Friday, September 10, 2010

More evidence to prove the GZ mosque is a mosque of conquest ~ via the conquest of India [Video]

The same pattern of behavior has emerged where Muslims have successfully carried out an attack in the name of Allah ~ it always follows that a mosque is built often or almost certainly on land that non-Muslims view as sacrosanct.

Here temples were dismantled to construct a great mosque ~ a place which then become a post to launch further attacks. This is Islam's way. It was that way in Spain with the Cordoba, the Al Azqa mosque on the Doom of the Rock in the Middle East and in India ~ and move forward in time to New York a building chosen by the imam for its closeness and connection to the WTC site of conquest. This Islamic leopard doesn't change its spots.

In the end of this video clip ~ the journalist says that the Islamic jizya tax extortion/ protection system was a 'fantastic idea' for the Hindus [as if they couldn't 'protect' themselves before]. The argument today for the jizya tax, which amounts to religious Apartheid, is to demonstrate through it all how people got along ~ an example of the mixing of religions and cultures of the day. One problems of ogling back at the past ~ is that today all non-Muslims who live in the Islamic world still live under this system of religious Apartheid / protection. None have equal rights to a Muslim citizen. How great is that?

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