Sunday, September 12, 2010

US will 'never' be 'at war with Islam': Obama ~ but 'radical Islam' ?

Despite Obama's efforts the line between Islam and radical Islam is blurred. What distinguishes them is what people choose to do with Islam. If Islam was perverted on September 11 2001 ~ it has been perverted.

Today a man can sit in a military lab in the west and shoot down terrorists in the remote mountains of Pakistan. A technology if it were available 1300 odd years ago might have meant Islam would only be a shadow of itself. As from those same mountains some of the most brutal attacks in history were launched by Islamic jihadists in an attempt to bring India under Shari'a. They killed more than 100 million. In the Afghan region to clear it of its Hindus and Buddhists they killed more than 30 million. Now the spirit of expansionist Islam is restless again. We are told to believe that it has nothing to do with Islam's past. Nothing to do with Islam at all.

In the free world our allegiance must not be to support Islam ~ but to support basic freedoms and individual rights and those who support these ideals ~ whatever they call themselves. We owe nothing to Islam.

At a ceremony at the Pentagon Memorial to mark the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, US President Barack Obama has emphasised that America will "never be at war with Islam.

"As Americans, we will not and never will be at war with Islam.... It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was Al-Qaeda, a sorry band of men, which perverts religion," the Dawn quoted Obama as saying.

The president, who was at the Pentagon memorial service to commemorate the 184 people who were killed after a plane hijacked by extremists slammed into the Defense Department headquarters, added, "The perpetrators of this evil act didn't simply attack America; they attacked the very idea of America itself."

In the wake of controversy surrounding the radical Florida pastor's plans of publicly burning copies of the Koran to mark 9/11 and the debate over plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero, Obama urged his compatriots to be "tolerant."

The president said that extremists like Al-Qaeda "may wish to drive us apart but we will not give in to their hatred and prejudice."

However, rallies by rival groups, supporting and opposing the disputed project of building an Islamic cultural center and mosque two blocks away from the attacks site, were to take place nearby soon after the official ceremonies at Ground Zero, breaking an unwritten taboo on open politicization of the anniversary.

September 11, 2001 was a black day in the history of the USA, as Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four aeroplanes and carried out the suicide attacks that ultimately brought down the World Trade Center in New York, slammed into the Pentagon and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. (ANI)


Durotrigan said...

Whilst Obama was talking of Islamic tolerance yesterday, the message was very different on the streets of London. Anjem Choudary and his band of not-so-merry men - Muslims Against Crusades - protested outside of the American Embassy with the usual bad-tempered ranting and flag-burning. Footage here:

Cole said...

We knew it would not be long before they came up with a new name ~ now its Muslims Against the Crusaders.

We should create another group World Against Islamic Jihadis!!