated from a peaceful source ~ you would have to ignore significant portions of what the Prophet did and said. And with no acknowledgement of its history or Muhammad's deeds it is being presented anew ~ as something we are wrong not to believe in.

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