Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tariq Ramadan to Keynote CAIR Annual Shari'a Hopefuls Banquet

The banquet theme is "Defining Our Faith, Defending Our Rights" ~ might they take a moment to defend or even define/reflect on the rights of non-Muslims in the Islamic world ~ who all live as Dhimmis or second class citizens under Islamic-based laws.

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan who champions the idea of a Europeanized Islam ~ that does or does not include a clause for Dhimmi status. Many Muslims feel that the lower status imposed on non-Muslims as well as the imposition of the jizya tax were acts of kindness. You would have to get up early to corner Ramadan into answering a question on Dhimmitude directly. You would have to have your comeback ready.

Though we do need Muslims to talk about these issues openly. Two-thirds of America's Muslims are foreign born and hail from the Islamic world. That means that they have have first hand knowledge of Shari'a and how non-Muslims are marginalized by it. [Koran 9:29]

If some reporter could just level a question at CAIR! To get them to talk about religious rights and freedoms in the Muslim world and what their expectations are for the USA in a few years time?

Day-long leadership skills training conference will precede the banquet

WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced today that internationally-renowned Muslim scholar Dr. Tariq Ramadan will offer the keynote address at its 16th annual banquet on Saturday, October 9 in Arlington, Va.

At the banquet, themed "Defining Our Faith, Defending Our Rights," a lifetime achievement award will be presented to noted journalist Helen Thomas, and Mo Amer of the "Allah Made Me Funny" comedy group will provide entertainment.

A day-long leadership skills training conference for community leaders and activists is scheduled to precede the banquet on Saturday. The leadership conference will offer workshops, taught by top trainers in their fields, such as "Methods for Successful on-Camera Interviews," "Effective Engagement of Social Media," "Successful Political Engagement," "Becoming a Dynamic Public Speaker," "Know Your Rights with Law Enforcement," and "Challenging Islamophobia."


On the menu also:

"Know Your Rights with Law Enforcement,"

In case you might be involved in a terrorist plot!

...and "Challenging Islamophobia."

Is this a lesson in imposing Shari'a by stealth ~ other than this who cares about Islam. We simply don't want its laws! AND we don't want to be attacked!!

And what is the equivalent to Islamophobia in the Muslim world's treatment of others ~ what do you call it when Saudi Arabia doesn't have a church and the Maldives recently followed suit!! BS-ing us!!

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