Monday, September 27, 2010

Muslim terrorists want to turn Indonesia into an Islamic state

...and the continued search for new recruits among young people.

Some of the Indonesian boyscout groups have guns on the little badges.

They were wearing the uniform of the Sapala Kamufisa - boy scouts, according to the school. But why then is their logo two crossed machine guns? The boys couldn't be bothered to give a serious answer. "They're for shooting birds," one of them giggled. [+]

Jakarta (AsiaNews) - The creation of an Islamic state in Indonesia (Negara Islam Indonesia - NII), the myth of radical Muslim groups since 1959, is once again the prime objective of Islamic terrorists, it has been asserted by Gen. Bamabang Hendarso Danuri, head of the Indonesian police force.

Yesterday, at a press conference, he stressed that terrorists seek to create chaos in cities to undermine authorities, as demonstrated by recent attacks against the police, various attempts to attack, stopped by the police and the continued search for new recruits among young people.

In order to respond to the threat against the security of the country, the police chief has confirmed the use of special anti-terrorist army forces, which will help the police in the hunt for extremist groups. This is the first time that the army has intervened in national security operations since the fall of the Suharto military regime in 1998.

Danuri also sounded the alarm in various districts of the country for the risk of attacks by radical groups, especially in North Sumatra.

The police have arrested 15 people in the region in recent days suspected of terrorism and currently they are hunting for four other extremists accused of robbing a bank in Medan (North Sumatra) in August.

Police believe the groups active in the area have close links with al-Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiyah in Indonesia and Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid (Jat), a radical group legally recognized, but which has always denied any connection with Islamic terrorism.

Since 2000, terror groups have claimed more than 298 lives and wounded 838. 19 police officers were also among those killed.

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