Monday, September 13, 2010

Turkish Jews: Reform strengthens Islam

PM Erdogan has already expressed an opinion to turn Istanbul into Mecca into Medina

"We will turn Istanbul into Madina" (Akit)

The headscarf the Turkish PM wears represents political Islam. And is not permitted in public buildings and schools. If the headscarf is tied loosely in front of the neck, as many women once wore throughout  Europe, and as many Turkish women still do today, is seen as having no connection to Islamic rule. By her garments the Turkish first lady makes a political statement.

A part of the compromise to allow girls to wear the headscarf to school was that they wear it tied in the front ~ just one of the measure taken by Erdogan to implement Islamic-like laws that was overturned. Most dangerously he changed to Constitution to do it. A document Erdogan has described as being like a rag with holes.

While international community welcomes referendum approving changes to Turkey's constitution, some locals fear development will weaken army, allow promotion of 'controversial' Islamic laws

While the international community praised Sunday's approval of constitutional reforms in a referendum in Turkey, some of the country's citizens have expressed genuine concern over the possibility that the changes will weaken the army – which safeguards secularism.

"This development worries the Jews here," said Tal, a resident of Antalya who voted against the reform, which is aimed at "bolstering democracy."

"All my friends cast their votes before breakfast. They all fear Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to turn us into Iran," Tal told Ynet Sunday night. "If Turkey continues to become more and more Islamic – this is worrying. We are used to roam around freely, and suddenly it's becoming like Iran here. I hope Erdogan is removed from government."

The EU’s executive European Commission, which had criticized the government for stifling public debate, welcomed the results.

"As we consistently said in the past months, these reforms are a step in the right direction as they address a number of long-standing priorities in Turkey’s efforts towards fully complying with the accession criteria," Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fuele said in a statement.

US President Barack Obama phoned Erdogan during the finals of the World Basketball Championship between Turkey and the US in Istanbul and lauded what he called Turkey's thriving democracy.

Jacky Angel, a Jewish resident of Istanbul, also voted against the reform package. "The Erdogan government will not be satisfied with this and will try to advance Islam in any way possible," he said.

"Defeating the army is the key to allow him (Erdogan) to do whatever he wants, including promoting some controversial Islamic laws."

Faruk Logoglu, former Turkish ambassador to Washington, said the referendum results will lead to "more tension" in the country, but Nigar Haizadri, an activist who helped promote the reform proposal ahead of the referendum, said, "The reforms will lead to unity.

"The changes will benefit women and children, as well as the courts," she added.

Sumnur Verder, a 43-year-old Istanbul resident, criticized the proposed changes for "not mentioning the rights of the Kurds and minorities, or human rights and freedom of worship.

"I don’t believe the changes to the constitution are democratic," she said.

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anonymous said...

Freedom of expression means everyone should be free to wear or not wear what they want. so what, if sum1 wants to wear hijab, let them...islamophobia isn't real? This website is proof that it is this article. How fascist of you.
Anyway, everything you write on this website is out of context...your stupid enough to think just because muslims act like idiots and cruel etc, that that is what islam teaches us...and then use the old conformation bias scheme to take out Out of context verses from quran, as well as the highly misinterpreted shariah law that corrupt muslim governments use tday (and is NOT IN ACCORDANCE WITH ISLAM) to show 'HOW BAD ISLAM IS'...muslims may be not the best pple TODAY...but u only need to go back a few hundred years in christianities and western history to find more violence, oppression and cruelty to women etc on part of christians. I've explained that loosely, so i doubt narrow-minded people as u would understand...but a wise one, whatever religion, would understand this;

'And do you think, unto such as you
A maggot minded, starved, fanatic crew
God gave a secret and denied it me?
Well, what matters it! And Believe that too!' - Omar Khayyam, translated by Edward Fitzgerald.

AS a muslim who practises islam by its true and peaceful teachings, and believe in separation of state and mosque (or church), believes in accordance with islam that shariah (true shariah, not that of tray) shud only b applicable for muslims, not non muslims, and counts herself a true and loyal british citizen who would die for her country (scotland), i am disgusted. you put a bad name to christians and western people in general. Thankfully, I am not so intolerant to take ur intolerance and poor cognitive processing as fact for all of your people. ah well, freedom of expression and all that. Funny tho that while its alright to draw dirty mocking cartoons of certain prophets, its against the law in a certain western superpower to even step on the flag, which can be punishable by time in prison. also its terrible to even let publish topless pictures of a princess, wince its about her respect and reverence and personal, while its fine to draw indecent images of a revered and loved prophet and hurt the hearts of millions of peaceful muslims just to get at the extremist minority to 'prove' how bad muslims are. What double standards. Im sure any would call this a rant; guess what; freedom of speech.