Monday, September 27, 2010

UK college bans burqa

Muslim woman takes part in a demonstration by the Islamic political party Hizb ut-Tahrir against France's banning of full face veils from public spaces, outside the French Embassy in London September 25, 2010.
No one wore the burqa a few years ago ~ now its 'forced' assimilation. Where are the old clothes ~ the ones with the bright colors! It certainly looks like they are trying to assimilate us ~ into this Arabian quest. A dark road that is. Freedom's light doesn't shine there.

In all this universe it would seem petty to think that God would not want a woman to show her face or else. But it is irritating to the rest of us. And today Islam's record is not exactly clear on security! People have to write in and support the people who make these decisions.

COLLEGE chiefs triggered a row yesterday by banning Muslim veils.

They said all students, staff and visitors must remove any "items of clothing which cover their face" for security reasons.

The decision by Burnley College, Lancs, provoked outrage from community leaders - particularly as a university sharing the campus allows veils.

Abdul Hamid Qureshi, ex-head of Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: "There are human rights issues at stake. People have the right to wear what they want.

"I just think to ban veils altogether is excessive. There should be a compromise."

Councillor Wajid Khan, whose ward contains the college, said: "People should be able to wear articles of faith."

The college's huge new £81million campus caters for 7,500 sixth-form pupils and other scholars. Students were split over the ban yesterday. Sarah Sharples, 18, said: "They might as well put up a sign saying anyone wearing a headscarf is a terrorist."

But Rob Littlebank, 19, said: "I'd rather the college be over-cautious."

The ban covers anything concealing faces, including crash helmets.

A college spokeswoman said: "The decision was taken solely on increasing safety of staff, students and visitors."

Vladtepes, The Sun


gsw said...

Students were split over the ban yesterday. Sarah Sharples, 18, said: "They might as well put up a sign saying anyone wearing a headscarf is a terrorist." ... "The ban covers anything concealing faces, including crash helmets."

Let me just sort this out - if
saying that you cannot cover your face with a scarf = anti muslim
does that mean that
saying you cannot wear a crash helmet = anti-bikers

There is a time and place for everything.
Universities are for learning academic stuff - not for praying or making political/theocratic statements. Students who cover their faces could actually even cheat!

Shaurya Swaraj said...

I think that for security reasons any girl with any burqa can be stopped and to remove their burqa from their face for security reasons could be a bettre idea rather than to ban burqa at all..It is really I think that against human rights,if anyone have any argument which can prove me wrong,pleae comment..


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