Saturday, September 11, 2010

White House Koran protest saw 10 pages torn from the book that call for violent attacks on Christians and Jews

Tea Party leader from Indiana Andrew Beacham reads a page of the Koran before ripping it out and crumpling it in front of the White House in Washington, DC. A small group of conservative Christians tore 'some' pages from a Koran in a protest outside the White House Saturday to denounce what they called the "charade of Islam" on the anniversary of 9/11

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Andrew Beacham says: "Why should we respect a book that denies Christ, denies the Trinity, calls us infidels, and declares that God wants Christians and Jews banished, imprisoned, crucified, or murdered?"

Also: Randall Terry releases two Graduate level papers dealing with Sharia law, and how the words and deeds of Muhammad are connected to modern terrorism.

Contact: Mr. Beacham, 904-687-9804

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Following are the Passages torn from the Quran by Mr. Andrew Beacham in front of the White House on 9/11/10.

Chapter 5: 17 – 19; States Christians are infidels for believing Christ is the Son of God.

Chapter 5: 33; Cut off hands and feet, crucify, and banish those who stand against Islam.

Chapter 5: 51; Muslims forbidden to take Christians and Jews for friends.

Chapter 5: 72-75; Christians are infidels; for believing in Deity of Christ; Passage denies Holy Trinity,

Chapter 8: 12-15; Decapitate infidels; i.e., those who stand against Mohammad.

Chapter 9: 5, 6; Slay Idolaters

Chapter 33: 26, 27; Passage justifies the beheading of hundreds of Jewish men, enslavement of their wives and children, and the spoiling of their property.

Chapter 33: 61-62; God wants the murder of those who stand against Islam.

Chapter 47: 1-4; Kill those who do not believe in Mohammad.

Also: Mr. Terry released two papers to the press from his Masters research on International Terrorism.

Mr. Terry States: "I apologize ahead of time to anyone who hopes these papers will rail against Islam or Muhammad. They do not. They are fairly dry reading. The goal of my research is to let the history, philosophy, and law of Islam speak for itself. These are for students interested in an analysis of primary Islamic sources, and how they are integrated in today's world. The bibliography is a great source for further research."

Papers are entitled:

"Is Islamic Sharia Law Incompatible With International Laws of Human Rights for Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion and Expression?"


"How do the words and deeds of Islamic terrorists, or Muslims who call for acts of terror and violence, emulate the words and deeds of Muhammad?"

Read papers at pdf

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