Saturday, September 25, 2010

Texas ditches pro-Islam school books

If kids are being taught about the crusades they should be taught about Islam's conquests ~ probably the bloodiest in the last millennium. That should go nicely with the 'Islam means peace' message!

The Saudi lobby failed this time. They don't even have a church ~ what are they doing influencing what western kids learn. They've got the dollars ~ but we've got the sense!


The Texas board of education voted Friday to to reject any textbooks which paint Islam in too favourable of a light, vowing to curtail what it sees as a "pro-Islam/anti-Christian" bias in school books.

The move comes months after the socially conservative board enacted new social studies standards which championed capitalism and Republican party values and questioned whether the country was truly founded on the separation of church and state.

Texas is the largest textbook market in the United States and its rules influence what children across the U.S. will learn at school.

The resolution adopted Friday cites "politically correct whitewashes of Islamic culture."

It vowed to reject any future textbooks which devote more space to teaching about Islam than Christianity, include "sanitized definitions of 'jihad,' " or display bias by describing Christian crusaders as "invaders" when Muslim "conquest" is called "migration" by "empire builders."

Critics said the resolution, which passed 7-6, was a further attempt to politicize education.

Board member Lawrence Allen, a practicing Muslim, called the language in the resolution "offensive."


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