Monday, September 13, 2010

Support Islam: 13-year-old Hindu girl abducted, forcibly converted to Islam by Pak clerics

Thinking about supporting Islam. Perhaps you should look into the status of all non-Muslims living in the Islamic world. This is only one of many cases where a Hindu or Christian girl is kidnapped, taken to a mosque or madrassa and the Pakistan police refuse to act on the family's behalf to get the child back. Literally if you support Islam these are the type of actions that you are supporting.

There is no mistake that the police won't act. Because the family is non-Muslim they have significantly less rights under the laws - then do Muslims. There is no Muslim country on earth that gives non-Muslims equality under the law. Shari'a law expressly forbids this. In the Islamic world parents have been arrested for retrieving their children from Muslim kidnappers or have been forced to go to court to get these youngsters back ~ the Muslim kidnapper in each case is afforded higher rights under the law. The Muslim world practises religious Apartheid ~ as standard.

Karachi, Sept 11 (ANI): An incident involving forced religious conversion of a 13-year-old Hindu girl belonging to a Dalit community has surfaced in Lyari Town of Pakistan.

The girl- Poonam- was kidnapped from the neighbourhood in Lyari Town on Wednesday, and the neighbours informed her family of her presence at a Madrassa in the town, the Daily Times quoted the girl’s uncle, Bhanwroo, as saying.

He said that when the family went to the Madrassa, they found out that “she was very scared and under the influence of maulvis. She told us they will not let her go, so she will stay with them as a Muslim.”

The family tried to lodge an FIR of kidnapping at Chakiwara Police Station, but the policemen refused to register the case.

Commenting on the issue, SP Lyari, Khadim Hussain Rind, said that lodging an FIR would not make any difference, as it would be cancelled during proceedings of the court. (ANI)

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tweety said...

this islamic low should be vanished frm the world for the betterment of the human society.