Friday, September 10, 2010

Obama do Hindus set up temples to mark the conquest or pending conquest of an area?

What Obama fails to grasp is that the building of the mosque so close to the 9/11 site has its significance in Islam's history. The Imam stated that he picked the site because a part of the crashed planes or the falling towers struck the building. Which would make it a part of the crime scene. Though to the radicals [who would get upset and could attack if the mosque was moved] ~ and very likely to the Imam ~ that site is significant for being a part of the Islamic attack or conquest. Throughout Islam's history after an act of holy war a mosque was erected. This is what separates the building of the mosque from the Hindu temple, Christian church or Jewish synagogue on the same site.

The president has vowed to forge a "new beginning" with Islam.

If anything we will forge a relationship with people ~ Islam is a spent force ~ it can't change.

As far as Islam being offensive ~ the problem with Islam ~ is not that it was being practised personally ~ but how the Islamic practise affects others.

When the Koran says that we the non-Muslims and even the people of the book are to be fought against until we are subdued and pay the Islamic head tax with willing submission ~ that's offensive.

If it is in the Koran and it is not being acted upon ~ then what can anyone say.

The problem is that it is being acted upon. In the majority of the Muslim world Muslims hold that non-Muslims should be given less rights and privilege. And this is a direct instruction from the Koran. If they were to move to give non-Muslims better protection under the law /equal rights ~ things won't be perfect for a while ~ but we can say okay they are making an effort. As it stands all things to do with the Shari'a are protected ~ as non-Muslim members of the UN Human Rights.. fought out. And amazingly 2/3 of America's Muslims are foreign born. That means that for the most part the system where the Muslim is held superior is the system they understand. And as in Europe ~ that they start to promote.

Islam a religious system that is also political. Troubling is that there is talk in the US of rewriting the Constitution to include moderate and then later the more extreme elements of the Shari'a. And the Constitution is the very thing that when Americans look at Islam ~ they are confident in. That we are all equal under God. There is no such thing as an inalienable right for non-Muslims or anyone in the Islamic world.

The push for Islamic law or laws which observe Islamic restrictions ~ means that there will be challenges ahead so long as Muslims continue to make these advances ~ for sometime to come.

If Muslims pray in the mosque quietly ~ then who is this bothering ~ but when they try to assert their influence on society to get it to operate the way Islamic societies work around the world ~ then this is what we cannot tolerate.

The Islamic attacks and the further push for Shari'a ~ with both the terrorists and many moderates sharing the same ultimate goal ~ has shaken the western beehive. And put us on alert.

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