Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Malaysia case involving two applications to the state for permission to leave Islam

There was only one case ~ where a woman of Chinese descent was allowed to 'leave' Islam in Malaysia. She married a Middle Easterner ~ who abandoned her almost immediately to go off to fight jihad. She won her case on the grounds that she never practised Islam and was allowed to return to Buddhism.

But a middle aged school teach of Islam [above] was not so lucky. She joined another religion [teapot Sky Kingdom belief / the teapot as a unifying force] ~ but one of her choosing ~ and was sentenced to serve several years in prison for leaving Islam. The last word was that she fled the country.

KUALA TERENGGANU, Sept 22 (Bernama) -- The Syariah High Court here Wednesday fixed Dec 19 for re-mention of the applications from two Muslim converts to renounce Islam.

Syariah judge Rosdi Harun said the applications by Mohd Rajiman Chin Abdullah, 48, and Mohd Ramzan Maniarasan, 38, would jointly be mentioned on that day.

Earlier, Syariah lawyer Syed Ahmad Shabuddin Syed Nong, who represented the Terengganu Islamic Religious Council and Malay Customs as a respondent in the cases, informed the court that the Syariah legal adviser representing the State Islamic Religious Affairs Department was on maternity leave.

As such, Syed Ahmad Shabuddin asked the court to fix another date for re-mention of the two applications after the officer returns to work in December.

Rosdi who agreed to the respondent's request said he hoped the long waiting time until the re-mention date would be used by both agencies to prepare for the cases complete with the necessary documents, because they were serious cases and should not be taken lightly as they involved faith.

"As for the applicants, they can appoint (Syariah) lawyers to represent them if they really wish to go ahead with their plans. Renouncing Islam is not a small matter. If Muslims choose to do so, the punishment is death, according to the religious ruling," he added.

On Mohd Rajiman's request for his case to be disposed of fast, Rosdi said the court had certain procedures to follow.

Mohd Ramzan meanwhile said he had to bring his application to the court himself as no Syariah lawyer wanted to represent him, after he was asked whether he would appoint one.

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